Bromance (ScorpiusxAlbus)

Since the first day they met, Scorpius and Albus have been the best of friends. They instantly fitted with each other no matter what their family background was. Lately Scorpius has been wondering why is it that when Albus grins at him playfully he gets this funny feeling in his tummy just like Albus wonders why is it that every time Scorpius awkwardly hugs him his face feels all hot and doesn't want him to let go. They've just convinced themselves its just a phase, that its just what friends do.


2. Castle Halls


              Hogwarts hadn't changed at all, the enchanting castle was as welcoming as ever. When Scorpius had changed into his Slytherin robes, Albus had a hard time keeping his eyes off him. He looked absolutely dashing, his robes were clean, pressed and new, typical of a Malfoy. The black and green of his clothing made his pale skin and eyes pop out. After snapping out of his daze Albus scurried off to change into his own robes. 

Back in the day, when he was a First Year, being in Slytherin spooked him but later after as he grew closer to Scorpius, he found being in Slytherin rather pleasant. 

The candle lit halls were warm and dim, ghost greeted the first years, portraits waved and welcomed witches and wizards. All the students filled up in rows as they took their seats on their respective tables, with the exception of the first years. 

Albus sat down next to Scorpius who was admiring the fake night sky on the ceiling. Every year he did the same thing, even though he had seen it a thousand times before "Earth to Scorpius!" Albus hated to interrupt his idiotic dreamy look but the headmaster was about to give the usual welcoming speech and after that they would sort the newcomers to their houses and after that they would eat the incomparable Great Hall banquet and after that they would go to their dormitories. 

When a student was sorted into a house, the students would cheer. When a small brunette girl was sorted into Ravenclaw they cheered, when a freckled boy was sorted into Hufflepuff they cheered, when a girl with two braids was sorted into Gryffindor they cheered, when a jet black haired boy was sorted into Slytherin they cheered. 

When the cheers finally ended and the food appeared on the tables, chatter filled the all along with the sound of clinking silverware. Albus hadn't noticed how famished he was until he smelled the delicious turkey that was being served. He quickly served himself a little bit of everything, whereas Scorpius took too much of everything. Albus always told him not to eat too much candy or hell just be hungrier later. But of course the boy never listened .

They ate until they were stuffed. When they finally finished, both Scorpius and Albus stood up and followed the Prefects towards the Slytherin's dormitories, down to the bottom of the castle. 

Scorpius rested his hands on the back of his head while walking along side his best friend "Say, can i ask you something?" he asked glancing at Albus sideways.

Albus shrugged and nodded not really knowing what this was about. "Sure."  

"Well, the thing is..." he stammered and then fumbled with his fingers. Albus looked at him with more attention curious and a bit hopeful. Hopeful? What was he being hopeful for? "Yes?" he managed to squeak out.

A small blush appeared on Scorpius pale cheeks, he pinned his eyes closed a practically yelled the whole sentence "The thing is i need your help asking out Rose on a date!" 

Albus hopeful expression dropped at the mention of Rose. "Oh..." he managed to say while Scorpius continued "I'm determined on asking her out this year. I'm turning a new page. I'm a changed man!" His expression was determined but at the same time embarrassed. Albus knew he had a crush on Rose but he only thought it was a temporal thing, that he would soon forget about those fantasies. But at that moment Albus saw how Scorpius really meant what he was saying. But....Albus started wondering, why did that statement made his chest hurt. He should be happy for his best friend. Even though everything in him told him to just say to Scorpius that he should just forget about her, he answered "Sure...I'll help." he managed to draw a smile into his face. 

Scorpius expression litted up even more "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!" he embraced Albus hugging him tightly with a huge grin. Albus face grew hot at the action. As he felt Scorpius' rather strong arms (something that had apparently happened throughout summer) around him, Albus almost melted on the spot. Why did it feel so good, so warm, so safe. Scorpius smelled so good, like books and ink, clean clothing and the faint hint of mint. He had to keep himself from inhaling out loud. When Scorpius calmed down and noticed what he was doing and how everyone were already giving them curious looks, he backed away rather too quickly making him stumble a few steps. Albus reached out to steady him but only managed to stumble on top of him. Albus laid on top of him petrified unsure of what to do. A part of him told him to stand up as quickly as possible but another part of him, a tiny one on the back of his head, told him to breath in his scent and nuzzle his nose on the curve of Scorpius slim neck. He did neither propping himself up slightly to stare at the Malfoy with half closed eyes. He had a dreamy look and started leaning down subconsciously, the tips of their noses brushing. Scorpius face had grown red without his consent even though being close to a boy shouldn't make him have this reaction but it always happened whenever he was close to Albus, which was a reason why he tended to keep his distance from him and tended not to hug him or just be too close to him. Because whenever something like that happened he had doubts and funny sensations he couldn't quite explain.  

Seeing that Albus had no intentions of standing up he blinked a few times still startled and stammered "A-albus!" The dark haired boy seemed to snap out of whatever daze he was in and noticing what he was doing he stood up hastily embarrassed. He gave Scorpius his back so he wouldn't see his flushed cheeks and said "S-sorry. I'm sorry." he then added "We should go to our rooms." he whispered and hurried down the dark stairs. 

What was he doing? Did he want to ruin their friendship? They were just friends, he thought. Only friends and nothing more. Because getting flustered over another guy and practically thinking about kissing him was not normal. Especially if that guy was his best friend. His only friend. Which also, he reminded himself, had a crush on his cousin Rose. Which he had agreed to help ask out. Besides, he didn't like guys, he thought. And he most definitely did not like Scorpius, his best friend, he reminded himself one last time.



 (Short chapter sorry! ;P)

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