Say the Words

Every person grows up to be 16, right? Well in this world, when you turn 16, 3 words magically appear above your belly button. These are the exact words your one true love will say to you. No one knows what words are written on you besides yourself. Aron, the main character, is turning 16 tomorrow. She's heard the rumors, but doesn't believe them at all. Oh, and one more thing, the words disappear temporarily when someone is looking. They are gone forever when you get with you one true love. See what happens in Say the Words!

This is for the 'Create your own worlds' competition!!


2. happy birthday to me!

I woke up and realized that today was June 23, my birthday! I'm FINALLY 16!! I'm going to have the biggest sweet 16 ever! Big fluffy dresses, a huge cake, presents, and friends. All the things I love.

I get out of bed and put my dress on. It's blue with a huge tutu-like skirt. The top is tight fitting, strapless, and backless. I look in the mirror and put on eyeliner and mascara for my eyes, and a dark nude lipstick going ombré in the middle of my lips.

17 minutes till the party starts. It starts at 1:30 in the afternoon. I quick put on my black four inch heels and walk out of my bedroom.

I look out a window to find a whole lot of stuff outside. 10 tables with a blue centerpiece on each, 2 long tables with about every food you could think of, another kind table with presents, and a stage for the entertainment. If you couldn't yet tell, my family goes all out for stuff like this.

I see People starting to arrive. Finally. 'Oh! There's katylynn!' I thought

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