Our life in her world.

This book is gonna be a story about a young couple's life together in Croatia.


8. Chapter 8

As they were looking for the hotel they would stay, in Jay saw something that he had hoped to see.

Jay: Elena come here I found something I think you're going to love.

Elena: Okay (walks over). So what am I looking at??

Jay: It's a love fence bae. You know the fence that people go to confess there love, and put a padlock with both there initials on it. This says that their love is unbreakable.

As Jay is saying this he is also pulling a special padlock out from behind his back.

Jay: Elena I loved you from the day I met you and I want the world to know so we start here together.

Elena: I love you to bae.( after saying this she kisses him)

Jay: let's put this lock on so we can go bae it's getting a little cold.

So they put the lock on the fence, took a picture with it and then left. They might have left the lock there but they took a whole new level of love with them.

Elena: Bae look at me for a second I think something is wrong.

Jay: what's wrong b... ( before he could finish his sentence Elena had pulled him into another sweet kiss.

Jay: Volim te Elena.

Elena: Wow!

Jay: what?!?

Elena: You are cute when you speak Croatian.

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