Why Do You Do This To Me?

Nikki is your average teenage girl.... Until she meets Ashton... She used to cry herself to sleep and have panic attacks and have bad chronic depression... Can one boy change her life or end it...


1. Detention

 So here I sit in detention yet another day because I spray painted Mr. Smiths classroom and the teacher caught me. I'm Nikki and this is my story before we get any further into my story let me tell you about myself... I'm 18 years old I have chronic depression, I get panic attacks and cry myself to sleep not to mention I'm single because nobody likes the depressed girl or the girl who is called 'Nikki the wrist slitter.' I was different... But you should know exactly what I did to get detention..


"DETENTION!" Mr. Markus bellowed that was the fourth time this week I had gotten detention. All I did was spray paint Mr. Smiths classroom it needed more color. "BUT!" I screamed at him his face grew a deadly glare. "Fine I'll go there now..." I frowned. "No no no Miss Roth  you'll go there after school." He said earning a groan  from me I hated him and he hated me.


I walked into the room it was silent and a few people making out in the back I took a seat beside a boy who had tattoos on his wrist and neck I had seen him in the Detention room before but never said a word to him all I knew was his name... Ashton Irwin... I took my seat beside him and he pulled out a paper and pen and wrote on it handing it to me. I read it.. 'So what you do?' I took out my pen and wrote 'I spray painted Mr. Smiths classroom what about you?' I then handed it back to him a smirk plastering itself onto his angelic face. He wrote then handed it to me. 'I smoked on campus, skipped class, and told a teacher off.' He handed it to me and I read biting my lip I had to cross my legs. I liked bad boys... A lot... No I wasnt desperate I just wanted someone to care about me. 


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