What If?

Harry and the cursed child fanfic completion has come, this is the what if effect if in the future, Draco was in Gryffindor and Harry was in Slytherin, this would have an effect on the future, if Albus was the first born and James was the youngest boy.
My ship is #Rose&Scorpius


1. SCENE 1

Act One ,  Scene 1

Kings Cross Station

A bust station, full of muggles trying to go somewhere. Amongst the hustle, two large cages rattle on top of two metal trolleys. They are being pushed by two children, ALBUS and his younger brother JAMES, both followed by their parents GINNY and HARRY, who had LILY riding on his shoulders, playing with a toy wand. 

Dad. Albus keeps saying I will be in Gryffindor

Albus, give him a break

I'm only saying he probably will be in it. And knowing him, he probably will, so ...
(Off his dad's deathly stare) Fine, he has a 49% chance of being in it

(HARRY rolls his eyes)

JAMES: (looking towards his mum)
You'll write, you and dad will, won't you?

Every week, if you want, and its ok if your in Gryffindor, you'll be the first, like I was in Slytherin

Really, cool, and not every week, Albus says him and the other Slytherin's only get letters one every two months

We wrote to Albus every week, maybe even twice last year

What? Albus!
(He looks at ALBUS slyly)

Don't believe anything your brother tells you about Hogwarts, he likes a laugh, (In a whisper) gets it from your mum's side

JAMES: (with a grin)
Ha ha

ALBUS: (smirking)
Let's hurry up and leave now!

(JAMES looks at his mum, then too his dad)

You have to run into the wall between platforms nine and ten, then we'll be there

Awesome, so exciting

Don't stop and don't be scared, or you'll crash and break your head, remember that. Best do a run if you're scared

Ok, I'm ready

LILY holds onto the trolley with ALBUS, HARRY holds onto GINNY, and together they run into the barrier like a family. JAMES first, then ALBUS and LILY, and finally HARRY and GINNY.


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