Different But Best Friends.

- Ryder is from a family of money.
Her father works 24 / 7 which makes them have a lot of money. She is used to getting what she wants and has her parents wrapped around her fingers.
- Claire on the other hand, is from a family of divorce, no money and a lot of siblings.
She has to make her own path, and she just wants to be independent.

How will things work out between two best Friends, who lives different lifes, but want the same things?

- For our 12th year anniversary.


1. How it all started - RYDER'S POV.

Ryder’s POV.

We met at the first day of school.

It still feels like it was yesterday.


I got ready in my all pink outfit, and went with my nanny to the school.

I was so excited to start and make a lot of new friends.

Little did I know, I was going to met my soulmate.


“Okay, be a good girl Ryder. I’ll pick you up after school and then we’ll go home to your parents and you can tell them all about your day”

I nodded and walked into my classroom just beside the library.


I smiled as I looked around the room and noticed a lot of girls exactly like me.

Pink, pink and more pink.

I started talking to them, about how boy crazy we all were.

When I noticed a girl crying in the corner.

She looked weird.

Blue Shirt, Brown skirt, Purple socks, sandals and a ponytail.

She didn’t look like she was fitting in anywhere here.

A group of guys, were standing around her.


Yelling mean things at her.


I don’t know why I felt so mad about it.

But I got really pissed and left my friends.

“Look at her clothes! She can’t even make the colors match”

I pushed one of the guys, and turned around looking at them.

“What is wrong with you? Don’t laugh at her! She didn’t do anything wrong”

The boys laughed it off and left.


I sighed and turned around with a smile on my face.

“Hi, I’m Ryder”

I helped her up from the floor and she stopped crying.

“Don’t think about them, boys are jerks”

She smiled and wiped about her tears.

“I’m Claire”

I smiled and took her hand.

“Come on Claire, you can sit with me”


That entire day I was with Claire.

She was amazing.

She told me about how her parents got divorced and she had an older sister.

I told her about how my parents were still together and I had a younger sister.

We talked for hours, while playing on the playground and running around.


I already knew back then, that she would be the person that would matter to me the most.

It’s funny, how she was the one who gets bullied, but i’ve always been the chubby one of us.


We became best friends that day, and we’ve been unbreakable ever since.

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