The Lands

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  • Published: 28 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 22 Sep 2016
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A detailed depiction of a fantasy world that I created.


5. The Great Library, Home of the Wise

"Knowledge is not wisdom."

The Great Library is a structure so vast that rooms and apartments had to be built inside it for the Scholars who study there. Where you live is determined, first, by your level of study and, second, by your field of study. For example, if you are a Master Scholar studying Astrophysics, you may live close to the planetarium and star charts. However, if you were an assistant and had not yet completed one year of study in Astrophysics, you might live near the outdated theories of the movements of the stars that no one reads anymore and are only kept because to destroy knowledge is treason in the Great Library.

Inside the Library can be found books on everything from history to botany to the Gods to tidal patterns, and all else besides. In the southeast corner of the of the City/Library lies a Temple where the most ancient and valuable texts are stored, particularly those regarding the Gods. This place is sacred and demands absolute silence at all times.

Worthless tomes, including works of fiction and books on Majik, are kept in caves below the Library. These caves are the supposed origin of the Great Library. The legend goes that hundreds of years ago, Scholars were making new discoveries that the common people could not understand. Because they could not understand the Scholars' wisdom, they grew afraid, accused the Scholars of heresy and began to massacre them and destroy their books. To save their knowledge (and themselves) the Scholars hid with their books in caves. Over time, the common people realised that they could not survive without the wisdom of the Scholars and begged them for forgiveness. The Scholars, being to wise enough not to hold with petty feuds, accepted the peoples apologies and the Great Library has had a seat on the council ever since. No one knows how far the caves stretch or what forgotten information might be squirreled away down there.

Many of the younger Scholars believe that this tale is no more than a bedtime story for children and that the information in the caves is worthless. Currently, the caves are maintained by a few lowly Scholars who are old or in disgrace. Every now and then a Scholar (usually an old one whose memory is not what it used to be) will wonder off into the caves, never to be seen again.

Scholars from the Library are so renowned for their knowledge and wisdom that they are sought after to manage the banks in the Cloud Kingdom and to teach in Healers Woods. The Scholars of the Library are relied upon to provide wisdom and knowledge to those who run the Lands. Their word is taken as fact, which can sometimes be dangerous if the Scholar has their own agenda.

The Scholars know the value of knowledge and have thus developed the habit of manipulating and withholding information to their advantage. Every now and then, someone will speak up and say the Library should be more closely policed. Some will distribute leaflets or try to change a law but the Great Library controls the flow of information and these people are quickly silenced.








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