The Lands

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  • Published: 28 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 22 Sep 2016
  • Status: Complete
A detailed depiction of a fantasy world that I created.


12. West Port

"Honour among thieves, family among traitors."

First settled by pirates and smugglers as a home for their wives and children and a pace to sell their stolen goods, West Port has been at unofficial war with the Underwater Kingdom since before the rest of The Lands acknowledged its existence. When the Underwater Kingdom joined the council, West Port became the primary point of contact with the nymphs. This is the only thing that keep West Port on the council.

While many citizens make an honest living by fishing or trading, there are those who follow in the footsteps of their lawless ancestors. Needless to say, the citizens are not altogether happy with the presence of so many council officials but know that if they don't cooperate, West Port will be stamped off the map and their community will crumble.

The weather is grey and rough and the earth made barren by sea salt. The people are hard and strong like their land. But they are also a family. They are all connected, like the tunnels that run under their houses. 


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