Why Do You Do This To Me?

Nikki is your average teenage girl.... Until she meets Ashton... She used to cry herself to sleep and have panic attacks and have bad chronic depression... Can one boy change her life or end it...


7. Why Do You Do This To Me

(Song Of The Chapter - Why by Secondhand Serenade)

Robbie had left and I was alone with drunk Ashton it made me frustrated I must say and it made me rethink my feelings... A lot... I wondered why I had stayed and not just left with Robbie I was so caught up in my thoughts I forgot that Ashton was even there maybe it was for the better. I decided to go home and sleep it off.


I was relaxing now in my bed stress could basically eat me alive and when it did I couldn't stop it. My parents and brother ran into my room Burrying me in hugs. My brother was crying his hardest and I sat up concerned "h-he told me and Blake we should hang from a ceiling..." My brother let out a plea of crys his eyeliner running. "Shhh shhh Jeydon it'll be okay." I wiped away his tears and his makeup off. He looked at me. "Why would Ashton say that?!" He whimpered and I got angry. "Ashton said that to you?!" I said getting angered that he would say such a thing I finished his eyeliner and called a few friends who were now angered... Their names you ask? CC, Jinnx, Ashley, Andy, Robbie, and my personal favorite Ricky Horror. What was to happen to Ashton would be good to see the fear in his eye would be amazing. All my feelings for Ashton were wearing thin in that moment.


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