The Lands

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  • Published: 28 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 22 Sep 2016
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A detailed depiction of a fantasy world that I created.


10. The Fire Wastes


They were once part of the Southron Mountains until the second highest peak in The Lands erupted with such ferocity that it reduced the peak to a pile of rubble so short that it is barely even considered a mountain. The explosion was so massive that it sparked a chain reaction of other volcanic eruptions that continues to this day. Lava and fire scorched the land and dust was thrust into the sky burning away all clouds and the sky a rosy colour.

The Wastes are largely uninhabitable and the few nomads who live there are descendants of those slaves who had been abandoned by their master to die but were to stubborn to do what they were supposed to. They move around a lot and keep mainly to themselves. What little is known of them says that they have a culture unlike any other in The Lands and worship strange gods. It is rumoured that they have Majik powers that allow them to live in such a harsh environment, but only the nomads know the truth. They have never asked, nor have they ever been invited, to take a seat on the council.

To the east of the Wastes lie the Swaying Peaks. Some say that they are moved by the breath of the Gods although most Scholars agree that they are more likely great piles of half cooled, constantly shifting lava. Not that the Scholars have ever seen these legendary peaks.

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