Whiskey, Make It A Double.

Cas and Dean had done their fair share of missing the point. This definitely wasn't the first time they had a misunderstanding. This time however it would take an oblivious Angel with a plea for help to get them both on the same page. The question is, will Dean be ready to go the lengths Cas needs him to when he finally loses control.


5. Bourbon, With a Twist

There was blood everywhere, deep crimson red blood dripping down the front of Cas's trench coat. The body in his arms groaned and pain lanced over their features.

"Hold on." He whispered pulling the form closer to him, he ran. The Enochian symbols all over the walls draining him of his power, he was weakening fast. The exit was just ahead and once outside he could fly to the Bunker. Cas's brows dipped as he felt the heat of the blood soaking through his shirt, dripping over his abdomen, it was sticky and made his clothing cling to him uncomfortably. He felt as if there were chains on his ankles pulling him back, the exit didn't seem to be getting any closer.

"Hold on…" he repeated his voice low 'was that fear?' He thought 'was he afraid?' Cas looked down at the body in his grasp again, pain, agony, laced the features as convulsions shook them.

"No, no…" Cas panted trying to pick up his pace. They were seizing in his arms, eyes rolled back mouth gasping on air they couldn't breathe in. Blood bubbled from their lips and slid down the side of their face to disappear in tangled hair. Cas burst finally through the double doors out into the murky summer night air. And they were gone.

He didn't know if this would even work. He had to try. Cas laid the form down on one of the tables in the library. Concern laced over his face he gripped the shirt they were wearing and ripped it open revealing blood soaked pale skin. Scars criss crossed over every inch of flesh, symbols carved, at one time deeply, into the body so the tissue was raised and shiny. There was a massive lesion from the right armpit slicing down in an arch cutting through the belly button and slashing over the left hip. Cas raised his hands, feeling his palms fill with warmth. He wasn't even sure he could heal them, he didn't know if it would have any effect but by God's will he would try. He pressed one palm over the opening starting at the hip where the white bone was visible through the deep cut. He sighed with relief as the skin knitted together and his healing seemed to take effect.

Carefully with deliberate but gentle motions he ran his hands over the giant gash, the stomach, the butchered organs knitted back together, then the skin. A faded pink line was left in his wake. Cas was holding his breath as his hand roamed higher until finally he lifted them away. The skin was damaged, the new scar layering over years and years of abuse. Finally he leant down staring at the closed eyes, his hand cupping the face he healed it. Broken nose, bloody bruised eye, torn skin, gashed forehead, sliced and swollen lips, he healed it all. Cas let out the breath he had been holding, he waited.

Slowly the face scrunched and the eyes opened, a wry smile slid across the full lips. Relief flooded Castiel's system and it must have showed on his face;

"Clarence…." the dry rasp managed "were you worried about me" Meg's small hand came up and cupped the side of Castiel's face. "How sweet" she coughed and groaned her eyes closing again in pain.

"Try not to move." Castiel's deep voice resonated a command and Meg stilled her smile widening. "I am not sure how effective my healing is on your kind."

Cas turned away the small device in his pocket vibrated.

-DEAN - the name flashed across the screen and he picked up.

"Cas?" Dean's voice rumbled across the static the question evident in his tone.

"Yes, we are well." Cas glanced over his shoulder to look at Meg her eyes were watching him, she had shifted bringing her elbows back to prop her torso up off of the table. Her face was laced in pain. "We are not out of danger yet." He said turning away from her gaze "How are things on your end?"

"Fine, we are fine" Dean sighed roughly. Cas could see him in his mind picture exactly how he was standing based on the tilt in his voice. Feet spread on hand on his hip the other pressing the phone to his face brows knitted together. Cas smiled. Dean was so predictable. "We are cleaning up here and then we are heading back. Might hit up the local bar to catch up with Benny."

Cas nodded "Understood."

"Cas?" Dean caught him before Cas could hang up the phone. He hesitated, what could he say to Cas now, 'Don't get too close, don't do anything stupid, watch out for that demon. Don't let her fucking touch you?' No he couldn't say those things he didn't have the right. He had no idea what he was to Cas, or even what Cas was to him, he wasn't even sure the Angel really understood the implications of what had happened between them.

"Yes Dean,"

Dean cleared his throat and decided on "Do whatever you can, we need to question her."

"Of course Dean, I will do all within my power to help Meg." Cas said flatly. He pulled the phone away and pressed a button before slipping it back into his pocket.

"My, my…" Meg sighed as Cas turned back to face her. She sat up slowly her legs swinging over the edge of the table. Castiel backed up to give her room. Her honey brown eyes went wide as she saw Castiel. His body drenched in blood whatever she was going to say died in her mouth. She looked down at her knees. "Why?" she asked softly her legs swinging ever so slightly as they hung far from the floor.

"What do you mean why?" Castiel asked genuine confusion on his features.

Meg looked up at him and barked a laugh "Why did you save me, me a demon? You and your Winchesters don't usually make it a habit of caring what happens to me…" She sighed slipping off the table and landing on her booted feet. "I mean not that I can blame them…."

Cas caught her as she staggered and steadied her. "I am not Sam or Dean,' he began slowly guiding her to one of the chairs and gently pushing her down into it. "I do care for you, Meg, you and I have a special bond, and I am not one to soon forget what you did for me.' He took a few steps back. "Also we all agreed it was imperative for you not to die, we would like to know what you know." He regarded her with a flat expression as she shook her head and barked out a laugh

"Of course.." she sighed "Need to know something, only good to you boys when you need something." She groaned her hand going to her side with a grimace.

"Can I get you anything?" he asked "I am not sure how well my healing has affected you, but it seems to have been accepted rather adequately by your vessel.' He looked her over, her shirt ripped open skin exposed, a black lace bra with small yellow spots cupped her breasts. She looked down to where he was staring.

"What's up Clarence," she said the corner of her mouth hitching "Do you like what you see?"

Cas blinked and looked up at her, his only sign of embarrassment was a slight pinkening of the tips of his ears, it wasn't much but Meg caught it. She smiled more sighing softly she looked up at him. Pain was burning inside of her, it was nothing she wasn't used to but under his gaze she felt truly pitiful. "It won't be permanent." she said and Castiel's face fell his eyes narrowed in confusion.

"What do you mean, my healing is very good.." He said looking her body over again

Meg waved her hand cutting him off "Yea, you're healing of humans and your own kind, but I'm a demon, I would need a more invasive…." She paused a sour laugh falling from her lips. "Its more then my vessel that's been damaged, I doubt you would be willing to go that far for me."

Castiel knelt before her lifting her head, she could feel the warmth of his hands the healing pulsing through her soothing her ache slightly. "Clarence.." she leant her face into his palm "It's not going to work like that…" She placed a small kiss on his palm her honey brown eyes lifting to meet his. "There's only one way you can help me."

"Anything." the word held such finality, such determination Meg blinked.

"Are you sure, what about…"

Cas shook his head "I am sure." he said leaning in a placing a soft kiss on her forehead. "Can I get you anything, is there anything I should do?" he asked his gravely voice soft. Meg wasn't completely sure Castiel understood how far he had to go but she knew her Unicorn was special and if he said 'anything' he meant it.

"Yea, got any Bourbon?" she asked and before she had even finished the words Cas had vanished and returned his arms full of bottles of Bourbon. He placed them on the table and moved around to the other side sitting down. "Don't do anything half way do ya…" She rasped appreciatively reaching out for one of the 8 or 9 liter bottles and twisting the top off. She sat back in the uncomfortable wooden chair and surveyed her surroundings. Castiel's eyes on her constantly. "So, where are we?" she asked looking around at all the books and lack of windows. Suddenly unsure about the next few moments. "Underground somewhere, some odd . . "

"Bunker.." Castiel cut across her. Meg's eyebrows lifted and she began to drink the bottle. She drank much like Cas did when he was troubled. Its why he brought so many bottles. He looked around the bunker too. It was a place he, the Winchesters, and a few others had begun to call home. The one safe place in all the world for outcasts like them.

Meg lifted the next bottle, setting the first down, empty, as she sighed loudly and looked over at Cas. "You know it's rude to let a lady drink alone…" she said holding a bottle out to him.

"I was not aware of this.." he said flatly vanishing and reappearing two seconds later. He had returned with even more bottles of Bourbon, he had also gotten limes and lemons. "While..I usually do not drink. . ." He took out his angel blade and sliced up the lemons and limes then shook his head at what he had just done. He seemed to consider the blade, his expression almost screaming 'this is not what this is used for…' before slipping it back away into the confines of his clothing.

"Shut up…" Meg said flatly taking a lemon and slitting it on the edge of her bottle "Fancy.." she grumbled sitting back into her chair once more.

The pile of empty bottles grew large quickly, Angel and Demon drinking until they laughed their sides aching, one then the other telling stories from their pasts, about their families their histories. Meg spoke about the time she had almost completely manipulated Sam and Castiel laughed with drunken mirth as her impression of Sams concerned face. Castiel, spoke in detail about Dean and he noticed this didn't seem to get as much laughter out of Meg as he thought it would. Castiel inquired about the scars and symbols carved into her skin and she had relented telling him she was bound to this body now, no smoking out, ever. He had taken the information with surprise, this was true punishment for a demon, it means if her vessel died she would die with it. He quickly changed the topic and spoke about the time he had spent as a human again bringing sweet bubbles of mirth from Meg. She seemed more relaxed now.

Meg had never seen Castiel truly laugh and it was great, that or she was drunk, either way her Unicorn was beautiful. His laugh was beautiful, the stories he told were beautiful (even the ones about Dean), the way his long strong fingers shoved each bit of lemon into his Bourbon bottle was beautiful. Meg's smile faded as she watched Castiel, watched his lips the way the stubble on his jaw made it seem so much stronger, how his thick eyelashes accentuated his bright blue eyes. She stood suddenly her eyes finally leaving Castiel's face. 'Now or never' she thought moving slowly, her fingertips dragging along the polished wood of the table that separated her from the angel.

"Your precious boyfriend" she began, advancing around the edge of the table moving ever closer to Castiel, her voice as casually as she could make it. Her head tilted as she looked around the high arched ceiling, the book cases, finally back as Castiel. He was relaxing back in his chair his blood stained clothing still clung to him conforming to his abdomen in a way that made Meg want to lick her lips. "He's not going to be all pissy you brought me here. . .that you're helping me, healing me?" she said finally reaching Castiel's chair. She bent a bit and put her left hand on the back edge of the chair over his shoulder and swiveled him so that he was facing her.

Castiel shook his head. "No, no, Dean is not my boyfriend….. " was all Castiel could get out before Meg leaned in pressing her lips against his. Castiel didn't respond, he didn't push her away but he also didn't kiss back. This small note registered in the back of Meg's mind and it displeased her. She slid her bottle onto the polished table and laced her now free hand up into Castiel's hair gently pulling on the silken strands. Castiel couldn't suppress the soft groan, this was exactly how Dean liked to hold his head, strong fingers, pulling slightly, the tingle of pain over his scalp. Meg slid against him, encouraged by the soft moan that opened Castiel's mouth to her. One at a time she lifted her legs and slipped them over his hips through the arms of the chair so she was sitting snugly on his lap.

Castiel lifted his hands from the arms of the chair and ran them slowly up her thighs. His thumbs applying firm pressure up the inside of her legs along the seam of her jeans until he reached the apex and gently shifted his palms, avoiding the spot she really wanted him to touch, to move around her hips to hold her down onto him. He was kissing her back now. Soft warm lips, rough stubble scraping across her chin.

Meg released the back of the chair she had been gripping in her left hand, sliding it down over his firm shoulder running her palm over the wide flat plane of his pectoral. She deftly slid her fingers to the collar of his shirt and let the tops dance over the hot smooth skin exposed there. Pulling back suddenly from his lips she gripped his collar in both hands and ripped his shirt open buttons flying everywhere. Her breathing hitched, she had seen a lot of bodies in her time, had a lot of men and women under her, but never an angel, and never had she ever thought she would have her Unicorn. Her eyes devoured the smooth tanned flesh now exposed to her. He seemed to be glowing, his skin radiated light.

"Meg.." Castiels deep voice pulled her from her thoughts. His hands were on her hips, his cheeks flushed, eyelids drooping slightly, from the drinks or from her she wasn't sure. He flexed, his abdomen bunching, the muscles flexing, as he lifted his hips to press against her. Meg bit her lip as she felt the hard length of Castiel's cock pressing against her jeans.

"Are we going to order pizza later?" He smiled the corners of his mouth lifting slightly. Meg couldn't believe her ears. She tossed her head back and laughed, her Clarence was making a joke, an actual joke. Butterflies erupted from her stomach and fluttered out into her system almost bringing tears to her eyes.

"Whatever you want Clarence." She whispered leaning down and taking his mouth to hers again. Castiel slid his hands around her hips and gripped her ass, carefully he stood feeling her hands move to grip his shoulders her legs lift to lock her ankles around the small of his back.

Meg felt the way the muscles of his back bunched, how his ass flecked under her calves, 'why did everything about him turn her on so. . .' She squashed the thought as she was laid down on the other table, the cold wood pressed against her back as Castiel's hands slid from behind her. He stepped back and she arched up placing her elbows on the wood at her sides to watch him.

Meticulously he stripped the bloody clothing off leaving each item in a pile by his feet. Meg was breathing fast as more and more of his body was exposed to her. He stood to his full height a small smile on his lips as he rolled his shoulders back. She let her eyes drift over his body, the light of his true form almost making her squint, she could see it pulsing just below the surface. Her pupils dilated as she watched waves of his energy ripple down lower towards his erection. His aura prepping his vessel for what he was about to do to her.

Looking over to Meg he snapped his fingers and the sudden cool air of the room whispered over her naked body. She practically purred at him.

"Oh Clarence…" She wiggling her eyebrows as his eyes scorched heat tails over her body "When did you learn to seduce so well.."

Lifting her legs she braced her heels on the edge of the table spreading her knees and exposing her soft pink opening to him. Castiel seemed to grow before her and her smile widened. Behind him large inky wings spread wide from his back. Castiel knew he would need to dip deeply into his grace if he was to help Meg. He felt his wings flutter into life behind him felt the warmth their appearance provided fall over his back. There was no way he could focus this deeply on his task and maintain his wings concealment.

Meg had seen Angels wings before, beautiful white wings and she had envied them. Meg had never seen an Angel with black wings. Even back at the warehouse, when she could feel the power pouring from castiel, her head was snapped back her eyes stuck staring at the ceiling. Now her eyes drifted over them as Castiel advanced on her like a ferocious predator stalking its kill. Shivers danced up her spine with each slap of his bare feet against the wooden floor. His wings held wide he moved to cover her. Castiel placed one hand above her shoulder the other gripping her hip his eyes glowed blue as he looked down at her. His erection rested against her silken folds, she could feel it throbbing, hot and large. Her body arched, hips sliding the stiff length against her labia, draping it along her clit. Her eyes fluttered closed and she gasped. Her hands slid up his chest one gripped his shoulder the other sliding into his hair.

"Don't make me wait Clarence…" She purred up at him.

Castiel frowned only slightly as he leant down his hips began a slow rhythm, sliding between her lower lips rubbing his length in the juices gathered there along her slit. He took the lobe of her ear into his mouth nipping it slightly before whispering. "Before this night is over, you will be calling my true name." Meg's smile faltered as his voice growled into her ear, her heart stuttered in her chest and her nerve endings lit on fire. With one swift motion Castiel lifted his hips and slammed deep inside of her.

The slight pain of her vessels nails biting into the flesh of his shoulder barely registered to him. Her body wrapped around him eagerly sucking him deep inside of her. Hot, wet and tight he struggled to pull himself back out. Her body seemed to be drawing his grace down to where they were joined.

The table creaked and groaned under their combined weight. Castiel was relentless his body pressing down into her, his mouth as demanding as his thrusts. Meg broke their kiss her head falling back against the table she cried out her hands sliding around Castiel ribs and up into his back. Her fingers found the soft skin where his wings met his vessel. Castiel was sucking her jaw his lips sliding down to the pulse point on her neck. Hot breath washed over her, demanding kisses cascaded over her flesh. He was groaning with each thrust, deep gravely growls against her neck every time his hips crashed against hers.

"Say it.." he growled his lips pulling back as he bit down onto her neck sucking the flesh between his teeth.

Meg arched her body tightening her fingers slid up his back tangling in the feather joints at his shoulder blades. The feeling caused Castiel to shudder and grip her harder he could feel his balls pull tight up against him as his orgasm threatened to overtake him. Her fingers gripped the joints sending waves of pleasure racing down his spine.

"Say it." he growled through gritted teeth, sliding a hand under her shoulder and knotting it in her bleached blond hair. His fingers curled pulling on the strands causing her to arch back her shoulders pressing down, her chest lifting off the creaking table.

Meg began to babble in Dimoori Sheol, the language of the damned, the spell weaving around them as her passage began to flutter against Castiel's thrusting member. He could feel the darkness inside of her pulling at his grace, dragging it down through him like hot lava.

"Say it" his voice roared around them like thunder as his wings arched high above them, his hand on her hip squeezed her hard bruising the skin of her vessel.

Meg's eyes went wide, her mouth fell open, her breathing coming in rapid labored pants, chest rising and falling. Castiel met her gaze one hand in her hair the other gripping her hip he rotated his hips in a hard, tight circle and Meg seized under him her orgasm cresting over her.

"CASTIEL" her cry ripped from her, her eyes went wide her mouth open, light erupted from her. It poured out of her eyes and mouth as she called his name. Castiel reared back Enochian spilling from his lips as he came, filling her passage with his hot seed. Each spurt coated her with grace, filling her, healing her. Castiel gasped his torso lifting his wings spreading wide the glossy feathers shivering, shimmering with light as he arched his back and then in one smooth motion collapsed on top of Meg's body, both gasping, panting. Castiels member jumped and twitched inside of Meg's body he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tight to him. His head tucked against her shoulder he struggled to catch his breath. His wings vanished as he hummed in contentment. He was tired, his body drained from the battle and now this healing, he needed sleep. The table gave a groan and cracked in half splintering around them and sending them both crashing to the ground in a sweaty pile.

Meg began to laugh tears leaking from the corners of her eyes as her fingers lazily ran up and down Castiel's sweaty back. Carefully Castiel lifted his torso from her and smiled down at her. He too laughed, "Well, that was unexpected." he commented mildly lifting a piece of the broken table and tossing it aside. Meg groaned slightly as he lifted his hips and his softening member slid sloppily out of her passage. "I wonder how I will explain this to Dean…" He said his brows knitting in the front. Moving with care he stood and extended a hand down to her.

At that moment a strong hand gripped Cas on the shoulder and pulled back spinning him around. His eyes went wide as he saw Dean standing behind him. Before he could even react Dean reared back, rage written into every feature of his face and punched Castiel so hard in the face he blacked out hitting the floor with a sickening thud.


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