Muke, 5sos: "I missed you."

Michael and Luke are best friends in the beginning. As the story begins to close, they find each other separating apart, from growing older. Luke has moved on, but Michael still misses his brave best friend and boyfriend.


6. chapter six

Michael's pov

---April 18th 2011---

I got dressed and walked outside. From that year that Luke was missing, I had gotten a text from his friend sam saying it was from Luke.

---flashback: march 6th 2010---

S- (it was a video clip of Ed sheeran's song called photograph)

M- I-is he okay....?

S- yes, he's fine. The drug lord is still making him date her. He tried sending letters to you, but he'd find they'd rip them to pieces. He says he's scared and he wishes he was back home with you all.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- |-/

I cried just thinking about Luke. It feels like The band hasn't preformed in forever. I walked back inside trying to play it cool, but when I closed the door, I slid down until my but touched the floor and cried into my arms.

Ashton walked over and lifted me up. I looked at him when he did. He smiled and put me down on the couch. He kissed me and told me that I was now okay and I didn't have to cry anymore.

I smiled and brought him down into another kiss. Since Luke was missing, I haven't had the chance to find love until Ashton came into my life. I love ash a lot. But, never as much as I still love Luke. Ashton laid on top of me and kissed me.

The living room was silent. Like it had been for a year. Luke's room was the way he left it last. And my bathroom was covered with knew blood every day. Ashton found out and he helped me stop cutting.

Ashton slid his hands up my flannel and rubbed my nipple. I moaned slightly and leaned up to bite his lip. It seems like every time I'm with ashton, I want Luke more. I got up and said I couldn't do this to Luke. Ashton nodded and we went in my room.

"I can comfort you If you'd like?" He asked when we walked upstairs. I nodded and he came in my room with me. I started to think about Luke and how we used to cuddle before we started dating. I smiled and a tear rolled down my cheek.

I got a text from Sammy and checked it right away. It said that Luke was coming home and the girl broke up with him. But it's gonna take Luke about nine months to get the money he needs to fly back. I kissed Ashton after putting my phone down and I sat on his is lap. He smiled.

"Ash, I want to have a baby with you and Luke." I said and took off my shirt.

"So, threesome?" He said and held my waist. I nodded.

"But right now, I want to have sex, with you. "

"But I thought you wanted to loose your virginity to Luke."

"Does it look like I want too?" I said and unbuckled his belt buckle. I started to grind on him.

He smiled and shook his head. "Wait, Luke might be watching."

"Well, he had his chances. I want you in me. I just need some pleasure. I've gone a year, without eating, going outside, and master-bating. I need just one touch. Please ashy?"

"Okay, but then we have to tell Luke." I nodded and pulled his pants and boxers down.

"Damn ash. You're huge!" He chuckled.

I sucked a hickey on his neck and smiled. He moaned and started to take off my pants. He took off his shirt and put me on my back. We started to kiss.

"Come on baby. Make it nice and wet for me." Ashton said and kneeled on the bed. I crawled up to him and started to suck. He bit his lip and spanked me, causing me to moan.

He thrusted into me and I took him out of my mouth. He was hard.

"I'm close baby doll. You still want me inside you?"

"Yes daddy. Please." I said and laid on my back. He put his full length inside me and cummed an hour later after thrusting. I moaned and gripped the sheets.

"Thank you daddy." I said and kissed his neck. He smiled and sucked a hickey on my neck.

"Now, let's get to bed baby doll." He said and put on his boxers.

I nodded and put on mine. I went into the bathroom and checked to see if Luke had called or texted me. He did. He texted me about ten times.

I smiled and called him back.

M- "Hi babe!" I said cheerfully.

L- "Listen, I can't talk long, but I just wanted to say I love you. And I'm coming home in a few months. I can't wait to see you and the band. I've missed you all so much."

M- "Babe, I want to tell you this, so you don't freak out once you come home."

L-"Okay, tell me."

M-"S-so, when you left, I was kind of heart broken. But then ash comforted me and we started dating. And earlier, we hum... We had sex. And I want you and him to be in the baby's life, if I do have the baby. Will you be up for that?"

L- "You had sex with ash?!"

M-"W-w-well, yeah...."

L-"It's okay. I wasn't there so I see why you did it. I'm perfectly okay with that. Because I had sex with the drug lord."

M-"Sammy told me."

L- "Did he tell you I was coming?"

M- "Yes. And, about coming... Ash did inside me. I just thought I'd let you know because I think we might be having a child."

L-"W-Were having a baby!!" He said and laughed.

M-"Yes!" I said and giggled.

Luke's pov

He had sex, and it wasn't with me. What the fuck Michael..... Well, then again, he was depressed for a year because of me. So I just let it slide. I'm just so happy that we might be having a baby..... That's not mine... (Sarcasm)

Michael's pov

M-"Babe? You still there?"

L- "Hmm? Yeah sorry, I was uh, just thinking about something."

M- "Okay, well, it's 2:36 am and I'm gonna go to bed. I love you, don't do anything else stupid." I made a kissy sound on the phone. Luke chuckled and made it back.

We hung up and I went back into my room. I jumped on the bed next to ashton. He giggled and hugged me. He ran his fingers threw my hair and said, "The red really perfects your green eyes." I blushed. He kissed my nose and left a love bite on my neck.

I smiled. Maybe ash is the one for me. But, Luke is amazing. But ash-... I don't know. I love them both. Ash and I have been dating for a year, and Luke and I only dated for like two days. And I fell in love with him. But, I also love ashton.

I giggled and kissed him back. His tongue traveled on my bottom lip. Damn, it felt so good. I got the chills. He slid his hand around my waist and stuck his tongue deeper down my mouth. I moaned and he pulled away.

"Your a great kisser." I said and pecked his lips, wanting more. He chuckled and put his hand on my cheek.

"I love you Michael." He said and looked me in the eyes.

I smiled, "I love you too." He took his hand off my cheek and put it in the little space between us and fell asleep. I watched him sleep. So peaceful, and so handsome.... His chest would rise and fall in a slow manner. He would flinch every time he was scared in his dream. He woke up and held my hand.

"Baby, why are you still up?" He asked with concern in his eyes.

"I can't fall asleep."

"Cuddle with me baby." He pulled me close to my chest and kisses my forehead. We fell asleep at 3:24 am.

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