Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy

Katsu Dragsteel is a Flame Demon Dragon Slayer who is trying to be the best mage possible. He encounters Erza Scarlet, then his journey at Fairy Tail begins. He faces off with some of the powerful mages such as: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Jellal Ferndenaz, and some new faces in Magnolia. He faces other hard challenges in his way to the top, by exploring ancient ruins, ambushing an enemy guild, and many other things.


27. Emotions

 Both Katsus punch Demigra in the face. Demigra flies backwards with force. Dragsteel's side has blood running down it. Dragneel has blue flames from his fists. 

 "Wh-what?! This is impossible!" Demigra says. Snowy grins, and the Fairy Tail members cheer. Dragsteel holds his side and blood runs in between his fingers. 

 "Dammit. My sadness got me injured." Dragsteel says. Dragneel looks at Dragsteel. 

 "Just be quiet and fight." Dragneel says. He looks at Demigra. Dragsteel looks at Dragneel with a stern look. 

 "Hey, you shut up! I'm the one who was fighting my father until you showed up. Now I have to team up with a pink haired guy." Drasteel says. Dragneel looks at Katsu with anger. 

 "You got half of the Fairy Tail members killed! And you also got your lovey dovey woman killed!" Dragneel yells. They both hit their heads together. 

 "Zeref was late! And I was thrown away, and I couldn't catch her in time!" Dragsteel yells. 

 "Oh yeah?" 

 "Yeah!" They both start fighting and they roll around on the ground punching each other and grabbing hair. Natsu and the others look dumbfounded. 

 "Seriously? In the middle of a fight that means the world, they have to start arguing." Lettie says. 

 "I swear they are like the new Natsu and Gajeel." Marzela says. Both Katsus keep fighting. Demigra looks dumbfounded at them. 

 "Eh, guys aren't you two suppose to be fighting me, or are you two fighting each other?" Demigra asks. They both look up at Demigra. 

 "Shut up old man!" The both yell. They stop fighting and get serious. Dragsteel engulfs his hands in purple flames. Dragneel looks serious and he has blue flames from his hands. 

 "This is it. Your death has arrived." Dragsteel says. They both run toward Demigra. 

 "Unison Raid: Iron Fist of The Twin Fire Dragons!" They both punch Demigra and flames surround him. A loud explosion is made and Demigra flies through the battlefield. Demigra hits a tree and he slides down it. He looks up at both Katsus. They are standing beside each other. Dragsteel has blood running down his left eye, and blood running down his mouth. His cloths are torn and shredded. Dragsteel is perfectly fine. His pink hair flows in the wind. His pink eyes are shinning. His professional cloths aren't torn. The black sweater is perfectly fine. He has the sleeves rolled up. He has black jeans on and black sneakers. Demigra smiles as he closes his eyes. 

 "My son is going to kill me." Demigra says. Dragsteel walks closer to Demigra. He grab's Yuki's sword out of the ground. 

 "Damn right I am. You wanted hatred from me, you can have it." Dragsteel says. He stops in front of his father. Dragsteel's side is pouring with blood. The attack Demigra did while Zerena was healing the others has took effect on him. Dragsteel points the tip of the sword to Demigra's heart. Demigra looks at his son. 

 "Your mother would be smiling right now." Demigra says. He smiles. 

 "I've never met my mother before. And I don't remember you. Is there anyone else I need to know about?" Katsu asks. 

 "You have an older brother named Kano Dragsteel. He is much more powerful than I am." Demigra says. Katsu's expression doesn't change. It still shows no emotion. 

 "Is that all?" Katsu asks. Demigra nods. "If he comes after me, and he wants to slay me down like you did." Katsu glares at his father. "I'll kill him." Demigra smiles again. 

 "Our bloodline is nothing but hatred." Demigra says. "Everyone who's last name is Dragsteel will know hate and embrace it. Hate makes us more powerful. Our founder who is long dead, Katsuko Dragsteel, his daughter died a very young age. He became filled with grieve. Then a deadly disease killed his wife, and he became one with hatred. Hatred fueled his power. He is known as one of the most powerful dark mages of history. He almost conquered the world, but he never got that far in age. He died of the same deadly disease as his wife. He married another woman before he died, and he had a boy. His son took a different path in life. He had three sons. The oldest was the most evilest. He slain both his brothers and then his father. He also was fueled by hatred." Demigra looks at his son. Demigra can't hardly move. "You see my son. Hatred is in our bloodline. Hatred makes us more powerful." Demigra looks away. Katsu shows no emotion to his beaten father. 

 "Not for me. I learned to love. That's my power." Katsu says. Demigra looks at Katsu. 

 "You must feel love, before you can learn hate." Demigra says. Katsu pushes the sword into his father's heart. Demigra's eyes grow wide in pain. His eyes grow small afterwards. He coughs out blood. "As I die. You will live on." Demigra says. His eyes slowly shut, and he soon dies. Katsu pulls the sword out and he looks at his father. 

 "I have made your death a reality." Katsu says. He turns around to the guild. They cheer for Katsu. They run up to him and all of them try to hug him. 

 "You did it Katsu!" Natsu says. Katsu smiles. Everyone surrounds him. The pink haired Katsu is gone. Lucy hugs Katsu, and Natsu does too. Zeref smiles. 

 "Finally all this weight is off my shoulders. Katsu has defeated a great evil, and now peace is restored." Zeref says. He walks down a trail. Katsu gets dizzy and his strength leaves him. 

 "Guys Katsu is falling!" Erza says. Everyone behind Katsu catches him. His side has blood running out of it. Natsu holds the wound. 

 "We need to get him to the guild as soon as possible!" Lettie says. 


 Moments later Katsu laying in his bed at Yuki's inn. Yuki is sitting by Katsu's bed holding his hand. Everyone else is standing behind her. Katsu has a medical patch on his left eye, and one on his cheek. A bandage is wrapped around his forehead, and stomach. A medical patch is on his side. It is secured with a bandaged. He only has black shorts on. Yuki hasn't took her gaze off Katsu. Snowy is on her shoulder, worrying over his friend. Katsu has been announced that he is in a coma. There is no right answer for when Katsu will awake. Many of the guild members say Katsu will never wake up that he is dead. The ones who have been by his side everyday knows he will wake up. Wendy doesn't want her partner to die. Erza doesn't want him to die because she has a strong friendship with him. Natsu doesn't want him to die because he looks at him like his brother. Gajeel doesn't want him to die because he reminds him of himself. Lettie doesn't want him to die because she knows he is a good person. Marzela doesn't want him to die because she knows he is its protector. Gray doesn't want him to die because he feels like Katsu is like him in a way. Juvia wants Katsu to live because she knows he is a S-Class mage. Snowy wants him to live because he wouldn't know what to do if his best friend died. Yuki wants him to live because she wants to be with him forever. She wants to spend the rest of her days with him. 


 Its been one month already and Katsu hasn't woken up yet. Yuki is laying her head on Katsu's bed. She is asleep and dreaming about something romantic. Snowy is asleep on Katsu's bed. The guild members are at the guild asleep. Lucy lays in her bed at her house. It is morning and Yuki's eyes slowly open. She looks at Katsu's face. The same emotionless expression awaits her today. She had her hands entangled in his. She sits up and she sighs. The guild members arrive and Snowy sadly shakes his head. They all look depressed, and they go back to the guild. 


 Two months have passed since Katsu went into the coma. Yuki walks into the room from taking a shower. She has on a black tank top and light blue mini shorts. She sits down on the chair beside Katsu's bed. She rests her head on her arm. She starts to entangle her hands with his. 

 "I wish you'd wake up." Yuki says. She looks at his face and the same expression is shown. Nothing but an emotionless face. She puts her hands on both his cheeks. She kisses his forehead. "Goodnight Katsu." Yuki lays her head on his bed and she goes to sleep.


 Its been three months now. Yuki has on a blue collared shirt and a black skirt. She is wearing brown knee length leather boots. She has her hands entangled in his again. She looks at his face. It is night, and everyone just left Yuki's inn. Kate walks in the room. She has on a white shirt with black pants. 

 "Katsu hasn't woken up yet?" Kate asks. Yuki doesn't look back. She keeps staring at her love. 

 "In my mind yes, but in reality no." Yuki says. She has tears coming from her eyes. 

 "All the workers have left. They said they hope Katsu wakes up soon." Kate says. 

 "Alright." Yuki says. Kate walks out of the room and she goes downstairs. Yuki looks at Katsu's face again. She lays her head on his bed. "My mother told me you'd protect me. You tried your hardest to stop Demigra from killing me. The pain in your eyes just slew me more. To know you tried hard, but failed anyways hurts more than anything." Yuki says. She plays with Katsu's hand. She holds his hand, and she looks at his face. "I love you Katsu." Yuki says. She says it everyday now. She begins to close her eyes. 

 "I love you too." A voice says. Yuki opens her eyes in shock. She knew the voice well. She looks at Katsu. He is looking at her with a warm smile. She smiles warmly also. She hugs Katsu tightly. 

 "You're awake!" Yuki says. She stops hugging Katsu. She looks at him. Katsu sits up in his bed. 

 "So how long was I out?" Katsu asks. 

 "About three months." Yuki says. Katsu's eyes widen. 

 "I could have died!" Katsu says. Yuki giggles. 

 "But you didn't." Yuki says. She is finally relieved that Katsu is awake. She couldn't think of life without him. 

 "Yeah I guess so." Katsu says. He closes his eyes and smiles. Yuki smiles brightly. 

 "Anyways hows your head?" Yuki asks. Katsu touches his head. 

 "I guess its good. I don't feel any smarter." Katsu says. Him and Yuki laugh. Now they have found peace once again. But how long will it last?

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