The Lands

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  • Published: 28 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 22 Sep 2016
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A detailed depiction of a fantasy world that I created.


13. The Isles

"Two sides of the same coin."

The Isles are two small island positioned on the north-west coast. As neither island governs itself, they are not granted a place of the council. Only a few miles, wide both islands house criminals with one very big difference; some didn't get caught.

The Gray Isle

The Gray Isle is effectively one great big prison. Established after The Land united, the council decided that the Gray Isle would be the perfect place to house all the criminals. It was perfect because no one wanted to live there and the land was barren. However not all criminals get caught, so the Gray Isle is really just a home for those to poor to bribe their way out of trouble. 

It is staffed by soldiers from the North Peaks and is split into five orderly barracks: A, B, C, D and Watchtower. Barracks A, B, C and D are on each of the ports, although heavily manned walls separate the barracks from the ports. The ports had to be artificially carved into the rocks and cliffs and it is still a treacherous journey.


The Golden Isle

The first town created was 'Last Port' and was thought to be a home for soldiers at the Gray Isle who were on leave, and indeed, some high ranking soldiers still live there. However, it was soon discovered that streaks of gold ran through the west facing cliff, creating the most beautiful effect at sunrise. For the north, the island was surprisingly warm. The air was fresh and the inhabitants soon noticed an increase in health. When this got around, some enterprising fat cats had the idea to build a getaway for the rich and influential. They told the soldiers to find somewhere else to spend their leave.

A spa and resort was quickly erected and the wealthy came from all over to bathe in pools of gold. However, many of these wealthy had gained their fortunes by criminal means, whether that be by fraud, theft or the murder of a rich relative.

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