"Echoes beseech these very walls, reigning down on them, smiling upon our fate. We have something to protect, let us praise our deaths in glory."


1. A Chronicle of Lystagia


Some say they were Gods, immortal Kings, or maybe even born by divine holy birth, they were the Lystagia. Evidence and theories depicted these mysterious figures lived close to three thousand years ago. They were the first of our species, that was an accepted practice of belief. These men and women, the Lystagians, held immense, diverse powers, strong enough to wipe out an entire forest, or even defy the laws of gravity, had vanished.


A few crazed men among wealth and power, to this day, still believe the Lystagians live among us, in fear that they would be persecuted by the vast population. Technology now superior, overpopulation clogging the world, and evil manipulators frauding the systems. These special purpose people have now become an extinct breed of man, or have gone into a state of hibernation from the cruelty's of this begotten world. 


News media, popular televised shows, and the mortality rate of orphans, this is all a hand played in crime. Big organizations like the Retribution Center of Frekinstan, have taken grasp of these systems, making large sums of money off of unforgivable acts of injustice. News has become the new drama show, television is graphic, and mostly torture game shows of death and arena slaughter. The mass of orphans in the world grows, but so does the execution of them; being thrown into arena death games to pick a few off here and there, decreasing population among the world.


America, Russia, China, once superpowers of the world, now a long past forgotten memory of a stain on the earth. Thrown into a catalyst, men and women were given equality among gender, races were no longer differentiated, and currency was burned. A powerful organization rose from the dirt of the earth in 2046. They identified themselves as a legion, an armada, a union of power and justice. They were conspicuous. The name they went by was purposefully lowercase, not as to show irrelevance, but to idolize the idea of a new beginning, a chance, the uprising of something great. To get away from democracy, the republicans, democrats, and the political subdivisions, the conspiracies, and everything socially depicted as acceptable. 


The following countries are a list of people who disbanded the idea of their nation and country, and their culture, and decided to unite under one flag, conspicuous. Bolivia, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Germany, South Africa, Pakistan, Mongolia, North Korea, Italy, Albania, Djibouti, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Canada. Some powerful at state, some uniting to bring anew. These countries disbanded their home name and thousands of years of culture. Borders were drifted afar, and among multiple continents. conspicuous, now seen as a threat, united in the province of Germany, growing the most diverse army, and possibly the most numerous. People who were citizens were enlisting themselves, men, women, of any age could join. 


conspicuous, would never identify as a country, but contained provinces, these provinces were the named countries. None of this was ever official to the outside world until January 1st, 2046. On the new year, broadcast were interrupted as the ball dropped, and the conspicuous made their intentions clear to the world. No masks, no anonymity, even if identified, they stood proud and fearless against all nations of the world, all cultures. They declared war against the world itself. 


The world responded slowly, trying not to make themselves a target, even the United States did not respond to this call, they were left with many decisions to make. conspicuouswould not acknowledge any border, as stated in the declaration of their order. Laws would be carried out accordingly, any law broken under their flag, resulted in punishable death. 


So, three years passed, no words from conspicuous, and every held at bay, unaffected by this world breaking news. Then, as tanks, and armored vehicles rolled into France, the most powerful army declared this statement onto France, "Surrender your name, culture, and ideology, and unite yourselves among the conspicuous, or face the chaos we have prepared for you." France responded with steel, and there broke out the first war. The allied nations with France, responded with haste bringing in everything they had against the organization. 

Now, no one knows if this is true, but they believe the last Lystagian woman sacrificed her life, and granted the power she contained, to the conspicuous. It is rumored her power gave the fighters something to turn the tides of war completely. conspicuous started winning after this occurrence. They took Europe, and then Russia. The United States had given up on it's alliances, throwing its treaties into the dirt, defending its own sovereign soil from war. As the conspicuous gave up the tradition to write down history, all of this is but a word of mouth passed down, changed to fit a bed time story more so.


All we really know is that the conspicuous was successful in conquering the world, a feat never accomplished until 2063. From 2049, to 2063, the world war lasted, millions died, fourteen years of anarchy, and the world had been taken. Now people looked towards a leader, who the government would be, how it would be governed, and most importantly, where the future would be led.


The most renowned leaders of conspicuous came together and made a speech, "We are conspicuous. We are free, but now our borders expand round' the globe. It is time to tell you of our true motive. You are free to govern yourselves, feed yourselves, create organizations, but overthrow our ideals, or attempt to divide us and you will be executed. We declare the arena games of Lystagia to govern population, and seek out the legends of these magical people with extraordinary abilities. That is all." 


And so the legend ends, after the speech everyone turned back to their normal lives per say. Slowly, but surely the conspicuous became corrupt, and the arena games became evil and distort, an entertainment among the rich and powerful.


The year is now 2106, and a new legend is born, a generation of Lystagian have bloomed, and will now fight in the arena games, fighting for their anonymity, and most importantly their lives. 

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