A Forbidden Love Story

This is for the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Competition.
Rose Granger-Weasley has become close friends with Scorpius Malfoy. What happens when this friendship becomes more than just, well, a friendship?
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This starts in fifth year, but it might move on.


11. Second to Last Day of Hogwarts

A/N: Okay, we're in seventh year now. Tomorrow is their last day, and that's just packing and the feast. There's a special hint at the next chapter at the end, so read it all the way through! This chapter is going to be short, but important!


Scorpius's POV

"Can you believe that we leave tomorrow?" Rose asks me. We're just finishing up a date in the Room of Requirement, next to the flowery lake.

"I really can't. We've taken our NEWTS, we actually get our results once we get home tomorrow." I say. 

"I'm really nervous." Rose says, biting her lip. "What if I fail everything? I know for a fact that I seriously messed up in Ancient Runes, and Divination was terrible. I thought that Care of Magical Creatures went okay, but now, looking back,"

"Relax, Rose Blossom. I know you did just fine." I reassure her. She smiles at the use of her nickname. 

"Well, I have to go work on packing. I'll see you at the feast tomorrow!" she says, waving as she exits the room. 

I sigh as I walk back down to the dungeons, heading for the Slytherin common room.

"Pureblood." I say dully. I hate that password. The wall slides open, revealing the greenish, damp-smelling dungeon common room that Albus and I inhabit. I walk slowly up to the dormitory. 

As I open the door, Albus looks up immediately, then bounds over to me.

"Well? Did you do it?" he asks. "What did she say?"

"I didn't do it, Albus. I chickened out." I say, looking sadly at the small velvet box that I pulled out of my pocket. 


Did you guys get the hint? If not, I'm not gonna tell you. Sorry for the cliffhanger, but I'm on my way to write the next chapter. Keep an eye out! 

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