A Forbidden Love Story

This is for the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Competition.
Rose Granger-Weasley has become close friends with Scorpius Malfoy. What happens when this friendship becomes more than just, well, a friendship?
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This starts in fifth year, but it might move on.


5. Telling the Parents

Rose's POV

​It's Christmas Eve! I'm so excited, because this is my first Christmas with Scorpius! Plus I get to meet his parents, who I've never met before, and who my parents hate, so...

Anyway, I just woke up on the morning of Christmas Eve. True to our promise, none of us have fought since that night when we upset Harry, and it feels nice to not me bickering all the time. The adults are getting really suspicious, though, so we should probably try to have very minor, simple arguments that stay at, "I want to do this!" But I want to do this!" We still don't know what it was about that fight that upset Harry so much, but we don't want to ask. A

As I'm sitting up in bed, there's a knock on the door.
"Come in!" I say, and Scorpius opens the door.
"Hey, good morning!" I say. We went on a second date last night, although our parents think we were going Christmas shopping.
"Good morning, Rosie." Scorpius says. I stand up, and he hugs me. "Have you told your parents yet?"
"No. Have you?" I ask.
"No." He responds with a sigh.
"I'm going to do it today." I say. Seeing his confused look, I clarify, "Tell Mum and Dad."
"Oh, right. Yeah, me too. If I don't chicken out." Scorpius jokes. At least I think he's joking.
"Well, maybe we should tell them when they're still tired. Maybe they won't be so angry." I say, knowing that they'll be furious either way.
"Yeah." Scorpius says, clearly thinking exactly what I'm thinking.
"Well, when we do tell them, there's no point in trying to keep it private. Everyone will know soon, whether through Hogwarts, gossip, or eavesdropping." I point out.
"Okay. Let's go tell them now." Scorpius says.
"Okay. Let me get dressed first." Scorpius steps out into the hall while I pull on some jeans and a t-shirt. "I'm ready," I say, stepping into the hall and closing my bedroom door behind me. I get to keep my room to myself, due to the fact that I have to prepare for my O.W.L.'s.
Scorpius and I walk downstairs, and find everyone in the living room. Dad's the first one to notice the fact that we're holding hands.
"Hey!" he says, pointing. "What're you doing?"
"Um, we have something to tell you." Scorpius says. "Particularly the parents, meaning my Mum and Dad, and Ron and Hermione, but all of you can stay, too. You'll find out anyway."
"Okay, now spit it out." Dad says, his mind clearly still on our joined hands.
I step closer to Scorpius and decide to 'spit it out.' "Scorpius and I are dating!"
"WHAT?" Harry, Dad, and Draco all say, at the same time Ginny, Mum, and Astoria all say, "Oh, that's wonderful!" The women obviously don't care about the blood feud that's been in our family for every generation that any Potter and Malfoy knew each other.
The rest of the kids, save it James and Hugo, don't care, but all the adults are very interested, so the kids decide to listen, if only to have gossip when they get back to Hogwarts.
"When did this happen?" Dad asks, furious.
"I asked Rose to the Christmas Dance, and she said yes. We had our second date yesterday, ad decided we're officially Boyfriend and Girlfriend just before we came back." Scorpius explains. Harry and Draco have moved past the anger, but Dad is still too angry about it to accept it.
"And you didn't think to tell us when you told us about the dance?" Dad asks.
"I wasn't ready, for this reason!" I say. "I knew you wouldn't accept it!"
"Alright, everyone except Rose and Hermione, get out of this room right now." Dad says. Everyone is too afraid to disagree, even Dad's older brothers, so they all leave.
"Rose, what did I tell you about 'not getting to friendly with him' before your first year?" Dad asks rhetorically. 

"You told me not to get too friendly with him. But I was eleven then! Come on, Dad, I turn sixteen in two months. That's way older than when Ginny started dating!"

"She wasn't dating Harry until she was two months older than you!" Dad says.

"Yes, she started dating Harry when she was older than her. She started dating Micheal when she was thirteen." Mum says quietly.

"Yes, well," Dad cuts himself off. "She was that young?"

"Either thirteen or fourteen. She was dating Dean in fifth year, and she was dating Micheal a long time before that." Mum says. 

"Moving past that, Rose. He's still a Malfoy!" Dad's about to start yelling now, but I'm determined to win. 

"Dad!" I yell, standing up. "When will you get over those stupid fights you had with Mr. Malfoy when you were in school? You were teenagers then, just like I am now, and I want to live my life! You got into so much trouble when you were younger, and yet you won't let me date the guy I like? How hypocritical can you get?"

Dad stands up now, too, and starts yelling. "You listen here, young lady! Until you're seventeen, you're my responsibility, which means that I get to tell you what to do! You will listen to what I have to say, and you're going to do what I tell you to, is that understood?" 

"NO!" I shout, completely losing it. "Scorpius and I love each other, why can't you just accept that? Mum told me all about you and Lavender, 'Won-Won,' and yeah, you quit talking, but you were fighting before that! She was just jealous because she liked you, but she knew that you had every right to date whomever you liked. So why can't you do that for me?"

At the mention of Lavender, Dad turns so red, he's about to explode. "I don't care what happened when I was sixteen, Rosaline, he's a Malfoy and you're forbidden to see him! They can stay for the rest of the week, but after that, if you come in any contact with that boy, you're going to be in so much trouble-" Dad's cut off by me walking to the door, slamming it against the wall as I throw it open, slam it shut so hard the entire room shakes, and storming up the stairs to my room so loudly that I'm surprised we didn't get complaints from America. 


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