Bromance (ScorpiusxAlbus)

Since the first day they met, Scorpius and Albus have been the best of friends. They instantly fitted with each other no matter what their family background was. Lately Scorpius has been wondering why is it that when Albus grins at him playfully he gets this funny feeling in his tummy just like Albus wonders why is it that every time Scorpius awkwardly hugs him his face feels all hot and doesn't want him to let go. They've just convinced themselves its just a phase, that its just what friends do.


3. Wondered and Realized


          The first few days of school were awkward. Albus and Scorpius only talked slightly when needed, during eating hours and bed time. Anyone could see something had happened the two, the air was almost visibly tense. When Rose couldn't take it anymore once during lunch, she dropped her fork on her plate and looked at them "Whats been going on between you two?" 

Scorpius and Albus exchanged a look and then glanced back at Rose, Scorpius was the one to answer first "Nothing, we just--"

Albus interrupted him before he could go any further "I was just trying to help figure out when was a good time for him to ask you out?"

Rose's eyes widened at what Albus had just said while Scorpius almost choked on his drink. He raised his eyebrows at Albus as if demanding an explanation. Albus just shrugged because honestly he didn't even know why he had said that. If the idea of seeing Scorpius and Rose together pissed him off, then why did he just say that? Maybe he was trying to trample Scorpius hopes of Rose ever agreeing on going out with him. Maybe he was just trying to prove that he didn't like Scorpius. Because he just didn't like him, he reminded himself. But even so he never expected Rose to say this.

Rose's cheeks had slightly blushed and before they could say anything else she said in a rather hurried voice " I'll go out with you." Scorpius eyes widened at that, making him think that maybe pigs had sprouted wings and flied (although everything was possible at  Hogwarts). Rose Weasly-Granger had said she would go out with him. Rose Weasly-Granger. The Rose Weasly-Granger, who by his standards was the most beautiful girl in their year, possibly in Hogwarts. Scorpius almost fainted in the spot. "R-really?"

Rose nodded her head while not really looking him in the eye. Then she stood up "I better go, I've got Charms class now." with that she hurried out the great doors and dissapeared into the halls. 

After watching her go, Scorpius turned his grinning face towards Albus, forgetting all about that incident in the hallway days ago "Have i ever told you how you are the greatest best mate in the world." At any other time those words would have made Albus' chest flutter, but at that moment he just felt like puking. Why did he ever said that.

Albus forced a smile at his friend and bobbed his head "You're welcome."  He then stood and headed towards Potions, feeling as if he stayed a moment longer he would burst in tears and confess everything. Everything? What was everything? That he kept having weird thoughts about him?




          Scorpius counted down the days to their date. He had taken Rose out to Hogsmeade. He took her to Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop on Rose's request even though Scorpius wanted to go to the Three Broomsticks. He took her to Gladrags Wizardwear even though he wanted to go to Tomes and Scrolls. He took her to the Hairdressing salon even though he wanted to go to Honeydooks and Spintewitches Sporting Needs and Zonko's Joke shop. But he took her only to where Rose wanted to go. Because that's what dates were all about, because he wanted to please her.

When the day was finally over Scorpius collapsed on a leather couch in the common room. He let out a tired sigh and closed his eyes leaning his head back "Well, that was exhausting."

"How was your date?" Albus voice resonated on the almost empty room. Scorpius hadn't noticed him seating on a chair, a book in his hands. He studied the exhausted looking boy while he answered "G-great."

Albus noticed the hesitation in Scorpius voice and he couldn't help but let a smile tug on his lips. Even though he knew what he thinking he simply said "Good." 

Scorpius drummed his fingers on the leather sofa and after a few minutes he said "I was going to try out for the Quiditch team." 

Albus looked at him surprised "Really?" he never thought Scorpius was actually into sports. He preferred to stay on the library with his nose stuck into an old book and small smile splayed on his lips. "Well, on that other reality," he said referring to when things went wrong with the time turner and in that reality Lord Voldermort ruled. "I was actually pretty good at Quiditch apparently. So i thought what the heck lets give it a try." he chuckled, a normal friendly chuckle and for a moment things felt like they were before. 

They talked like before, without a care in the world. They talked about how popular Scorpius would be if he made it into the team, they talked about classes and books. They talked about how the next time they went to Hogsmeade Albus would help Scorpius choose his equipment and of how they could go shop some old books and of how they would buy many sweets at Honeydooks. And in that moment it was just Albus and Scorpius laughing together like old times not wanting to end this moment they were sharing.

Then Scorpius stopped laughing, he had ended up sitting besides Albus somehow and then said whispering "I don't think i want to go out with Rose again..."

Albus hadn't expected him to say that. He almost felt bad at how relieved he felt. Almost. He then cleared his throat and asked "Why is that?"

Scorpius shrugged resting his head back and staring at the ceiling "I don't know... its just that, it wasn't what i expected it to be." 

Albus snickered studying Scorpius profile "Thought it would be all pink and sugar and you'd both live happily ever after?''

Scorpius let out a small laugh "Something like that." But Scorpius was thinking something else. He kept thinking that going out with Rose would be like hanging out with Albus, they would laugh,talk and have a good time. Both of them. But in all sincerity the only one having fun at the date was Rose. And he thought that maybe just being with her would be enough and make him happy. Like when he was with Albus...

While Scorpius was lost in his thoughts, Albus took a chance to look at him more closely. He trailed the curve of his forehead and nose with his eyes. He trailed the form of his plush lips and wondered how would they taste like. He wondered how it would feel if their lips molded together softly savoring each taste and touch. He wondered if Scorpius would kiss him back. He wondered if he preferred a small sweet peck on the lips or a passionate tongue with tongue kiss. He wondered if Scorpius blond hair would feel like silk sliding through his fingers and if he would blush for him. He wondered what it would be like to trail his fingertips down his bare back and chest.

He wondered and wondered until he realized he loved Scorpius Malfoy, his best and only friend and that he didn't only want him to be just his best friend. Albus realized that he wanted more. He wanted Scorpius, even if two boys being together was weird. Because he had never felt like this before. Because Scorpius Malfoy was his first love, and probably only love. 

He wondered and realized. and then he was afraid and feared. He feared of being rejected or that Scorpius wouldn't feel the same way or that he would be teased if someone found out or if they would stopped being friends and have no relationship at all and then he would be alone. And he didn't fear anything else but that. Because he only  wanted Scorpius and Scorpius alone. Because he was the only one who understood him  and was there for him and made him laugh and flush and blush and make his chest hurt in both the good way and bad way.

But Albus didn't say anything, he stayed quiet because he was afraid. Instead he nudged Scorpius, the simple touch sent sparks up his hand. "We should probably go to sleep, we have classes tomorrow." with that he stood up and stretched a bit. Scorpius glanced up at his friend eyeing him from head to toe subconsciously. Noting his action Scorpius blushed out of habit and stood. "Yeah, we should." he walked past Albus and into the dorms. Today had been a very confusing yet enlightening day for both boys. 















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