Whiskey, Make It A Double.

Cas and Dean had done their fair share of missing the point. This definitely wasn't the first time they had a misunderstanding. This time however it would take an oblivious Angel with a plea for help to get them both on the same page. The question is, will Dean be ready to go the lengths Cas needs him to when he finally loses control.


6. Southern Comfort

"Are you sure about this?" Sam was giving him one of those concerned wide eyed looks he usually sported when he didn't agree with Dean's decisions but also didn't want to stop him from doing something.

Dean shifted the Impala into park as a set of headlights pulled into focus in his rearview. "Yep, he doesn't have anyplace else to go man" he said as he pushed open the door and got out, his worn boots crunching on the gravel. "What better place then the Bunker of lost and abandoned outcasts….." Dean was looking down at his boots as he mumbled the last part. He heard Sam's sigh as his brother joined him on the gravel in front of the Bunker's entrance.

"I dunno…" Sam rubbed the back of his neck as he watched the lights and the engine of Benny's old camper cut off.

Benny slid out of the driver side a large cooler in his hand a duffle draped over one of his broad shoulders. The night air hung thin and cool here even though the summer was just getting underway.

"So, what'chu boys callin' this place?" Benny drawled his eyes sliding from Dean, to Sam, to the large entrance in the side of the rock face.

"The Bunker" Dean said giving a nod to Sam as he reached out and grabbed Benny by the shoulder giving him a small encouraging push towards the door.

Deans boots paused on the top of the first step down into the heart of the Bunker. It was hot, scorchingly hot, sweat prickled at his temples and he felt as if he had walked into a wall of heat. The air was thick and humid and the banister under his fingertips was moist with condensation. Dean held his hand out behind him stopping the other two in their tracks as he bent his knees pulling the pistol from the back of his waistband. Cautiously he signaled to his brother and then much to Sam's surprise he used a slightly different set of hand signals to Benny over Sam's shoulder. Each of the men seemed to get his meaning and went into low stances, Sam pulling out a gun and Benny carefully placing his cooler down as he slipped a large obsidian blade from under the confines of his jacket.

The men moved in step, coming down the winding stairs silently, Sam flanking out to his left as Dean darted across the large arched opening to the library taking the right. Benny hunched low on Dean's heals. Dean suddenly came up short and hard, his body going rigid causing Benny to crash head first into the small of Dean's back. Benny's grunt was drowned out by the sound of husky feminine laughter and his eyebrows rose as he too straightened and looked over Dean's shoulder.

"Oooh.." Benny rumbled in amused surprise as in front of him Dean took one rigid step forward. Benny's cool blue gaze slid from the figures now shifting on the floor of what he assumed was some sort of library, to Deans stiff back. Waves of anger rolled off of him raising the temperature around him even further. Benny could feel Dean's blood boiling, smell the husky aroma of Dean's anger as he let it engulf him. He wasn't sure what Dean was going to do but he stayed on his heels as the younger man approached Castiel from behind.

"Hey, hey…" Benny rumbled his hand reaching out towards Dean as he watched Dean reach out grab Castiel by his shoulder spin him around and land a solid, hard hit directly to the Angel's jaw. The shock and surprise on Castiel's face the moment before Dean's fist collided with him would have been comical except for the fact that the punch seemed to take the celestial being down. In complete surprise at that Benny lurched forward grabbing Dean by his upper arms from behind as Castiel spun on his toes and hit the ground face first with the sickening slap of sweaty skin on polished wood flooring.

Benny dragged Dean back towards the entrance way as Meg started screaming. Sam moved quickly shrugging off his flannel he dropped it down over Meg's shoulders and dragged her to her feet. He held her firmly, as she hissed and spat like an angry cat her eyes fixed on Dean, her back to Sam's chest, gripping her by upper arms, much in the way Benny seemed to be restraining Dean. He held her still in front of him as she glared at Dean with indignation written all over her features. Dean for his part was letting Benny pull him away only fighting slightly, his eyes fixed on Meg.

"You fucking slut ass demon bitch" Dean seethed his eyes narrowed into slits.

Meg leered at Dean as his insults flew at her. They seemed to calm her as she licked her lips running her tongue over her white teeth suggestively, her brows lifting before she purred 'Delicious, like apples drenched in warm honey."

Dean's eyes went wide pupils contracting as he suddenly went to lunge forward, a growl of rage erupting from his chest his fists balling up as if to strike but Benny was ready and pulled him back against his chest. A muscle in Dean's jaw jumped under his stubble, his lips pulled back in a silent snarl, eyes fixed on Meg as she almost preened for him. Pleased she was able to say something to set Dean over the edge. Benny man handled Dean forcefully, his strong fingers biting into Dean's flexing biceps as he backed them away from Sam and the Demon.

"Take him down the hall" Sam shouted "His room, number 11, let him cool off," Sam was slowly releasing his hold on Meg as she seemed less inclined for a fight now that Dean was out of her line of sight.

"You lock'em up Sammy!" Dean was shouting as Benny dragged him off "You lock'em both up!" rage and anger laced his words but Sam heard the undercurrent of grief, and betrayal.

Meg shook her arms free from Sam and turned to face him fisting her arms through his overly large sleeves. "Sam," she grumbled her eyes dropping to look at her hands. They were engulfed by the flannel. She looked like a toddler swimming in a shirt five sizes too big for her. "What the hell.." she grumbled lifting her arms up so the sleeve would fall towards her shoulders and she could button up the front of the loaner clothing.

"Don't do anything stupid" Sam said as he stepped across the broken table to check on Castiel. "Don't do anything else that's stupid…" he amended seeing as how Meg always knew exactly how to push his brothers buttons.

"Ughh.." He groaned looking down, Castiel was covered in sweat and who knows what else aside from being completely naked. "I don't wanna do this…" he looked over at Meg and frowned.

Crossing back over the remains of the table he grabbed her arm and dragged her off to a discontented "Hey! Careful with the merchandise, it's freshly healed!" She only struggled slightly as Sam dragged her behind him, her bare feet slapping against the Bunker floor. The awkward pair stopped at a small closet and Sam pulled out a large fluffy towel and what looked like drawstring pants. He turned to Meg fixing her with his hazel stare before dragging her back into the library.

"You're gunna do this," He said shoving the towel and pants at Meg. Meg flicked her tongue against her teeth as she looked up at Sam from beneath her eyelashes. "Whatever…" she purred angrily.

While she seemed agitated initially, the way her hands gently touched Castiel's body using the towel to clean him before lifting his legs one at a time into his pants and then rolling him onto his back. She gently ran her fingertips over the slowly raising flesh of Castiel's jaw before snapping them back from his rough skin and standing. "Kay Princess, he's all covered up now for your sensitive sensibilities." Meg's hands found her hips as she looked up at him.

"Good," Sam said. At some point he had turned half away. Not enough to give Meg his back but just enough to not have to watch her completely. He really could have lived the rest of his life with out seeing this much of Castiel and he didn't want to see anymore. Moving around and hooking his hands under Castiel's shoulders Sam lifted his torso off the ground by his armpits. Looking expectantly at Meg he nodded towards Castiel's feet arching his brows. She sighed expressively and grabbed Castiel by his ankles lifting him between them. Castiel gave a deep groan his head lolling back against Sam's stomach.


Benny dragged Dean down the hall until he was shrugged off. When Dean stopped his angry march and looked like he was going to storm back the way they had come Benny reached back out and grabbed Dean by his upper arm again guiding him stiffly into his room and kicking the door closed behind them. Benny was reeling, his stomach tied in knots his jaw clenched, Dean's anger feeding into him like the air he was breathing.

"Calm down brother." he said releasing Dean with a push towards his bed and kicking a heel back to lean against the door behind him folding his large arms across his chest.

Dean was pacing back and forth like a caged tiger, occasionally he would lift his hands drag them across his scalp and throw them forward in front of him with a growl. "Sonuv…" he snarled kicking out and causing his desk chair to topple over. He reached down righted it and then seemed to change his mind, gripping it hard he threw it across his small room. His scream filling the air with anger.

Benny flinched back watching as calmly as he could as Dean raged, "Alright, alright, that's enough!" he growled out kicking off the door and grabbing Dean roughly before shoving him down on his bed. Dean blinked up at Benny from where he bounced on the mattress as if he had forgotten he was there. He rolled his eyes gave a groan and leant forward bracing his left arm on his thigh.

"Can I trust ya to sit here while I get us some more brews?" Benny rumbled again folding his arms across his chest. He wasn't sure Dean needed anymore alcohol but he was at a loss on what else to do.

"Yea, man.." Dean sighed having enough decency to at least sound mildly embarrassed. Benny arched one brow at him tilting his head slightly he turned on his heel. Dean stood as his friend left, a deep sigh renched past his lips as he lifted the discarded chair, righted it and began picking up all the things he had knocked over in his anger.

Benny closed the door behind him echoing Dean's sigh as he leant back against the aged wood collecting himself. He couldn't wrap his head around what the hell was going on with him lately. He had compulsively followed Dean for weeks, every time he thought he could shake the urge and settle for a while, he would get this ache in the center of his chest and be off after him again.

Taking a deep breath he tasted the air, he followed Deans unique scent through the Bunker as he had followed it across the country these past few weeks. It stood out to him, floating like a pale green cloud above any other scent he happened to be tracking. Like a sweet glaze on a fresh hotcake, the smell of pine trees after a violent summer rainstorm, sweet and wild. Benny could find Dean even days after him and Sam had moved on from a particular place.

Benny took his time, his lazy, strolling gait allowed him to amble behind Dean's scent as he wove his way through the Bunker. He needed a few moments to get away from the pounding of Dean's heart in his ears and he was sure Dean needed a moment to collect himself as well.

"Of course" He mumbled. Dean's scent was strongest in the kitchen, light dustings of him hung in the library, almost completed covered by sweat and sex, and tinted the air more heavily in what Benny had self-labeled the 'War Room' (due to the big light up map at its center). But the kitchen, this was Dean's place. Benny wandered over to the fridge and pulled it open grabbing three beers in each of his large hands he heeled the door closed behind him and took his time wandering back to Dean's room.

Pale blue eyes took in the Bunker as he went, the cement walls and arch ways, the slight, almost unnoticeable uphill angle the floor took the closer you got to the entrance all hinted that the place went deep underground. Now that the air was cooling it was spacious, not claustrophobic, like when they had first arrived. It felt good here, he felt good here, close to Dean, able to watch over him without hiding, finally, after letting him and Sam hover on the edges of his senses for so long. Benny hadn't realized he was standing outside number 11 until he heard the steady beat of Dean's heart just behind the door.

Dean looked up at his door grinding his teeth from where he sat again on the edge of his bed. "Ya coming or going Benny?" he called out, knowing, just knowing that Benny was hovering on the other side.


Sam dropped Castiel's body into the old office chair wheeling it into the center of the small communications room. The squeal of the old wood and the slight hiss from the green leather cushion was drowned out by Castiel's groan as he started to come around. Sam reached into a green canvas bag on the metal desk next to Cas's chair. He pulled out a length of thin silver-white chain sighing slightly as he did.

"Kinky…" Meg commented from where she perched at the threshold. Sam clicked the silvery-white handcuffs around the Angel's wrists. A slender chain linked one wrist to the other and from the center of that chain another thin chain dropped to the floor where kneeling, Sam attached a matching pair of cuffs around Cas's ankles. As Sam stepped back the symbols on the cuffs glowed a pale blue and Cas twitched slightly his lips parting on a soft hiss.

Sam stood running his hands through his hair his wide sad eyes looking at what he had just done. "Sorry buddy," he mumbled softly as Cas's head lolled back on his bare shoulders the bruise rising softly, pink and red, on his jaw now. "Never thought I'd be doing this to you…"

Turning without warning he grabbed Meg by her upper arm again as she protested with a loud "Hey!" that got another groan from Cas, as Sam flipped a set of black iron cuffs around her wrists. The moment the cuffs clicked closed red symbols glowed along the metals edges and Meg shuddered her knees going weak "Damn, Winchesters" she grumbled as she was easily dragged off to the Demon holding room.

Sam pulled out one of the metal chairs and straddled it resting his arms under his chin on the back of the chair. He puffed out a breath as he and Meg watched each other.

"I mean.." Meg began rolling her eyes at him "Is all of this really necessary?" She spread her hands out palms up gesturing to herself and her predicament. She sat ankles bound to the legs of her chair, hands cuffed to the arms, a thick collar around her neck anchored to the floor behind her. "It's not like I have any incentive to go anywhere…" She sucked her teeth hefting an exaggerated sigh. She picked at the chain attached to her wrist cuffs "I just didn't know you guys were so into bondage, I would have hung around more if you had spoke up sooner." she slowly ran her tongue over her lower lip her eyes lifted just enough to meet Sams before falling again. She shifted in the chair before tilting her head back again looking up at the ceiling. "I guess this is what it feels like to be a Winchester…." she grumbled under her breath shuffling her bare feet as much as she could, the manacles around her ankles clinking duly.

Sam sat quietly letting her talk, but at this his brows rose and he looked mildly confused.

"Came on Sam!" She rolled her eyes "Wanted by every Demon in Hell, hunted by ..well Hunters, and Angels and now for some reason I have won the love and admiration.' her voice dripped with sarcasm on the two words "of the witch of Endor…." She paused and didn't look back at him "Not that I'm not flattered with all the attention but do you really think there is any place in the world, Hell or any other plane that's safe for me!?" She hissed her anger rising with every word her eyes sliding to the bare cement wall to her right her chin lifted defiantly but her shoulders slumped in defeat. She angrily rolled her wrists the cuffs clinking against the metal arm of her chair.

Sam almost felt bad for her, almost.

"The Witch of Endor…?" Sam pressed his interest peaked he raised his chin from where it rested on his forearms against the back of the chair.

Meg smiled softly biting the corner of her lip her eyes firmly glued to the wall at her right. "Yea.." her voice rasped out "How about you go get me some pants or maybe a shower, and you and I can sit around and chat about it." She made a point of spreading her knees slowly as her eyes slid from the wall to Sam's face. "As much as I love playing with your brother's toys…" One of her delicate brows arched up "I'm starting to feel a bit …..sticky" Her husky laughter chased Sam's back out of the room as he fought the shiver of skeeve running down his spine.

Meg watched the shelving door slide closed, she listened for the outer door to click before letting out a sharp breath. Her body burned with remnants of her arousal from what Castiel had done to her, for her. Visions of him danced through her mind, his bright eyes burning down at her, the gravel of his voice as he demanded her to say his name, her skin tingled with the memory of where his hands had gripped her. She shivered her fingers uncurling to grip the arms of the chair, drawing in a calming breath. She arched up pressing her pelvis forward forcing her still slick labia down against the slowly warming metal beneath her. She groaned slightly as the chill speared up her core and tingled through her nipples. Squeezing her knees back together a wave of sadness and despair washed over her. It surged up inside of her choking her. Her chin falling forward against her chest, her shoulder shook and she watched as her tears darkened small circles on the flannel that covered her down to thighs.


Benny sat in the now wobbly chair inside Dean's room his booted feet kicked up on the desk as he rocked back lifting the front two legs of the chair off the ground. He lazily nursed the beer in his hands. Benny could slowly feel the mood in the room shifting. Dean had sucked down two beers in rapid succession and was now lazily nursing the third. The younger man seemed to be coming to terms with what the day had given him. Benny knew he didn't have to talk, they had found comfort in one another's presence before, when the nights in purgatory howled and screamed with misshapen voices, when the twisted trees watched them in the darkness with red eyes and sharp fangs. They hadn't needed words then, they wouldn't need them now. Benny lifted his bottle and took another long slow drag when he heard Dean clear his throat behind him.

"Yea, so I think you should stay here with us, in the Bunker." Dean's tone was soft and gruff. Emotion hung thick in his throat and no amount of beer was going to wash it away tonight.

Benny looked over his shoulder at Dean. "Do you?" he asked his brows lifting a smirk playing at the corners of his lips. Dean clenched his jaw, Benny was always a man of few words but somehow the words he did offer always seemed to be the exactly thing to say, or not to say to provoke Dean into elaborations.

"Yea Man.." Dean finally said taking the bait and leaning back onto the bed behind him with a thoughtful expression. "I mean, like, you got any other plans?" He propped his shoulder up off the bed by bringing his elbows back behind him. Benny shifted looking at Dean out of the corner of his eye. The long sprawl of his body, his feet crossed at the ankles heels pressed to the floor, how his legs seemed to stretch up long and lean to slim hips and then flare back out with the heavily corded muscles of his abdomen. Benny had seen Dean in the buff enough in purgatory to imagine him naked there sprawled out on the bed, green eyes flashing up at him from behind dark lashes.

"Nope," he responded simply letting his eyes slide back to the weapon covered wall in front of him. "I ain't got any place else I gotta be." Not that the strange pain in his chest would let him get far from Dean as it was.

"Awesome" Dean said sliding down to the end of the bed and standing up. He placed the empty beer bottle on the desk and opened the door to his room. "Let's get you set up then."

"I think I can handle that on my own, friend." he didn't look at Dean, he didn't have to he knew a stall tactic when he saw one 'Just take an empty spot around here somewhere right?" Benny gestured with his own bottle to the hallway from where he was sitting. "Why don't you go take care of what's botherin' ya."

With a little groan he rose his feet hitting the cement floor with a thud. "I'll find myself a room, and by the looks of this place I'm sure you have a medical wing…" He paused as he passed Dean "I'll get your blood coolers set up so I don't wake up in the night and make a meal outta Sammy." His smile as wicked as he swaggered down the hallway his meaty hands shoved into his jean pockets leaving Dean standing on the threshold.

Dean smiled slightly at Benny's back. His hand coming up to rub the back of his neck. It was strangely nice to have Benny around again. Like something he hadn't realize he had been missing slotted back into place with the Cajin's return. Dean's thoughts wandered back to the fight at the Coven. How easily he had fallen back into routine with the Vampire. How quickly they picked up on one anothers cues, as if they were inside each others thoughts. A sense of ease flitted over him content in the small group of friends that was forming around them.


Castiel groaned, his head hurt and he was cold. Blinking open his eyes he tried to get them to focus, his vision was blurred slightly and the short shake he gave his head didn't do anything but make bile rise up his throat. He lurched forward bringing his head between his knees as the sudden motion caused small black dots to dance on the edges of his vision.

"Ughh…" he lifted his hands from his lap to rub his eyes when he noticed the shimmer at his wrists. Sitting back he brought them up for closer inspection but before he could get them to chest height they jolted to a stop and a responding pull on his ankles made his feet slide. Castiel looked over himself. He was bound, and his grace was being locked down inside of him by the inscriptions on the cuffs. His face hurt and he was so damned tired. He opened his mouth flexing his jaw as he looked around. Pain lanced up towards his ear as his jaw gave a click. "Ugh.." he groaned again.

This was one of the small communications rooms, not much larger than a janitor's closet. One dingy metal desk off to the left by the door held a small green duffle bag and some ancient communications devices. A ham radio, an old style microphone, a telegraph, a greenish gray rectangle with little spots for lights that hadn't blinked in decades. The walls were a soft muted green and the cream polished cement of the floor creeped up the walls a few feet. The door in front of him stood open.

"Hello?" he rasped. Someone was coming down the hall, slowly, quietly. "Dean?" Cas's voice sounded like rocks grating against one another. He was thirsty.

Benny poked his head around the corner of the door frame a cooler dangling in his fingertips. "Sorry, Cas, man…" He said softly and Castiel's eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"I .. though…" Cas began blinking his eyes at Benny the spark of light, a flicker, just for a moment he thought he saw, when Benny had come around the corner of the door frame, reminded him so much of Dean. He blinked hard closing his eyes tightly and looking up again. It was gone, the little white spark he was sure was there just a second ago, blazed so strongly of Dean . . . he must have been mistaken. "S...Sorry…" Cas grumbled in confusion. He looked down at his hands again shifting them in the cuffs slightly. "W...what's going on?" He looked back up at Benny in the doorframe "Why am I here, like this?" He said confusion saturating every syllable as he held his wrists out towards the Vampire.

"Sorry my friend." Benny said softly shifting from one booted foot to the other "It ain't my place to tell ya, I think you better take that up with Dean." Benny gave him a little nod and tipped the flat cap he was wearing before turning to head down the long hall in front of him. He paused halfway past the door leading into Cas's room his head tilting as if listening to something far away. "I think he'll be round shortly though." he said absently before slipping across the doorway and out of Cas's vision.

Cas struggled his head pounded as he gripped the thin chain linking his wrist cuffs to his ankle cuffs. He hissed through his teeth and dropped it quickly as the chain stung his flesh. The sound of the door clicking closed had his head snapping up a wave of dizziness threatened to overtake him at the sudden movement. A warm hand slipped behind his neck cupping the base of his skull and angling his head back. A shadow stepped over him and Cas felt as if the chill in the small room had been chased out. He blinked squeezing his eyes together trying to get them to focus.

"I think you have a concussion.." Dean's voice rumbled causing Cas to take a deep breath in. He smelled like beer, cigarettes, a dive bar and leather. His long fingers were sliding through the thick strands of Cas's hair exploring his scalp. "You must have hit your head when you went down."

Cas stared up at Dean, his brows lowered "When I went…" he grumbled licking over his lips "When I went where?" He tilted his head slightly his eyes going unfocused as he tried to remember.

Dean watched the expressions change and morph over Cas's face. He was hovering over him, standing close, closer than he had to, his bowed legs parted easily one on either side of the Angels right knee as he let his fingers explore his scalp for a lump. Sure enough he found one just above Castiels left temple. As angry as Dean wanted to be he knew he was over reacting. That Cas was in some twisted fashion most likely doing exactly what Dean had asked him to do. Dean chewed the meat of his lower lip subconsciously as he watched Cas through half lidded eyes. He was shirtless and his tan skin was prickled with gooseflesh the muscles of his abdomen bunching and relaxing as his body fought not to shiver.

Cas looked down suddenly shifting his hands reaching out to the leg that was between his knees and let his fingers up Dean's thigh.

"Dean…" he rumbled letting his bound hands slip up the warm and faded denim. "I, I feel as if.."

The hand at the back of Castiel's neck stiffened slightly as Dean leaned his hips in more letting Cas run his fingers up until the palms were resting snugly against his thigh. Cas flinched as a cold pack was placed against the side of his face. Dean shifted the pack applying gentle pressure as he cleared his throat. He opened and closed his mouth trying to wrap his tongue around what he wanted to say.

"Cas," Dean growled finally "what the fuck happened" he slid his hand around Cas's scalp gripping his hair carefully and tilting his head back so their eyes met. "And if you just say you're sorry, I'll fucking knock your ass back out again." Dean didn't want a hollow apology, he didn't want Cas to say he was sorry and not really understand why he was. He knew that if Cas said it he would mean it but maybe not for the right reasons.

Cas stared up at him, blue eyes wide his chapped lips parted in confusion, the fingers at Dean's thigh pressed hard gripping the jean covered flesh.

Dean couldn't explain his possessiveness, he couldn't explain why, even now, the memory of Cas with Megs legs draped over his hips like Dean's had been not even a night ago had solidified in a dense dark place inside of his stomach. He hated this, he hated feeling weak and angry and needy. He hated that Cas had a sudden and inexplicable power to make him feel this way. Dean was sure that even Cas didn't know how much his actions had affected him or the power the Angel was now holding over him to crush whatever was left of Dean's heart. 'Crush my heart?' Dean shook the thought away, the pain in his chest easing slightly as he buried it deep in the blackness at the core of his stomach.

"Dean, I…" Cas was mumbling his eyes narrowed "I assume you are referring to the precarious position you apparently found myself and Meg in…" a ringing started in Dean's ears resonating from somewhere in the back of Dean's head. Something telling him he didn't want to hear what Cas had to say, that he didn't care, that whatever Cas said was only going to lead to more hurt. He held firm letting the cold wet press of the icepack in his fingers keep him grounded.

"I assure you, it was the only way…. her injuries.." Cas's voice faltered pain pulled at his features as he seemed to fall back into a memory. "Her injures, I couldn't" he faltered again his voice breaking mouth opening and closing as words escaped him.

Dean bent his lips crashing into Castiel's, demanding, sloppy, wanting to chase the taste of the Demon from his flesh. The emotion Dean had watched slip over Cas's face as he tried to explain, tried to come to terms with his own limitations and the steps he had had to take to save Meg. Dean licked over his lips, nipping at the corners letting the rough stubble scrape along his tongue as he slid down to suck the sharp angle of Cas's jaw.

"Dean…" Cas growed tipping his jaw so that Dean could suck and kiss his way down his neck. He tried to lift his hands, tried to grab Dean's shirt and pull him close but the cuffs at his wrists stopped him. His body was heating as he fought against the silver bindings, he could feel his blood pooling at his hips forcing his cock to harden quickly as Dean's breath washed over his pulse point. Cas's eyes slid closed and he hummed softly with pleasure, it felt different with his grace controlled, so much more intense in some ways and less in others. Dean dropped the ice pack, his fingers sliding down Cas's neck over his shoulders, pressing into the tense muscles there. He swallowed the groan his actions pulled from the Angel, letting his tongue coax Cas's into his mouth and sucking on it softly. Dean pulled back letting his forehead rest against Cas's as he tried to catch his breath.

"I don't know what this is Cas.." he started he voice low and soft "I don't know what I even want from you.." Dean squeezed his eyes closed "I…." he stopped a soft knock resonated from the door behind him. It seemed to snap into him like a bucket of cold water. He surged back from Cas even as the Angel reached out for him straining against his bindings. Deans eyes were wide as he watched Cas reach for him. His blue eyes pleading, confused, his lips swollen and wet from Dean's kisses and some deep part of him oozed with pleasure as Cas shifted on the chair his erection straining up hard under his loose cotton pants.

"Dean.." Cas's tone was low, full of warning and desire causing Dean's eyes to snap up from Cas's hips to his face "We aren't finished…"

"I know.."

Dean pulled the door open, his brother was standing there laptop tucked between his wrist and elbow balanced on his forearm screen open, his other gripping Meg by her upper arm. Dean's lips pulled back in a silent snarl as his eyes slid to Meg. She was looking past him into the room "Clarence.." she whispered her eyes wide as she unconsciously took a step towards the open door. Dean shifted using his body to block her line of sight. Her head snapped up anger written into her features. "You're hurting him." she snapped as she tried to tug her arm from Sam's grip.

Dean looked over his shoulder quickly and saw that Cas had in fact slumped back over in the chair his breathing slow his head hanging. It took everything in him not to instantly go over to Cas and remove the offending bindings. Instead he turned to Sam.

"What is she doing here, I thought I told you to lock her up." His tone was clipped and he knew he was lashing out.

For Sam's part, he only rolled his eyes. "Yea, I did obviously" and as if they had rehearsed it Meg lifted her hands showing her wrists bound together in the black cuffs making the bitchiest bitch face Dean had ever seen and that was saying something since Sam made bitch faces at him almost daily.

"Listen," Sam continued in that hurried excited tone he often used when he was onto something for a case they were working "We need to talk," he glanced over Dean's shoulder at Cas "like now…" Sam managed to make a face that said 'really dude, enough already' and Dean rolled his eyes. "War room, 10 minutes.." Sam seemed to have a sudden thought, his expression darkening. "Where's Benny?"

Dean almost smiled at his brother's sudden change in attitude. "Why Sammy worried about that moose neck of yours?" He rocked back on his heels as he slipped his hands into his pockets a smile playing on the corners of his mouth. "Don't worry buddy, Benny says if he gets the urge you'll be the first to know."

Sam shifted his brows dropping in anger. "Dean.." he gruffed out as Meg piped up "I mean as much as I love you two going on about the foreplay in your sex lives, because really I do, I think, just this once... we have more pressing matters…" Meg managed to make the last two words far more sexual than they needed to be as she waggled her eyebrows looking from one brother to the other. "Not that we can't pick this up later, cause you know.." she lifted her wrists again, manacles clicking "I'm all about what we've discovered so far."

Sam rolled his eyes in a way that told Dean he had been dealing with this sort of sexually charged atmosphere for a while now.

"Yea 10 minutes…" Dean said his eyes slipping down to narrow at Meg before turning back into the room. "I'll make sure Benny is there." he said over his shoulder as he walked to the small duffle bag. He heard Sam and Meg walk away, Megs husky voice was followed shortly by an exasperated groan from Sam.

Dean was reaching down to uncuff Cas as another voice made him turn. "Where you takin' me?" Benny asked a blood bag held loosely in his thick fingers. Dean turned back to Cas and started removing his chains. As each one fell away Cas groaned and flexed the offended joint. His skin growing less pale by the second.

"We have a meeting in the War-Room in 10." Dean said as he knelt in front of Cas to unhook the ankle cuffs. Benny shifted and leant against the door frame his brows arching in mock surprise that the 'War-Room' was actually called the 'War-Room' he watched Dean work sipping the blood again.

As Dean pulled the last cuff away a ruffle of feathers had his head snapping up. Cas had his head thrown back in a silent gasp, his skin tingled with warm light as behind him for the briefest of moments his wings unfurled over the back of the chair casting Dean into shadow. Cas's head tipped down, his blue eyes glowing as they met Dean's and in that moment kneeling before Castiel Dean felt afraid. The spiral of fear wound tightly in his gut as he met Cas's eyes and Cas looked all consumingly like the avenging Angel he was. He looked every bit the powerful celestial being who had plunged himself into the depths of Hell, alone, to pull Dean from Alastair's grip. The moment passed quickly, though for Dean it felt like an eternity trapped under Castiel's gaze. His wings vanished and he slumped forward sliding out of the chair to his knees. Dean reacted quickly and caught him pulling the Angel into his torso cradling him in his arms.

"Jesus..." Benny's voice whispered from the door, his eyes wide in awe "I seen a lot of things boy, but I ain't never seen anythun like that…." He was staring down at Cas wrapped up in Dean's arms "Jesus…" he said again "You tell me you've been walkin' around for years with that guy and your brothers worried about me?" He scoffed as he came in the room shaking his head slightly as if he still couldn't believe what he had seen.

Benny pinched off the clamp on the blood bag he had been holding and slipped it into his pocket. He reached down and grabbed one of Castiel's arms. Dean had the sudden urge slap the man's hand away his eyes narrowing at the strange feeling. Dean let Benny help him get Cas to his feet. They each threw one of his arms over their shoulders. "Let's get this guy to a bed where he can recover." Benny said as the three of them awkwardly maneuvered out of the room. "Yea, remind me never to sleep with your man…" Benny grumbled as he hefted more of Cas's weight onto his shoulder.

Dean opened his mouth and snapped it shut as he eyed Benny over Cas's slumped head. "I don't know what you're talking about…." Dean grit out quickly averting his gaze as Benny glanced over at him.

"Sure ya don't" Benny laughed.

Dean ground his teeth but kept his mouth shut. "Stupid, southern, grizzly sized hillbilly . . . " he didn't remember when he had started grumbling under his breath he only knew he was doing it when it caused Benny to roar with laughter. Dean felt a little warmth spread out in his chest as Benny laughed. It was good to know his friend wasn't bothered by what was (or wasn't) happening between him and Castiel. Dean hadn't realized how important Benny's acceptance had been until that moment.

"Yea, yea, yea brotha'" He said with mirth "Keep singing my praises, and maybe your Angel here will get half as jealous as you do."

a.n: Thank you so much for waiting, this chapter was really hard for me to get though. I had a lot of conflicting ideas and tried to battle them out into a cohesive chapter.  I really appreciate those of you who have been reviewing, your words and critiques really help me stay on the path. Please continue to share your thoughts and theories and ideas with me I love hearing from you.

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