Our life in her world.

This book is gonna be a story about a young couple's life together in Croatia.


10. Chapter 10

After their big night of dancing and other happy events. Elena and Jay went back to their room to rest but Jay had other plans for the day.

Elena: Bae come lay down with me, lets rest from last night.

Jay: You can rest for a bit, but we have places to go today.

Jay: I'll show you if you change your clothes and come on bae.

Elena: Fine bae but if this is just you trying to get me out the house ill be sad for five seconds.

So she changed clothes and they went out Elena not knowing where Jay was taking her, but she was sure he was full of surprises. As they were walking down the road Elena realized Jay was smiling so she asked.

Elena: Bae you have been smiling for the past 10 minutes whats up bae.( giggling while asking)

Jay: Well see they say when you are close to perfection you just start to feel it, and to be honest I feel like i'm so close I could touch it or her.( looking directly at her)

Elena had to think for a second then when she finally got it she lightly hit Jay and blushed lightly, so they keep walking and Jay told her they were at the place he wanted to go.

Jay: Bae follow me I wanna show you something right over there.( pointing to the place he proposed to her)

Elena: Bae no offense but this is just the park there is only one big memory we have here and its.

Then as she remembered she realized why Jay wanted to be here so bad and she followed him to the spot right under their tree. As they got to the tree Elena thought they were just gonna stand there but it was much more than that. He pulled out his phone and a Bluetooth speaker and started playing the song they first listened to together, as she watched him he turned to her and held out his hand for her to dance with him.

Jay: Join me bae we will dance till we drop.

Elena: Jay you already know I can't dance.( Looking down sadly)

Jay: Come here.

He took here by the hand and slowly but surely he got her dancing. As time passed they sat to take a break.

Elena: I never knew i could dance like that, thanks love.

Jay: I did nothing,( he said this with an honest face) that was all you I just held your hand you actually lead me this time.

Then Jay leaned in to do something he had wanted to do all day, kiss his fiance.

Jay: Elena!

Elena: ( Looking at jay quickly expecting something to be wrong)

He kisses her like never before, in his mind this kiss was showing his love for Elena. When he pulled away she asked what the kiss was for and he said.

Jay: to let you know that i'm gonna love you forever no matter what.






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