Personal experiance

Personal experience


1. all about me

Same old day looking out the window as I do every other day. I never knew that my life could get any worse than it already was. My teenage life was all about having fun and partying I never cared about what life is about. Until it hit me, then I started looking into the fact about why people are who they are. That was not all I found out so much interesting facts about people and how they are brought up, everyone is so busy that they don't have time to reflect on themselves. Which is not good at all so having someone along the way could help, like a councillor that can help you with how you can manage your life. I learnt the hard way by not figuring myself out and when I did I was to late to do anything about it, I couldn't even change myself if I wanted to I turned out to be a poisonous person who would do anything to ruin other people's lives and I couldn't stop myself, I enjoyed doing it and I didn't even know what was right our wrong I couldn't see the difference. So I carried on what I was doing.

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