Whiskey, Make It A Double.

Cas and Dean had done their fair share of missing the point. This definitely wasn't the first time they had a misunderstanding. This time however it would take an oblivious Angel with a plea for help to get them both on the same page. The question is, will Dean be ready to go the lengths Cas needs him to when he finally loses control.


3. Just Leave the Bottle

The muted buzzing of Deans cellphone finally dragged him out of his slumber. He listened to the device humm against the wood of the motels bed side table. Everything seemed to be starting up in slow motion. He stretched his body languid, relaxed, he hadn't felt this refreshed in .. hell he couldn't remember the last time he had felt 'refreshed'. He swung his feet over the edge of the bed and a sharp ache slid up his back. He was sore, really sore, shaking his head to clear the sleep he licked over his lips. The buzzing started again and Dean's eyes snapped to his phone, life jumped forward, back to reality, back to normal speed. He was no longer just sitting in a comfortably warm room, with the sunlight streaming in through the drapes, birds chirping outside, he was no longer able to just be. Tension returned to the muscles of his back, and he reached out to grab the phone flipping it open as he sucked in a breath that dull soreness lancing across his backside again.

"Yea, Sammy…." he grunted, his voice hoarse and his throat scratchy. He reached up and rubbed his throat his thumb sliding over a tender spot on his neck. His brows dipped in confusion.

"Are you just getting up Dude?" Sam's incredulous voice sighed into the receiver "It's 4:00 in the fucking afternoon, what the fuck happened to you last night?"

Dean looked over at the alarm clock on the nightstand sighing deeply he shoved his hand roughly through his hair. "Uh.." he thought back, flashes of a bar and a pretty raven haired barmaid came to his mind easily, then more slowly, whiskey, heat, spice. Dean licked his lips and jumped to his feet. His mouth tasted like cinnamon, smoky, with sweet hints of vanilla. Panic ripped through his system as some warm strange beast purred to life in his chest at the taste. He looked down at his naked body, clean, smooth skin, the small purple bruise just above his nipple. Memories began flashing before his eyes. His heart pounded. "No.. no, no, no…." he mumbled frantically as he spun around looking over the room. He was alone, his wide eyes dropped back to his body and he swallowed hard, apple pie and spice assaulted his mouth again and he sucked in a deep sharp breath, groaning softly as his cock stirred to life. His mind assaulting him with what had happened last night, image after image, his ears rang with the memory of Castiel's voice. He was scrambling for his clothing spotting his boots, boxer-briefs, and jeans discarded right where he remembered leaving them. He rushed for the kitchenette; stumbling, uncoordinated, in his haste he bashed his shin into the edge of the bed he was just sleeping on. "Son-of-a-bitch!" he barked completely forgetting he still had his cellphone pressed into the side of his face.

"DEAN, DEAN!" Sam was shouting, panic laced his voice. Dean could hear the engine of the car Sam was driving revving through the phone "10 minutes, ...no, 5 I'll be there!" The phone clicked dead before Dean could respond. Groaning Dean dropped the phone onto the table where the empty bottle of whiskey and the book from yesterday still sat. He put his hands on his hips, head dropped, chin to his chest he sighed. Lifting his hands he ran them both through his hair scratching at his scalp before bending to pick up yesterday's clothes. The dull ache resonated through his hips and ass and he straightened quickly his eyes wide a deep red flush came and went on his face.

"Damn it all…" he mumbled shoving one leg then the other into his jeans, pointedly ignoring the way the ache in his backside seemed to send a spike of pleasure through his system. "What the hell…" he grumbled as he shook his head. He didn't have time to think about what had happened, and he was pissed, he realized, anger bubbled in his gut making him sick.

"First things first.." he growled stalking to the bathroom, he didn't intend to slam the door open but damn did it feel good. He grabbed his toothbrush and toothpaste and set about scrubbing the taste of what he assumed to be Castiel's lips. . skin… whatever from his mouth.

Dean was exiting the bathroom drying his hands on a soft blue face towel when the door to the room banged open and Sam side stepped in, gun drawn. His hazel eyes frantic as he surveyed the room finally landing on Dean, no shirt, jeans unbuttoned, socks and shoes discarded, standing in the bathroom doorway.

Sam sighed loudly his gun falling to his side. "What the hell man?" he asked roughly. Dean flicked the small face towel over his shoulder hoping it would quickly hide what he could only imagine were the hickies Castiel had peppered his neck and chest with.

"Dude, chill.." Dean said as calmly as he could. Clearing his throat he moved to his duffel and pulled out a fresh t-shirt and flannel. Turning his back on Sam he tossed the little towel on the bed and pulled the Tee over his head.

"Dean, seriously what's going on!" Sam's voice was incredulous as he stuffed the pistol back into the waistband of his jeans and moved to close the motel room door. "You sounded half dead on the phone and I can't get anything out of you but …'no, no no you son-of-a-bitch."

Sam was doing that prodding questioning voice he did when he wasn't going to drop a topic. "I'm two towns over hunting down this lead and you're supposed to be working, but you're what...doing what?" Sam stared at him, his eyes narrowed.

"Sam, chill out man I had a rough night." Dean glanced over his shoulder at his brother. He couldn't tell him how rough of a night it had been. He pulled on the flannel leaving the buttons undone and turned to retrieve his boots. Sam scoffed "A..a rough night, Dean. . You had a," he cut himself off his hand going to his hip as he licked his lips. Snorting he walked over, his boots hitting the linoleum with dull thuds. He lifted the empty whisky bottle and held it out to Dean, his brows raised in a very clear 'yea sure looks like it' kinda face.

"Whatever." Sam said when Dean didn't respond. "Where's Cas?" he asked suddenly looking around the room.

Dean coughed spinning around to face his brother his palms sliding down the front of his shirt one after another 'Ah, what.. Who?" he scrambled trying to cover as he broke eye contact and walked in a random direction, bumping into the table before turning sharply and finally finding the fridge. He made a beeline for it.

Sam's eyebrows raised and he shook his head "What the hell is up with you man?" he said shortly before lifting his eyes to the ceiling "Ca…" he began.

"NOPE!" Dean shouted across him, shaking his head, not meeting his brothers eyes. 'Stop acting like a fuck…' he thought to himself as sweat trickled down his back and he gripped the cold beer in his sweaty palm. "I mean, Ca… uh...he's busy. . " Dean went on more casually "I… yea, I asked him to run me some errands, gather up some ingredients for a spell I found in this book." Dean settled on this half truth as flicked his wrist and popped the cap off the beer he was holding. He pulled out the chair he had vacated the other night, the one between the table and the fridge, and plopped himself down into it. He groaned with discomfort forgetting completely about his sore backside. Tipping the cold beer to his lips he drained half the bottle in one gulp gasping slightly as he set it back down again. Sam was watching him, he felt his eyes on him.

"What?!" Dean asked looking up at his brother from under his eyebrows. "See for yourself."

He pushed the book towards Sam who strode across the room and picked it up turning to the page Dean had earmarked earlier yesterday afternoon.

Dean frowned down at his lap as Sam sat down across from him at the table. The book propped open, his nose dipped low as he read.

Dean's calloused fingers absently stroked up and down the cool glass of the beer bottle. His head was thick, and he couldn't pull any thoughts out except one. 'How could Cas have left him...after everything… just left him alone without a note or anything..." Dean bit the inside of his lip hard, the pain helping to bring his mind out of the cloud. 'Bullshit…' he growled absently lifting the bottle and draining the rest.

"What?" Sam said as Dean stood up and got another bottle from the fridge, popping it open he swigged deeply again. "Have you eaten anything yet?" Sam asked his eyes flicking back down to the book.

A grunt was all Dean could muster as he sat back down, more gingerly this time. A deep frown formed on his full lips and he could feel his anger rising. 'Yea sure, he had slipped out on a few women before, but they had known what they were getting into when the night had started, none of those women had been anything to him. They damn sure weren't his best fucking friend….' He was shaking his head and he didn't even realize it. 'Was he Gay now? . . .Did this make him Gay?' He shrugged his brows arching. 'Naw…' he said out loud, much to Sam's confusion, and took another deep drink. Sam looked up at his brother with concern on his features.

Dean was shaking his head staring down at the floor between his booted feet. A range of emotions passed over his features, something was really bothering him. Sam hadn't seen Dean like this in a long ass time… not since Ellen and Jo. Dean had never been good at hiding his emotions and Sam could tell something was seriously up.

"Dean…." he began cautiously

"You know what Sammy, you're right" He said his head snapping up suddenly a smirk fixed on his face, his tone purposefully positive.

"I..am?" Sam asked his head tilting sandy brown hair falling over his shoulder.

"Grub, you want anything?"

"Uh.. no, I ate…" Sam said watching as dean grabbed his jacket and keys. "Alright," he nodded picking up the cellphone and waving it a little at Sam "Call if you change your mind." Dean winked and left slamming the door a little harder than he had intended behind him.

Sam jumped slightly as the door slammed shut, he stared at it a long time before sighing, his hands coming up and laced through his hair as his eyes closed slightly as he stretched his long legs out under the little circular table. He kicked something, a little skidding noise came from under the table. Sam dipped his head to see what it was. A small bottle was spinning around in a circle in front of the fridge. Sam rose his head tilted eyes narrowed and retrieved the little plastic container. He read the label.

"Personal Lubricant, specifically designed for Him"

'Ugh…" Sam grimaced, the bottle was sticky in his palm, and then his brows shot up towards his hairline and he looked back at the closed motel room door. "No way…" He said quietly to himself. 'Couldn't be…'

He set the bottle down on the counter next to the sink, his mind swirling with possible situations. There was one, however that kept rising to the surface. He was sure that when he Dean and Cas had discussed their plan Dean and Cas were to stay here wait for an update and then together they would take the actions required for this hunt. However upon returning he finds his brother obviously flustered and distracted something major on his mind, Cas conveniently missing, and a small bottle of 'male lubricant' on the floor under the kitchen table. Sam's hands tightened on the cold metal of the kitchen sinks edge. His eyes staring blankly down at the unopened bottle of whiskey laying on its side in the skin. Absently he lifted it and walked it to the fridge. Placing it inside the freezer, it immediately began to condensate, and as Sam moved to close the door he noticed three large handprints on the bottle, one where he had grabbed, at the base and a tangle of finger imprints around the neck, long wide fingers. Sam stared his mouth open. 'Huh…' he said shocked before closing the door.

Sam turned around and jumped again, "Cas…" he said his brows rising. Cas was standing in front of the sink he placed a army green sack on the counter and Sam watched as the Angels eyes strayed to the little empty bottle of lube. Cas licked his lips and in one smooth motion he lifted the bottle and placed in quickly into one of the pockets of his trench coat.

"Sam…" he said turning around, his face blank, as it usually was when he was addressing Sam. The clear blue eyes looked passed Sam's shoulders at the rumpled sheets of the bed. His brows dipped and he looked to Sam.

"Where is Dean?" he rumbled, his features confused almost pouty. Sam bit back a laugh 'so this really did happen…' he thought to himself. 'Charlie's going to love this…' Sam cleared his throat 'Yea, well, he went to get some food." He stated plainly trying to keep his face straight. "Are those the ingredients?" He asked motioning to the bag Castiel had brought with him.

"Yes, How did you know?" Cas asked looking inquisitively into Sam's face.

"Dean told me before you left that he sent you to get him some things…" Sam was moving back to the little table motioning for Cas to put the bag there so he could get to work on the concoction. Castiel nodded, his frown firmly in place as he handed the bag over to Sam who sat and got right to work.

"So this hoodoo should work then?" Sam asked cutting across the deepening silence. 'and here I thought things would get better when these two finally shacked up….' Sam sighed.

"It appears it will be effective…" Cas said stiffly. Sam noticed that his hand was back in his coat pocket. Most likely gripping the little bottle he had tucked away there. Sam's Brows rose, 'so Cas was sentimental….' Sam thought and then he stopped thinking. He didn't want to go down that road, really didn't want to think about his brother and sex. Sam had enough occasions in his life where he walked in on Dean in the act with some random chick that he didn't need to think about his brother boning their friend. He tucked into the book in front of him and got to work sorting and mixing.

It didn't take Dean long to return two large bags from the local burger joint held out in front of him his brows wiggled as he met Sam's eyes. Dean swaggered in his prize swinging from his hands, that satisfied look on his face that he always had right before setting into a big juicy burger. His eyes on Sam as he booted the door closed behind him "Don't worry Sammy, I got ya the shaker salad!" he smirked before coming to a complete stop, his mouth opened slightly as his eyes landed on Castiel standing next to the sink.

Dean swallowed hard, "Hello Dean," Cas rumbled and Dean took a small step back as Cas shifted to move towards him. Deans eyes went wide a flush rose up his neck. The entire night flashed before Dean's eyes as he stared at Cas who was standing in the exact spot they had stood last night. Dean nodded at Cas, not trusting his voice to say anything. Pain spiked into his stomach, dread and longing all mixed together into anger. Dean dropped the bags on the table and ripped one open tearing the bag down the side. Clicking his tongue at himself Dean reached in and pulled out one of the greasy burgers. He suddenly didn't feel like eating anymore, but he'd be damned….again, if he showed any more signs of weakness in front of Cas. Dean bit down hard into the burger tearing off a large chunk so that his cheeks puffed out as he chewed. He glanced over at Sam who was staring at him and then Cas and then him again.

"...Riiiight…" Sam said slowly

Dean rolled his eyes and said "what…." around the food in his mouth. Sam grimaced and shook his head as Dean chewed loudly with his mouth open.

"Nothing…" Sam said shaking his head and going back to grinding some herbs into a powder.

The silence stretched between the three men, Dean radiated anger, waves of it seemed to be rolling off of him, barely controlled. Sam was trying to be as invisible as possible, and Castiel, Castiel was unabashedly staring at Dean, his lips pressed into a thin line. When Sam's phone chirped in his jacket pocket the three of them jumped, snapping out of their heads the room seemed to come to life again. Sam sighed pulling his phone out almost happy for the distraction and read the text that had come in.

"Oh, Great…" he said "Looks like the coven will be meeting tonight." He pressed a few buttons and slipped the phone back into his pocket. Dean looked at him with quizzical eyes "I dropped off the list we wrote up at the local apothecary. I told owner to let me know if anyone came in asking for anything on the list" Sam was standing now portioning out ingredients into smaller vials. "I figured that if the coven would be meeting soon they would need supplies for the ritual and that the easiest way to pinpoint the when and where would be to contact any herbalist, or apothecary in the area and supply them with a list of possible ingredients to be aware of.' Sam paused now ripping smalls strips off the bag Castiel had brought the ingredients in. He was fitting them into the top of each vial making them into little molotov cocktails. 'I also told each shop owner to contact me if anything popped. Then I went to the two neighboring towns and did the same thing, I wasn't sure how big the coven was so I wanted to cover as much ground as possible. I'm glad I did because it looks like it's going to be big." He looked up at Dean who lifted his eyebrows his head tilting in a half nod and offered a sarcastic "Awesome. . " before popping the last of his burger into his mouth. "Yea… " Sam continued setting aside 6 little bottles and starting back on the ingredients again 'That's the third shop owner to contact me, two in this town and one in the town to the north."

Dean sat back in his chair, "So we can assume the meeting place will be somewhere in the middle of both towns…." Dean stood stretching slightly he balled up his garbage and shot it to the trash bin saying "I'll go over to the front desk and see if there's a local map of the area." His shot missed and he grumbled walking over to pick it up his, back to his brother and Cas. Sam could almost feel Cas tense as Dean bent and picked up the garbage. From the corner of his eye Sam watched Castiels exposed hand grip the counter his knuckles going white.

"I will come with you." Cas said as Dean grabbed his jacket and headed for the door.

"Ah, no.. that's ok…" Dean said his eyes narrowed as he only half looked over to Cas. Sam groaned loudly

"You know what, I'll go get it. You two figure out whatever is going on and fix it, we don't have time for this shit.' Sam ripped his jacket off the back of his chair and stormed passed Dean out of the room pulling the door from Dean's fingers as he slammed it behind him.

Both men watched him leave. 'Did Sam know? Fucking fantastic, how could he look at his brother now….more pressingly now that they were alone how could he look at Cas.' Again images assaulted his mind memories of pleasure and pain, hot kisses and one of the best orgasms he had ever had in his life….. Dean's body revolted his palms began to sweat as his pulse accelerated. He had always been hot around Cas but this was getting ridiculous.

"Dean. . " His name on those lips, it drove him insane. Dean stiffened his back fighting the urge to look at Cas. "What is the matter?" Cas was walking towards him. Dean's heart clenched painfull in his chest 'stupid, idiot, Angel' his thoughts lanced across his mind as he finally turned the anger at himself, at Castiel, into a solid block in his stomach.

"What's the matter?" Dean snapped back at him tossing his keys and coat on the counter turning to face Cas fully. "What's the matter, Cas…" he said again incredulously taking a few steps closer his hand reaching out his finger coming to forcefully poke Cas in his chest. "Where the fuck did you go, what the fuck happened, how could you.. How could you…." Dean was poking Cas, floundering for words, his skin flushed with anger and embarrassment, dark green eyes sparkled with emotion. Cas was looking at the offending finger then back up to Dean's face.

"Dean, if you regret what happened between us I can remove the memories from you." Castiel said his head tilted, eyes narrowed. Saying those words crushed Castiel. He had so much hope, for the first time in a long time, that one thing, just one thing he tried would work out for him. That finally coming onto Dean, finally realizing that Dean was so much more to him than his charge, how he wanted to be by him everyday, listened for his prayers every second. How Dean had responded to his advances was better than anything Cas could have hoped for, how could it all be backfiring now. "You should know though…"

Dean grabbed Cas by the front of his trench coat "You'd do what to my memories?" He snarled Rage erupted behind his eyes and he was pushing Cas backwards, the shorter male backtracked as Dean advanced, pushing him. "How dare you, you prick." He lashed out. "If you needed a screw so badly it didn't have to be me." Dean growled through his teeth as he shoved Cas hard into the wall next to the fridge. Castiel looked confused, his mouth opened slightly his eyes, beautiful sparkling blue eyes, searched Dean's face for answer. Dean pulled forward on the fist full of trench coat, tie and shirt he had in his grip and slammed Castiel back against the wall again "You didn't have to settle for me Cas, you didn't have to play with me." the anger was slowly leaving Dean's voice as hurt and pain filled each word.

Dean searched his friends face, the confusion he saw there brought the anger back, 'did Cas think he could do this and then just wipe it out of my mind…. Did he think I would want that.' Dean raged again, slamming Cas back into the wall once more and stepping closer dropping his forearm across Cas's chest pressing it up towards his chin. "Why?" He growled his face inches from Castiels "Was it just cause I was here, was it just because you knew you fucking could. I trusted you, you don't get to use me, use my trust, my feelings, and then pretend like nothing ever fucking happened!" Dean seethed his chest rising and falling "You don't get to do that Cas, not to me, you live with what happened, what you did to me, because I certainly don't want to forget. I won't forget, like it was nothing."

Realization crashed into Castiel like lightning. He had hurt Dean, deeply. Dean thought he used him, used his body, his friendship against him. "No…" Castiel managed his brows coming down as his hands came up and easily moved Dean's arm off of him. Dean fought but his human strength was nothing compared to the Angels.

"Dean, you are wrong." Castiel said pushing Dean back and stepping away from the wall. "I am also wrong, but I was not aware that I was wrong, and now that I am, I am sorry." Dean took a step back his face contorted in confusion and pain.

"You're . . . sorry…?!" hurt, deep hurt laced Dean's voice, still he backed away from Cas, "You're sorry…." the words had a finality in it that Castiel didn't like.

Cas opened his mouth to go on but Dean was advancing on him. "I'll show you sorry." his voice growled low and menacing as he rapidly closed the distance on Cas. Swiftly Dean sidestepped him kicking out one booted foot he nailed Cas in the back of the knees making his vessel buck and drop hard to the floor. As the Angel dropped involuntarily to kneel before him Dean quickly grabbed Castiel by the hair and positioned his head so that he could look only up into his green eyes. A second of doubt crossed Dean's face as he bit his lip, his eyes going soft for an instant before narrowing again.

"You need to be taught what it feels like to have someone you care about use you." Dean snarled his lip curling as his free hand flicked opened the button of his jeans.

Cas didn't have to breathe, but even if he did, he didn't think he would be able to right now. His head was arched back, the fingers in his hair pulling hard, pricks of pain danced along his scalp and lust began to pump through his system as he realized what was happening.

Dean shifted his hips and his pants slid down to his knees his member falling out half cocked. Dean gripped the fleshy shaft and angled it so the tip pressed against Cas's lips. "Open your mouth," Dean snapped, the hand in Cas's hair tightened.

Castiel obeyed parting his lips, his eyes going wide as Dean forcefully shoved his shaft deep inside the warm, wet confines. A satisfied grunt issued from Dean's chest as he began to slowly move his hips. Castiel could feel Dean's cock lengthening, growing hard and hot against his tongue. Experimentally he licked the underside of the shaft and Dean hissed through his teeth. "Make your lips tighter" Dean commanded and Castiel complied bringing his lips into a tight O around Dean's thrusting member. Castiel moved his tongue again flexing it flat then narrowing the tip to apply pressure as Dean fucked his mouth. "Oooh… " Dean groaned his pupils dilated as he stared down at the man kneeling before him. "What a good little slut you are." Dean didn't know where the words came from, he had never been into dirty talk before but part of him really wanted to hurt Cas, make sure the Angel knew that he couldn't take advantage of him and he didn't care how he did it.

The air in the room grew thick and hot like it had been last night, Dean huffed it in, tasting the flavor that lingered in it, hung in it, heavy all around him, clung to him like dew. His cock throbbed and Castiel's subtle almost shy exploration of it with his tongue felt too good. Dean felt hands come up and grip his flexing thighs. He didn't know when he had closed his eyes, only that they were closed tightly in pleasure and he could feel Castiel's head moving under his grip. His mouth was sucking him in, tongue sliding over any bit of Dean's cock it could reach. He was losing control, Castiel was taking over again, his mind was a haze as Cas's fingers slid around his hips and gripped his flexing backside. Cas's hands were like nothing Dean had felt before, they left trails of heat wherever they touched on Dean's body. It was too much, Dean could feel his orgasm rising in him. A tempest of lust and pleasure swirling in his gut, he fought for air.

Pulling back suddenly Dean dragged his member from Cas's mouth. He snarled fighting for control. Castiel looked up at him confused. Cas leaned in, eager to close the sudden gap between them, his hands on Dean's backside he pulled the younger man's hips back towards his mouth.

Dean was panting, his pupils so dilated they were mostly black. He shifted and not understanding what came over him slapped Castiel across his left cheek with his cock. Castiel only had time to blink before Dean was back ramming it deep inside his throat. Passion spiked inside Castiel's gut, his cock pressed up needy and hard inside his dress pants and he let out a lusty groan around the stiff member in his mouth. His need pushing him Castiel followed his instincts, twisting his head letting Deans member slide back and forth along his tongue and lips. He switched suddenly leaning in and taking Dean's entire length into his mouth and throat. Dean felt the Angel's nose press firmly against his abdomen and his breath hitched.

"God, yes." he moaned tossing his head back. His balls tightened and his toes curled as his eyes snapped open and he dropped his head to look down at Castiel. His blue eyes were focused up on Dean, Castiel's lips were wet, bright pink from friction. Moisture smeared his chin and along the left side of his face where Dean's dick had slapped him. "I'm. . .I'm…God, yes, fuck," Dean huffed out slamming deep inside Castiel's mouth "Cas, fuck .. fuck… fuck..." he groaned panting, his eyes fixed on Cas's face.

"Swallow it," he demanded his brows dropping angrily as the first hot shot of his cum hit the back of Cas's throat as this blue eyes went wide. "Swallow it all Cas, suck it out of me…Don't you dare spill one drop…." Dean was babbling as he rode his orgasm hard and fast. He pumped into the wet heat of Cas's mouth, his cum filling Cas's throat. Dean could feel his Angel's tongue and throat working to swallow every drop.

Castiel's head swam, Dean was cursing at him, calling him names, praying to his father, praying to him. Such passion oozed from this man with everything he did, it was intoxicating. Castiel would never get enough. He tasted so good, so musky and wild it burned like fire as the cum slid down his throat. Castiel sucked, he lapped and drank from Dean every ounce he had to give.

Dean staggered back suddenly pulling his cock from Castiel's lips. Sweaty, drained and gasping for air, finally releasing his grip on Castiel's hair. He bent slowly and yanked his pants up from around his knees. His lips parted, eyes fixed on Castiel where he knelt. Straightening Dean sucked in air, but nothing seemed to help. The air was too thick, too hot, it tasted too much like sweet vanilla and syrupy cinnamon. He staggered back until he was leaning against the wall opposite the one he had pinned Castiel to, chest rising and falling like he had just run a marathon, his eyes transfixed by the man still kneeling on the floor just yards from him.

'What had he just done…' Dean's thoughts assaulted him as the pleasure haze faded and rationality came back 'he had called Castiel all sorts of horrible names, made awful demands at him…' guilt threatened to consume him as he felt the apology forming on his lips.

Castiel was in rapture, pleasure sang over his nerve endings, his mouth was hot and his lips hurt from Deans cock. He stared at Dean, slowly rising to his feet.

Castiel was on him in a second, his lips hungry pressing against Dean's, his hands sliding up under his shirt. "Dean, do not misunderstand me." He mumbled softly leaning back from Dean's lips. "I want you, I want this." Castiel groaned slightly as he pressed his hips against Dean's body. "I do not want just anyone, I want only you, for some time now…." Castiel bent and nipped at Dean's adams apple. His ears rang, heat traveled up his neck at what Castiel was saying.

"I'm sorry I left you, I did not know how long you would sleep, I do not know all of your Human customs…" Castiel was running his fingers over Dean's chest. "I wanted to stay with you, I always want to be with you." Castiel licked the faded red mark he had made last night on the bend of Dean's neck. His soft, raven feather hair, brushed along Dean's cheek bone. "I saw the book, the spell, with my name written above it and I thought, while you rested I could help you, like you helped me." Castiel's hips pressed again against Dean's and Dean bit hard into his bottom lip. "The ingredients, they were hard to find...so hard." Cas's hot breath sent shivers down Dean's back as he fought the urge to touch the man who was pressing against him, pressing him back against the wall as he had done such a short time ago.

"Cas.." Dean whispered softly.

"Guys, I got…" The door to the hotel room clicked open with a wine and Sam went to step in. His foot hovering over the threshold hazel eyes going wide at what he saw, the words he was saying slipping from his mind.

Castiel had his brother pinned against the wall, his hands lost under the faded tee Dean was wearing roaming over the younger male's chest. Dean's pants were open and halfway down his backside barely clinging to his hips. Cas was standing, thankfully fully dressed, between his brothers spread legs hips moving in slow deliberate circles against Dean's pelvis. Dean's head was turned away from the door his brother hovered in, his breathing coming in deep, heavy pants and Cas was whispering against his neck. Castiel looked up as the door squeaked open his eyes were ice cold as they fell on Sam, predatory, dangerous, a domineering Angel fire burned behind the icy blue color. Sam swallowed as Cas pulled his hand out from under Dean's shirt and with a flick of his wrist slammed the door in Sam's face.

Sam stumbled a few steps back, trying to get his head around what he had seen. It was much more intense than anything he had come across his brother doing before. And he had seen Dean do some seriously kinky shit…. His thoughts strayed to Ruby… maybe things with celestial unearthly beings were just more intense in an all around sense then it was with humans. Sam tensed as his back bumped into something broad, warm, and hard.

"Sammy," a thick southern accent drawled at him. Sam spun around a knife slipping from his sleeve into his hand.

"Benny…" he said cautiously.

Benny's brows arched below the flat cap he usually wore. "Now, now, little brotha," he said "Let's you and I be friendly…" The smile tilted his lips left Sam no more comfortable than before. "Is your brother around?" Benny licked his lips, his eyes traveled over Sam's form before returning to meet his gaze.

Sam flushed deeply for a moment his thoughts snapping back to what Dean was in the process of doing. Eyes widening as he searched for the words to reply when suddenly Benny's facial expression changed his eyes slid from Sam's face, his nostrils flaring, pupils dilating. The smile on Benny's face turned rapidly into a tight grimace.

"What…" he grumbled pushing past Sam and stomped into the bushes that were planted under the small, thinly curtained window outside their motel room. The window that looked into the heart of the room was nestled perfectly above the sink. Benny stared for a moment through the crack in the curtains, the glass was quickly fogging up but what met his eyes sent rage shooting through him. He spun around, unable to keep the anger out of his features and brushed past Sam, their shoulder bashing into one another as he passed.

Sam watched as Benny strode back to his old beat up camper. He passed a garbage can turned and came back to stare at it. It was one of those outdoor cans like they had in parks and campgrounds, or shitty motel parking lots, Sam watched as Benny stood shifting from one foot to the other, his fists balling and relaxing, and seemed to take a moment to consider the can. He reared back suddenly one balled fist inside the other palm his hands arching high above his head before slamming them down on the metal lid with a growl of rage that sounded more grizzly than vampire. The lid slammed in like it was paper under Benny's force and Sam flinched backwards surprised by the display. He pulled his forearms out from the contorted metal and moved to his truck pulling the door open he got inside slamming the creaky door behind him and gripped the wheel with both of his beefy hands. Sam watched transfixed as Benny shook his head reached into the passenger seat and pulled out what was unmistakably a blood bag. The engine revved and Benny sped out of the lot.

Sam ran his hand through his hair. He needed a drink.




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