Our life in her world.

This book is gonna be a story about a young couple's life together in Croatia.


4. Chapter 4

As Jay and Elena walked down the hallway to there next class, they both were not really happy about there next class but jay was happy that the next  class had a seat next to Elena.

Jay: Bae aren't you happy that I can sit to you next class. (smiling slyly)

Elena: I am, but can you look at me real quick i wanna see something.(hiding a sot smile 

Jay: Suure but what is...(his question was stopped by a quick kiss from his loving girlfriend.

Elena: I love you Jay!

Jay: I love you to Elena!

They continued to walk and talk but Jay and Elena were in no rush. As they got to there next class the teacher was not there yet so they had some free time.

Elena: Where you wanna sit bae?

Jay: As long as im next to you it doesn't matter.(smiling lovingly)

As they went to sit Elena's friend Jelena wanted to meet jay.

Jelena: Sooo you must be jay?!? " Got yourself a cute one Elena im proud."

Elena: Bae this is Jelena, and Jelena shut up.

Jay I think we will all get along lol.

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