Bromance (ScorpiusxAlbus)

Since the first day they met, Scorpius and Albus have been the best of friends. They instantly fitted with each other no matter what their family background was. Lately Scorpius has been wondering why is it that when Albus grins at him playfully he gets this funny feeling in his tummy just like Albus wonders why is it that every time Scorpius awkwardly hugs him his face feels all hot and doesn't want him to let go. They've just convinced themselves its just a phase, that its just what friends do.


6. Misunderstanding



    The week passed in a blur. Soon enough the weekend was here and Albus was forced to think about his supposed date with Blake. Why had he agreed to go out with him? Part of him told him that Albus did like, even if it was a bit, Blake. Another part of him simply told him he did it to make Scorpius jealous. Which was actually useless since he didn’t actually tell Scorpius he had a date with a 6th year. A good looking Gryffindor at that. He still had a hard time believing an older boy would be interested in him, and sometimes thought maybe it was just one of James pranks. But then he recalled how sincere and caring Blake looked. Other times he found himself thinking of how would their date go; won't other people be watching? Won't they whisper and talk?  Because two blokes out on a date was unheard of. Because that wasn’t normal. In the end Albus almost grew white streaks in his hair (it’s an expression) because of his much worrying.

“Want to hang out at Hogsmeade this weekend?” Scorpius asked the green eyed boy one afternoon. Albus almost let out a frustrated sigh in the spot but instead said, “Cant. I’ve got a date.”

For a moment Albus thought he saw a frustrated look on Scorpius face but he quickly rose a pale eyebrow and asked “Really? With who? How come you didn’t tell me?”

Albus almost smiled, happy to see he at least worried. “A friend.” He didn’t want to add the fact that it was with another boy, not knowing how would Scorpius react to that.

Scorpius narrowed his eyes suspiciously “A friend? Last time I checked you don’t have any lady friends.”

Albus looked down at the floor fumbling with his fingers “It’s a new friend.”

“Whenever did you get a new friend.” Scorpius commented with crossed arms.

Albus then simply rolled his eyes and looked at him with a slight smirk “Jealous?”

The blond boy actually blushed at that and stammered “W-what? Of course not.” He frowned and looked away not wanting to meet Albus’s gaze, while he wondered why did Scorpius blush. It actually made him giddy he had managed to make Scorpius blush. “I’m ‘gonna go to the library.” He finally said and scrambled away.

Albus was left sitting on a bench with a stupid grin on his face. Maybe going out with Blake wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Maybe Scorpius would get jealous and maybe he would finally forget about Rose. May be. But this were only Albus’s fantasies. The young Potter boy brought himself back to reality and heaved a sigh. Maybe.




               “I would love to!” A few weeks before Scorpius would have felt relieved by Rose’s answer, but currently his heart didn’t flip or neither did he felt giddy. It was as if it were a daily normal answer he wasn’t really excitedly expecting anymore. He smiled at the redheaded girl and nodded “Great. See you later then.” With that he spun on his heel and made his way through the castle.

Albus had left to his date about two hours ago. Scorpius wondered if he was having fun. He also wondered who was this mysterious girl. Of course he had recalled Albus commenting about him making a new friend, but he thought it was another bloke or something like that. Not an actual girl. Scorpius somehow felt a twinge of jealousy and he didn’t know why since he was also going out with a girl. But he really had wanted to hang out with Albus this weekend, since they hadn’t been spending much time together apart from classes and lunch time. They hadn’t gone to have fun in quite some time.

Without his knowing, Scorpius’s feet had led him to Hogsmeade. He found himself at the entrance of The Three Broomsticks. He hesitated before entering, wondering if Albus and his date were in there. He entered either way and his eyes quickly scanned the pub looking for a familiar pair of emerald eyes. Albus’s distinctive laughter made it easier for Scorpius to find him.

A grin plastered itself on Scorpius lips as he started walking towards him but then stopped dead on his tracks when he noticed another male laughter joining Albus’s. A boy, and a Gryffindor boy at that, sat with Albus drinking butter beer cheerfully. Scorpius’s grin twisted into a grim line and his fists clenched at his side. Did Albus actually ditch him to hang out with some other bloke? And lied on top of that of going out on a date. If he wanted to hang out with someone else he just had to say so, he didn’t have to lie…but somehow seeing Albus laugh so carelessly with another person made Scorpius chest clench in anguish.

All these years he had considered himself to be Albus’s one and only mate. He was the only one who could make Albus laugh like that and he was the only one who could hang out with Albus like that. He actually considered stomp towards them and drag Albus out of there with him. But he would be the mature one, he thought, and simply go back home. Even as he thought this, Scorpius stayed planted on the spot glaring daggers at the back of the Gryffindor boy’s head. He saw as he leaned forward and whispered something in Albus’s ear making him chuckle and blush at the same time. Not really wanting to see any more Scorpius stormed out of the place.

Had Albus gotten tired of Scorpius and was that the reason he was hanging out with that boy? The thought made Scorpius’s chest hurt even more at the point it brought tears to his eyes.

As if the sky felt his anguish, it started raining. Night was falling and Scorpius then made his way back to Hogwarts soaking wet, trying to suppress these unpleasant feelings that were confusing him.



               Albus’s date was beyond splendid. His worries about Blake doing something weird vanished quickly. They simply hanged out at their favorite places in Hogsmeade and then went to drink butter beer. They talked and laughed for what it seemed like hours. It had been quite some time since Albus had had so much fun. When they noticed it was beyond late, they made a run for it and managed to get back at Hogwarts in time.

Blake had left Albus on the common room’s door with a goodnight and a small peck on the cheek that was enough to send him floating up to the clouds. Albus made his way towards his dorm with a giddy grin that was starting to make his cheeks hurt. To his surprise Scorpius was still awake, reading nonetheless, the Daily Prophet. His eyes flicked up to meet Albus’s as he arrived and then quickly looked down back at the paper.

He passed a page rather loudly and roughly, cleared his throat and then said with a grim expression “How was your date?”

Albus looked at Scorpius rather strangely but still found himself grinning wide. “Splendid.”

Scorpius dropped the magical paper on his lap and said “Splendid? Was it? The three broomstick was rather crowdy wasn’t it? In my opinion a bit noisy too, today, right?”

Albus’s grin dropped, had Scorpius been there? Did he see them together? Was that the reason why he was acting so grumpy? He totally did saw them. He would probably hate Albus now and think of how much of a fag he was. “Y-you saw us?”

Scorpius hid his nose back on the newspaper but Albus very much doubted he was even reading. “See you? Do you mean if I saw you ditching me for some other Gryffindor bloke and lied to me? Then yes, yes I did. Mate. “

Albus then blinked confused. Wait…so he thought he lied about the date to hang out with some bloke…and ditch Scorpius…? Albus was both relieved and concerned. Even though he was mad at a lie, would it be better to tell him the truth? That he was going on a date with another bloke. He didn’t want Scorpius to despise him. Either way Scorpius would dislike both answers. If he said he wasn’t ditching Scorpius for a new best mate and that he was truthfully out on a date, Scorpius would probably grimace in disgust at the fact that he was going out with a boy. On the other hand, if he didn’t admit he was on a date, Scorpius would also hate him for ‘ditching’ him.

When Albus didn’t answer, his not so best mate at the moment scoffed and answered, “So you’re not going to even deny it?’’ he shook his head with a sneer and went back to his newspaper.

Albus stared at the ceiling debating if to tell him or not. If they were best mates then, Scorpius would understand, right…?

Albus didn’t have the guts nor the courage to tell Scorpius the truth. He heaved a sigh and laid down on his bed. If he did tell Scorpius the truth, maybe he would despise him for the rest of his life. But this lie, he could work on making it up to him.

Albus glanced at Scorpius one last time, wondering where he got that wild idea from and then went to sleep. This day didn’t end how he expected.




               “Come on Scorpius, can we forget about it?” Albus pleaded as he followed the blond boy down the hall. Scorpius kept silent and ignored Albus still pissed off. “Scorpius, Scorpius, Scorpius, Sco— “

“Will you cut it out!? You’re being annoying Albus. Just go and hang out with your new mate.” He spat the word as if tasting venom and with a huff kept walking. Those words actually stung Albus. Here he was trying to make up and he just kept kicking him to the side like a stray puppy.  (1,598)


Albus stopped and frowned after Scorpius, “Fine! Be like that, let’s see who you turn to when you need me!” Albus knew he was being childish and stupid and a part of him didn’t really mean those words, but Albus was tired of how clueless Scorpius could be. Did he actually have to spell everything out in front of him. The green-eyed wizard heaved a sigh and instantly regretted his words but Scorpius was already half way into the classroom that Albus was also supposed to be in. Like always the only seat available would probably be the one besides Scorpius. Albus didn’t feel like facing his best mate—his ex-best mate at the moment.

“Morning.” Albus jumped surprised when Blake came out of nowhere and placed a kiss on his cheek. He blushed still not used to how casual the gryffindor boy always was around him. Albus still felt a bit uncomfortable, never before did he let anyone be so friendly with him, except Scorpius and even then it wasn't anything like this. Blake had kept his promise of not crossing the line by doing something Albus didn't want, which made Albus like him even more. However, Albus felt a tad bad at the fact that he was probably doing this whole thing with Blake as a distraction.

“Morning.” Albus mumbled a bit grim. Blake tilted his head quickly inquiring. “What's wrong?” Unlike Scorpius, Blake was very observing, he always knew when Albus was in a bad mood, the slytherin boy liked that. Albus smiled a bit “It's just Scorpius.” He mumbles glancing at the classroom. Blake takes the hint and buries his hands on his pockets with a teasing smile, “Want to ditch class and talk?”

Albus looked up at him, he wasn't one to ditch class, but today could be the exception. He chewed his bottom lip for a few seconds before nodding.

Blake broke into a wide grin. “Alright, I know the perfect place where we can talk.” After grabbing Albus’s hand, Blake lead him across the halls being careful Filch or Mrs. Norris wasn't around to reprimand them. They stopped near a tree outside and sat down against it, a perfect view of the Forbidden Forest and the morning sun greeted them. Albus tugged his knees up to hug them while he told Blake about the whole misunderstanding between him and Albus. All the while Blake listened with an amused smile on his lips. When Albus had finally finished talking he said “Bloody hell, he really is clueless. Tell me again why is it that you fell for him?”

Albus looked away and blushed not answering his question. There were too many answers for it. After a moment of silence Blake spoke up again. “I could make you forget.” he said tugging a strand of Albus’s  hair behind his ear and leaning forward. “I could make you forget so it wouldn't hurt.” he placed a kiss on Albus's cheek and then another down his jaw and then another on his neck and another and another and another until Albus found himself tilting his head back, giving Blake more room, because this was easier than acknowledging the pain that being in love brought. Because he needed the distraction, because the pain of being rejected was too much for him. For a moment he could imagine it was Scorpius and not Blake. Albus could pretend that his fingers were tangled through silky blonde locks and not dark messy strands.

And for a moment he thought he could get used to this. For a moment. But then Blake's hand snaked up his thigh and Albus found himself flinching away “Stop.” Blake did as he was told and looked at Albus questioningly with a raised eyebrow. “I can't.” Albus breathed out. The older boy grimaced as Albus looked away tears forming on the corner of his eyes. Blake’s grim expression changed to a small smile as he backed away giving Albus space. “You really do love him.”

The Gryffindor boy settled besides Albus once again and looked up at the sky. Albus sniffed once and finally looked up at Blake “I'm sorry.”

Blake chuckled “It's okay.” he ruffled Albus’s dark hair and rested his arm across his shoulders. “You shouldn't apologize for loving somebody. At least i know I've made a good mate.” he winked and added “But let me warn you, you're in for a pain in the arse if you keep pursuing that  rich blond Malfoy.”

Albus opened his mouth to protest but Blake held a hand up and continued “I'll help you get him.” With those words he closed his mouth and looked at Blake wide eyed as he stood up


“Really.” he grinned down at the younger boy and Albus found himself grinning back at him. His smile faltered, however, “I feel bad now, for--”

“Dont.” Blake raised a hand dramatically to stop him from speaking further. “There's nothing to be sorry for. Besides,” he smirked “Just knowing that i got you all hot and bothered down there is enough for me.” he gave Albus one last wink before turning back to the castle.

Albus's face turned tomato red at his words as he squirmed embarrassed that he had noticed that. After a few seconds he stood up and followed the smirking Gryffindor boy back into the castle. Now knowing that it would never feel right to be with someone else, Albus walked with a more confident pace, he was definitely going to make Scorpius feel the same feelings he did.




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