Whiskey, Make It A Double.

Cas and Dean had done their fair share of missing the point. This definitely wasn't the first time they had a misunderstanding. This time however it would take an oblivious Angel with a plea for help to get them both on the same page. The question is, will Dean be ready to go the lengths Cas needs him to when he finally loses control.


2. Whiskey, No Chaser

*The Road So far* [last paragraph from the previous chapter just to refresh]


“C..Cas?” Dean’s voice came on half groan half question as Cas took a moment to survey all that was his now. Beautiful creamy skin speckled with freckles  taught muscle flexed and danced as Cas held him down, now exposed for the first time to his vice, a soft pink little hole. It quivered under his gaze as he licked his lips subconsciously.


“I will try to be gentle” Cas repeated out loud again.




Dean watched, his bottom lip between his teeth not daring to breathe as Cas lowered his head. Dark brown hair turned and a spike of pleasure raced over Dean's skin as Cas gently kissed his way down the inside of his thighs. Moving steadily lower Cas took his time tasting the flesh of the man he craved so deeply. He licked over each thin white scar that Dean had earned over the years of battling monsters. He pressed his face into the soft pillow of one ass cheek groaning softly before biting down hard on the curve. A muffed “fuck“ from Dean was his reward. Cas’s member throbbed with need between his legs spurring him into action. He would have liked to take his time, explore every inch, but his control was running thin.


Cas bent lower his hands pressed down firmly on the backs of Dean’s thighs to keep him still as he took his first taste. Slowly at first, savoring the warmth and the smooth texture he flattened his tongue against the quivering entrance and licked. One thick warm swipe had Dean shivering under his palms. Again Cas licked swirling the tip of his tongue around the small clenched opening. Dean’s flavor filled his mouth subtle at first but deepening with each taste. He didn’t taste like molecules, it was a flavor, something Cas could easily become addicted to, this skin, this feeling, Deans flavor, it was like nothing he had come across before.


“Cas….” Dean groaned his head tossed back as his fingers left the counter top and slid through the silken strands of Cas’s hair. “Please….” with gentle pressure Dean urged Cas’s head towards his hole. He had no idea what had come over him. How he had ended up knees to his shoulders asshole exposed to another guy, let alone begging him to to lick it with such a husky wanton voice. Wait..and I…. the girl? The sudden thought flashed across his mind for the briefest of moments before he felt the intense pressure of Cas’s tongue pressing past the muscles of his entrance.


“Oh fuck….oh fuck” Dean breathed his eyes snapping open his head coming up to watch the top of Castiel's head as it wiggled back and forth between his thighs. He didn't care how Cas had learned how to do this; all he cared about was how good he felt and how every fiber of his being was screaming for more. Dean’s thought were consumed with how good it was, how Cas felt, his hot breath against his skin, his tongue inside him, his strong warm hands gripping him. He felt safe, he felt… ‘he felt . . . . something that wasn‘t pain or rage or sadness….’


Dean shut down the thought before it could reach his heart. It was easy... the throbbing of his cock was becoming painful, he couldn't take it anymore he had to touch himself. He took his hand from where it sat tangled in Cas’s hair and wrapped it around his aching shaft. Slowly he began to stroke the length. Drawing his rough callused fingers over the tip, letting his pre-cum smear around the head and down his shaft. His toes curled he groaned loudly.


Cas looked up from the delicious meal he had been making of Dean’s ass to see a sight he hadn't even dared to dream of. Deans eyes were closed, his head tossed back, full lips parted and his large freckled hand was sliding up and down over his own cock. A deep predatory urge stirred to life in Cas’s chest. He reached out and grabbed Dean’s wrist a menacing rumble erupted from his throat as his lip curled. Cas was forced to shift slightly as Dean’s leg came forward and landed on his shoulder, now that he wasn’t holding it down.


Dean looked up confused, “Cas, please.” he panted eyes wide face flushed. As the plea met his ears an intense satisfaction rushed through Cas’s system. To have this male, this battled hardened, alpha male, begging him. He didn’t think he could get more excited but he did and he wanted more.


Cas stood slowly keeping his gaze locked on those emerald green eyes, watching as the pupils dilated. He released Dean’s hand setting it carefully on the counter. Slowly he slid his fingers up the thigh of the leg that was draped over his shoulder. As he removed his hand and let the remaining leg he was holding fall against his other shoulder. He dragged his fingertips up from the sensitive skin at Dean’s hips, up the thickly muscled thighs, over both scarred knees; turning his head first right then left to kiss the calves that rested on his shoulder.


“I, do not believe,” Cas rumbled as he shifted his hips, his words catching slightly as he moved and rested his aching member against Dean's body. His cock throbbed and dripped as it was cradled by Deans ass and balls. Dean arched slightly as he felt a few hot drips of Cas’s pre-cum fall agasint his cock. Cas bit down hard on the inside of his cheeks as Dean shifted his hips and Cas’s cock slid along the hot skin beneath him. Quickly and more forcefully than he had wanted Cas gripped Dean’s hip to still his gyration. Breathing out slowly ‘gently… gently’ Cas lifted his free hand and the bottle of lube that had been discarded somewhere in the hotelroom appeared sitting on his palm. “That I gave you permission to do that” He flicked open the top spun it in his fingers and squeezed a copious amount onto his hand. A deep flushed rose over Dean’s features as he licked nervously over his lips. Cas dropped the bottle on the counter and let the lube drip down over his fingers. Stepping back only slightly he smeared Dean’s ass from tailbone to ballsack with the lube, messaging from one point to the other before carefully dipping and pressing his middle finger to the quivering entrance.


Dean white knuckle gripped the counter, his breath coming in heavy pants. Cas pressed slowly, his first digit sliding passed the outer ring of Dean’s tight hole. ‘Jesus’ Dean growled his head tossing back, pressing against the wall behind him, eyes closed he bit into his bottom lip. Cas pressed more stretching him, the pressure was incredible. He felt Cas push more slipping to the second knuckle Dean gasped his brows knitted over closed eyes as a pleasurable pain lanced into his core.


“Look at me!” Cas commanded his voice a husky growl “Dean, Look at me, now!”


Deans eyes snapped open and he met the deep blue gaze. “Don’t look away” Cas commanded as he began to pull his finger back out, carefully he repeated the motion. Slow, agonizingly slow he moved his fingers, sliding one then two, in and out until Dean squirmed under him, his calves tensing and his thighs twitching as Cas fucked him relentlessly with his fingers. Cas curled his fingers expertly and hit that sensitive spot inside Dean that caused him to buck and press down on the thick long digits inside of him.


“Yes…” Dean groaned “there,  yes…” Cas smiled as Dean willfully forced his hips down harder onto his fingers. But Dean had looked away his eyes were closed in rapture again as his cock twitched with a life of its own dripping, smearing cum against his own abdomen. Cas growled and deftly pulled his fingers away. Deans eyes snapped open in confusion and frustration.


“Cas...what.. No..” Dean complained reaching out for Cas’s wrist.


Cas held his hand out of reach “I thought I told you to look at me.” Cas said dangerously.


“I.. Cas, . .  please..” Dean was frantic, sweat peppered his brow, his skin was hot and flushed. He had never been played with like this before. “Cas..”


Cas was reaching out, he lifted the little bottle of lube from where it lay on the counter and squeezed it over his own cock. “You need to endeavor to listen to me better Dean” Cas growled as he used his free hand to spread the lube over his member. Shivers threatened to overtake him at the intense pleasure he felt finally touching himself, but he fought them back. As he prepped his own member he emptied the remaining lube over Dean’s hips and cock, the length glistened beautifully in the dull yellow light of the old motel room.


Cas moved forward again gripping the base of his dick he positioned the head at the swollen pink entrance his fingers had just explored a moment ago. Dean was holding his breath, he felt Cas’s other slippery hand grip his thigh as he came closer.


“You must relax Dean, I do not want to injure you.” Cas’s words were clipped and short spoken through gritted teeth as he angled his hips pressing in. The hand on Dean's thigh tightened and slid down to press on his hip. Dean tried to control his body, willing his heart to slow his muscles to relax. He drew in a slow deep breath his eyes focused unblinking on Castiel’s face as the other male moved pressing deeper, pushing past the outer ring and into the tight hot warmth of Dean’s body.


Castiel couldn’t hold out much longer, he needed to move fast to push deeper to feel Dean submit to him in every way imaginable. Inch by inch he slid inside the spasming channel. Dean was panting his lips pulled back, breath coming in hot gasps passed gritted teeth. Releasing his grip on the last bit of his own shaft Cas shifted his weight, lifted himself up on his toes and letting Dean’s leg fall from his shoulder he slid his free arm under Dean’s shoulder to slip behind his head letting his hand find purchase in Dean’s sweaty hair. Dean stared into his eyes as Castiel lowered his head taking his lips again. “Dean,” he whispered against those full lips as he slammed the last few inches of his cock deep inside his partner. Castiel caught the deep groan Dean released in his mouth. Deans eyes rolled back as his legs slid down and he locked his ankles around Castiel’s hips. Castiel pulled hard on Dean’s hair causing his neck to arch painfully, Cas bit and nipped down the firm flesh at the same time as he began the first draw back of his cock from the warmth of Dean’s body. Chills ran down his back as pleasure spiked from the head of his dick and lanced out to every cell, coursed in his blood blinding him with passion.


“Dean, forgive me, I can hold out no longer.” Cas dropped his head against Dean’s shoulder his hold on his hair lessened and he began to move. Dean could do nothing but hold on, his hands found their way to Cas’s back. The hot, smooth skin of Castiel’s back was coated in sweat, the muscles there bunching and flexing with each slam of his hips. Dean cried out his nails biting into the Angel’s flesh, dragging angry red streaks across the skin as pleasure pounded along his nerve endings. Any trace of pain that Dean had once felt was replaced by shear intense pleasure. Castiel’s cock throbbed and pressed deeper and deeper with each thrust. His ass molded to him sucking him in and holding him tight. Dean focused arching and shifting under Castiel’s weight to meet his thrusts, his own cock rubbing between their bodies, the light dusting of coarse hair on Castiel’s abdomen adding to the stimulation he was receiving.


“Dean… ah… so good..” Cas groaned into Dean’s shoulder his lips feathering soft kisses across his skin in contrast to how fiercely his hips were pounding into Dean’s ass.


“Cas, please” Dean panted on each thrust he received. “Please touch me” he swallowed hard, his mouth dry, his balls tight, he needed to come, it was all too much. Dean was racing for something he had never felt before, something so intense he wasn’t sure he would come out of it the same. Castiel arched up his hands sliding over Dean’s body as he reached between them. Cas gripped Dean’s shaft his fingers curling around the stiff warm length. He began to move, Dean reached out his fingers gripping Cas’s upper arm with one hand and his shoulder with the other. His stomach clenched as he pulled Cas’s him against him with his ankles slamming the other male's cock deep into his passage. The fingers running up and down his length was too much, the pressure in his body was spiraling out of control.


Dean tossed his head back his eyes wide he gasped “CASTIEL…” He called his finger-tips biting into the flesh of Cas’s shoulder, hot white cum spilled out of the tip of his dick, spraying his abdomen splashing up onto his chest, he groaned “fuck, fuck, fuck, Cas, fuck ..uuuhh” chanting over and over again as his cock twitched and Castiel's fingers milked the last few drops from its spasming length.


“Dean, I.. I can’t” Cas said frantically shaking his head as he leaned back gripping both of Dean’s hips and slamming into him. “I can’t. . .hold back” he gritted out. His hips bucking, he watched his own cock sliding, drawing in and out, he felt Dean’s ass twitching around him as the last of the younger male's orgasm faded away and Cas couldn’t stop himself as he too fell over the edge of oblivion.


“ARRAHH” he growled out his voice loud domineering, as he slammed his hips down, forcing himself as deep as possible, grinding his pelvis against Dean’s ass cheeks before letting his load spill into the hot wet depths of Dean’s body. Cas’s head was tilted back his body frozen, rigid as his cock jumped and pulsed with each spurt. He barely breathed as the waves of pleasure rippled over his body. He could stay like this forever, locked inside Dean’s hot wetness, held so unbelievably tightly, their bodies connected, finally connected.


Dean shifted under him and Cas came back to himself, he drew in a deep breath, suddenly nervous to look down at his partner, at the man he may have just taken advantage of…. He licked his lips, eyes staring at the ceiling. His head finally clearing of the cloud of lust he had been consumed with, thoughts, unfriendly thoughts began to inch their way into his mind. Chancing a look down he was surprised if not shocked at what he saw before him.


Dean lay as languid as he could on the counter top. His long legs spilling over the edge, his stomach and chest splattered with drippy white cum, his skin flushed, his eyes half closed half looking up at Castiel. He seemed, satisfied, relaxed, and not at all upset, as Cas feared he would be. It dawned on him how sticky Dean must feel, his body covered in both of their juices, and an entire bottle of lube, not to mention the sweat… Castiel leaned down and gently kissed Dean’s lips careful not to make a bigger mess of the man then he already was. “I..I’m sorry.” He mumbled softly “This may give you some discomfort…” Cas again gripped Dean and slowly pulled back his hips letting his softening member slip from where it had been nicely nestled inside of Dean. He was immediately disappointed with its removal and had the fiercest urge to shove it unceremoniously back inside Dean, where it belonged.


“Cas..” Dean began his voice rough and hoarse from their lovemaking.

Castiel shook his head glancing at Dean with a warning look in his eyes. Carefully he lifted Dean off the counter, frowning as his hands felt the deep impression where the counter's edge pressed into Dean’s body during their lovemaking.  ‘If this happened again’  Cas thought to himself, secretly hoping it would, and soon ‘he would be much more conscious of where and how he took Dean Winchester’  Cas walked Dean, cradled in his arms, to one of the beds and set him down on it. He reached out to the nightstand and there where nothing stood a moment ago, was a large bowl full of steaming water with one of the light blue colored washcloths Dean had purchased sitting half in half out of the water. Cas lifted the soft towel and wrung it out before setting to the task of cleaning Dean’s body. Quietly he worked, his brows knitted as he examined every bite he left, every place he kissed for too long that was now a red angry mark on the smooth speckled flesh. The water had cooled by the time he had finished and Dean who had remained quiet the entire time Cas had cleaned him sighed softly in his sleep. Cas was surprised to see Dean had fallen asleep, but couldn’t blame him after what Cas had just put him though… he was really surprised Dean didn’t grab his clothes and storm out. He hadn’t done that though, he had fallen asleep, and by the light snoring that was coming from him, quite deeply. It really spoke to Cas that Dean still trusted him enough to sleep, fully naked so deeply in his presence. Standing Cas pulled the blanket from the other bed and draped it over Dean placing a small kiss on his forehead he turned and walked towards the bathroom to clean his own body. Cas, didn’t really have to shower, he could just will himself clean, but he felt, truly after such a carnal act, that his body and mind needed some time under the cool water to come down, plus he had often seen Dean do it and it seemed to help him. He took one last look back at Dean tucked safely in the bed and a small smile played on his lips. Snapping his fingers their mess in the kitchen, the bowl and rag, it all disappeared leaving no evidence behind but the small empty bottle of lube that had somehow fallen off the counter and rolled under the table out of sight.


a/n: sorry about the cliff hanger in chapter one, it just felt like a really great place to stop. I hope you liked chapter two. I would be really interested to read your reviews and know if you would be intrigued enough with my representation of these characters to continue on with more chapters. Thanks again for reading.

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