Our life in her world.

This book is gonna be a story about a young couple's life together in Croatia.


1. Chapter 1

Hello readers, this book will give you a taste of what me and my girlfriend go through everyday.

Jay and Elena were having a big argument on whether or not jay had to go to school with her.

Jay: Do I really have to go to school?!?

Elena: Yes you do bae, I need you there with me.

Jay: But.

Elena: No buts, bae now go get dressed boy!

As they got dressed and headed out the door Jay was nervous but was happy he had his girl with him.

Jay: Are you ready?!?

Elena: I have you so yeah i think im ready.(small smiles on both there faces)

Walking up to the the school knowing it would be a long day jay just looked at Elena for comfort.

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