The Devil's Vesper: Book Two of the Devil's Gospel

After losing her deal with the Devil, Naomi Hart finds herself married to the Devil and living in Hell. She now finds herself fighting a whole new battle; to try and get home to her real husband Robb, her friends and her Dad. But to do that, she has to find out why exactly Lucifer wanted her in the first place.
Lucifer has been plotting to bring the Apocalypse to Earth, and she plays a vital part in it.
Before she knows it, Naomi is thrown back to Earth and she has to find out a way to stop it, and return to her family.
The battle against Lucifer and his forces proves more difficult than Naomi could imagine, and with the fact she has to convince her family she is actually alive thrown in; she is in for a whole new fight.
Faced with overwhelming odds, Naomi needs to find Robb and get his help before time runs out and her entire existence is compromised, but with his belief in her diminished, Naomi’s battle seems even more difficult than she could have ever thought.


13. Twelve



    “We will be leaving for Earth fairly soon, Naomi,” Lucifer appears, literally out of nowhere, blocking my sunlight on the bench, where I’m half sunbathing and half dozing. I glance at him, the small smile on his face of pure triumph and trouble. He’s still feeling the triumph of winning me over and getting what he wanted all along yesterday, I can tell. I remember when I played the Sims back on Earth – something Robb could never understand the pull of it, but it’s truly the best game ever – and when you had your Sim ‘woohoo’ on a public property or in someone else’s place, they would do what the game called ‘walk of pride’ or something of the like anyway, and that’s what Lucifer reminds me of. He finally got his way with me and he’s ridiculously happy about it, and showing off. I know he’s the Devil and everything, but seriously… the guy’s cockiness is something way beyond my imagination.

    “How soon is fairly soon?” I question as he sits down beside me on the bench.

    “If you are going by Earth time, then in the next twenty-four hours,” Lucifer says. I turn my head to look at the Devil, the vessel still as blindingly attractive as ever.

    “Why so soon when not all of the horsemen have done whatever it is they’re meant to be doing?” I question.

    “Because we still have to go to Earth to bring unto them the apocalypse, Naomi. It matters not if they have finished or not. We will be there and when they have finished, then we will bring along the apocalypse. They will aid us anyhow; for example, the pestilence will spread, the war among people will spread… it matters not what the authorities or the hospitals, or whomever do, it will all spread where the horsemen wish it to, and they will aid us in destroying humanity. We will go there… today,” Lucifer hesitates, his time management obviously seriously different to mine. “And we will see the progress.”

    I nod at him, still refusing in my mind to help the bastard. He’s still the Devil, whether or not I feel something for him, whether or not I slept with him… he’s still the Devil and he’s still trying to bring the apocalypse onto the Earth where I come from, where my husband, best friends and Dad are and I will forever refuse to help him with destroying that place. I’m only agreeing to go up there with him so I can return to Robb. I need to see my husband.

    “I need you to make me a promise, Naomi,” Lucifer says, turning serious and looking at me with the most serious expression I think I’ve ever seen on him.

    “Uh… okay?” I question, arching an eyebrow. If he’s about to make me promise to do what I think he’s going to, then he can fuck right off.

    “I need you to promise me that no matter where we go on Earth, you will not, under any circumstances, return to Robb, or your friends, or your father, do you hear me?” he asks, turning to me. He takes my left hand, purposefully covering my rings as he holds it. I could literally laugh out loud at him, laugh in his face and tell him he can fuck right off and leave me alone, but if I do that, I know I run the risk of him not taking me with him to Earth at all, and I need to go, I need to return to Earth. And to do that, I need to play Lucifer’s game.

    “Okay,” I say quietly. He gives me a wide smile, though I don’t know if he actually believes me or not. Usually, I know he wouldn’t, but I don’t know, since last night, he’s literally changed in an instant. Or maybe he doesn’t believe me and he’s playing me again.

    I don’t know. But he’s still the Devil; there is no way he could just change his view on me or his mantra simply based on me sleeping with him.

    “Good, so it’s settled,” Lucifer nods and stands up. I watch him stand over me, blocking my view with his vessel. “I will come to get you when we need to leave.” He bends down and kisses me; full and passionate, something I wasn’t expecting. Even so, I kiss him back, feeling conflicted. On the one hand, this feels right, like there’s a piece that just makes me whole here, but yet, I still need to return home to Robb, who is the man I chose, the man I love and my one.

    How would I even begin to explain this place and what’s happened to him? Maybe I don’t. Maybe I just turn up at home, tell him to not speak of the past… however many months it’s been and we move on. After all, it’ll be enough for him to have me back. Or I hope it will be. Since he’s known the truth, it’s been like a new Robb has surfaced, a ruthless, determined Robb that I didn’t know existed.

    Lucifer lets me go and I watch him walk away, leaving me to wonder what the Hell is going to happen next.


    I wake up to brilliant sunshine again. Since I’ve been down here in Hell, I think I have only seen rain once, about three weeks ago from now, I think. All timing has lost its meaning here now, but only once. It’s strange; you imagine Hell to be red, fiery and too hot to handle, but in reality – or reality for me anyway – it’s not that bad. It’s hot, but no hotter than I’ve ever handled on holiday with Dad in America or Europe in the middle of summer. It’s rained once, I’ve even seen stars and a moon here. It’s like home, but without the winds and constant rain and winter. But then I suppose because of my purpose here for the damned fucking apocalypse, Lucifer would give me the special treatment. Though, if parts of Hell really were like the legends and myths suggest, then I’m really not complaining on his choice of Hell for me.

    “Naomi,” Lucifer appears. I immediately turn to him, knowing that this in fact, time to leave for Earth. He nods once and I nod in response, knowing. I stand from the bench and approach him, the excitement for the thought of going home filling my mind, but the fright for knowing that he can’t possibly have believed my promise yesterday gnawing away at the excitement, the two things fighting a war in my mind.

    “Will this hurt?” I ask.

    He chuckles to himself. “Why would it hurt Naomi? No, of course it will not.” I nod in response. “You will come with me, though I cannot promise your soul will not end up in a different location to mine.”

    “And I will stay like this? Like myself?” I ask.

    “Naomi, you are different to what you were when you were up there before. You died up there, remember? So you are still just a soul. I’m different because I am an angel, so I will remain the same. You are a soul, though I cannot guarantee how you will be up there, it is different for everyone who goes back up to Earth,” Lucifer says. “Remember what we have agreed. I will find you, or you will find me…whatever should occur first.”

    “I will,” I say with an apprehensive nod. I look up at him to see that expression; the cocky ‘I have you’ look that he used to give me when I was back on Earth. I internally roll my eyes, determined to keep up the game.

    “Naomi, before we leave, I wish to say something to you,” he says and faces me properly. Oh, dear God, this is going to be some spiel about how much he wished I could have spent more time down here with him, or how important I have been, or how much he regrets tricking me or something like that, which is all complete bullshit. I’m not an idiot. I know he’s been saying this shit to keep me on side for this ‘apocalypse’ and shit. I know he’s been acting weird because he wants me to keep on the thing of loving him or whatever shit, and I know he is still affected by the whole thing the other night, because neither of us were expecting that, but I’m not stupid enough to fall for it. I fully think I needed it; for both myself and to make everything a bit clearer in my mind. Since it happened, it sounds strange, but it’s just confirmed that my feelings for Lucifer are only so deep. It’s because I like the thought of the whole fallen angel and cockiness thing. I think I like the fact he knows what I’m like and he knows my weaknesses, and the fact that he can seduce me with a simple look. Maybe it’s because I like the danger, and the prospect of it being Lucifer, and also because he chose a vessel that both has a Scottish accent, and that is completely damned attractive and looks like Robb. I don’t know, but whatever it is about Lucifer that attracts me, it only runs so deep. Now I have everything in my mind sorted, I know I won’t let it happen again, because those feelings are so stretched now. I need to get back to Robb, and I know I will.

    And when I finally do see him, well, I know that everything that’s happened here will be melted away. There is no way I’ll be helping Lucifer with this, and there is still no way he can believe I won’t be going home.

    But then, when we do go back to Earth, I suppose the hunt will be on for who’s right. And I will also be finding a way to stop him bringing the damned apocalypse. There is absolutely no fucking way he can get away with this.

    Even as I look into Lucifer’s eyes now, with the complete innocence I’m trying to feign, I silently vow to myself that once I’ve made it home to Robb, Mia, Isaac and my Dad, and once I’ve seen them all and made up whatever little story I’ll be telling them or agreeing with them not to speak of what happened down here, once that’s done and out the way, I will be getting their help to stop the apocalypse, and I can finally be rid of Lucifer once and for all, and then we can all continue with our lives once and for all and put all of this shit behind us. I vow it and I will do it.

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