The Devil's Vesper: Book Two of the Devil's Gospel

After losing her deal with the Devil, Naomi Hart finds herself married to the Devil and living in Hell. She now finds herself fighting a whole new battle; to try and get home to her real husband Robb, her friends and her Dad. But to do that, she has to find out why exactly Lucifer wanted her in the first place.
Lucifer has been plotting to bring the Apocalypse to Earth, and she plays a vital part in it.
Before she knows it, Naomi is thrown back to Earth and she has to find out a way to stop it, and return to her family.
The battle against Lucifer and his forces proves more difficult than Naomi could imagine, and with the fact she has to convince her family she is actually alive thrown in; she is in for a whole new fight.
Faced with overwhelming odds, Naomi needs to find Robb and get his help before time runs out and her entire existence is compromised, but with his belief in her diminished, Naomi’s battle seems even more difficult than she could have ever thought.


39. Thirty-Eight



    “Proud father? So you’re admitting you’ve done something to me, then?” I demand from the sofa, shifting myself and standing from the sofa, finding my adrenaline giving me the strength.

    “Well, kind of,” Lucifer says with a sly smile.

    “What have you done?” I ask. “This thing has something to do with the supposed seal, doesn’t it?”

    “The baby you carry is… different to the one you would conventionally carry as a normal human being, Naomi,” Lucifer says, ignoring the second part of my question. “And before you question me, yes, you are still a normal functioning conventional human being yourself.”

    “Then what’s up with the baby?” Mia asks.

    “Well, let us say that it is my child,” Lucifer says with a smile, staring from my face to my stomach in quick succession. Every time his eyes meet mine, my entire body shudders in remembrance. It’s like the haunting memories of everything that happened down there when he stares at me, and knowing this child is his child is just the icing on top of the mouldy, disgusting and sour cake. It’s like he’s trying to insult Robb’s memory even further by smirking at me and making me remember what happened down in Hell.

    “How is it even yours?” Isaac asks.

    “The baby was technically Robb’s, unfortunately,” Lucifer stands, staring at me. “I just… changed it a little.” The smirk on his face reminds me of that satisfied look he always gives me when everything is going his way, which is actually most of the time. The small laugh coming from his mouth reminds me of when he gestured to Robb before he killed him. The way his eyes glare into mine remind me of the way he looked at me when he figured out he had me wrapped around his finger.

    “What did you do?” I ask, the voice sounding broken even to me. He’s tarnished my last memory of Robb, the one thing I was looking forward to after he left. The one thing I could have had to lead a proper life; after he’d taken most of my life, most of my relationships, after he forced me to live in the shadows of my former life, after he killed my husband, he had to go and ruin the last, the very last thing I could’ve ever had for myself, for me to at least try and lead a something near to normal life.

    “You’ll find out in time,” Lucifer grins.

    “Tell me you didn’t fucking kill it, tell me!” I demand, tears filling my eyes.

    “Oh, Naomi, please, turn off the water works off, I’ve had enough of seeing them since… well, since I met you. It’s beginning to bore me!” Lucifer scoffs. “It will not be long now until you find out.” He places a hand on my stomach and I don’t even have the energy to stop him; when he touches my skin, it’s like my skin is coming back to life, everything awakens for the first time since Robb was alive to touch me. My eyes meet with Lucifer’s and the grin widens when he obviously notices the effect he’s had on me.

    “Fuck off,” I tell him through gritted teeth. His grin quickly fades and his expression feigns hurt, though I know he’s just being the brilliant actor I know he usually is. He touches my cheek for a single moment before disappearing before my eyes once again.


    “Fucking arsehole, what’s he bloody done?” Mia mutters, heading into the kitchen and putting the kettle on.

    “He’s obviously made it a mutant alien thing or something. He didn’t deny the fact that he needed the baby or child or whatever for the seal thing,” Isaac points out. “He’s made this thing for that one purpose, so whatever he’s done, it’s an alien thing.”

    “I just want this to be over,” I complain, heading to the dining table to perch myself on it.

    “I can’t believe he’d just… do that to Nay’s child, the one last living thing of Robb, and he just fucking ruins it, like he does to every single little thing that’s ever been good about any of our lives.” Mia scoffs.

    “It’s mostly because it was Robb’s child,” I say with a sorrowful voice. They both look at me in sympathy. “He hated Robb that much that he’d change his child into whatever it’s going to be to do whatever he needs it for. If I weren’t pregnant, he would’ve made me that way. I don’t know what I think is worse: the fact that I could’ve been pregnant with Lucifer’s child wholly or whether he changed and did whatever to Robb’s. I honestly don’t know what is worse for me right now.”

    “The thought of it wholly being Lucifer’s,” Mia answers for me. “Because now you have the small hope that you can save it and that it might have a shed of Robb left in it for good.”

    “Yeah, but remember he killed Robb, he killed me, he married my soul… whatever Lucifer wants, he gets,” Isaac says and that shuts me up entirely.

    “You raise an excellent point,” I finally manage when no one says anything. Isaac gives me an apologetic look and I shrug, indifferent. “Look at it this way: what more can he ruin of my life? What else is there for him to fuck up entirely? Nothing. He can kill me, that’s the worst he can do now, and let’s face it, he’s done that to me once already.”

    “Naomi Hart, I love you,” Mia says with a laugh and she comes through and embraces me tightly.

    “Love you too, you complete freak,” I chuckle and hug her back.


    “How does this even happen?” Isaac asks. I glance down at my now nine month stomach, merely two weeks later. In one week from when Lucifer came here, I became six months pregnant, and then a week later, I’ve suddenly become thirty eight weeks pregnant, which is just shy off nine months anyway.

    “Lucifer,” I shrug from the couch. The two of us are home alone while Mia is getting some supplies in. Neither of us have spoken about what he admitted the other week, but I can feel it like the elephant in the room right now. Somehow, I feel like this whole pregnant with the Devil’s child thing has probably put him off right now, and I wouldn’t blame him; I’d be put off me right now, and I know for a fact if Robb were here, he either wouldn’t be speaking to me or he would already be out that front door like a rash. 

    “Yeah but you’ve gained four months in two freaking weeks!” Isaac stresses, pacing the length of the lounge. I roll my eyes at him and shift to the edge of the sofa and then stand up, unable to even see my feet anymore. Luckily, I look like a normal pregnant woman, except I’ve managed to lose even more weight, even though I’ve literally been eating like a damned horse.

    “Isaac stop,” I say and he stops pacing when he’s standing near me.


    “That is driving me insane, but I was gonna say it’s probably because he needs the kid or me soon anyway, that’s probably the only reason he’s sped it up so much,” I say. I watch him think that over and give a sort of side nod in agreement.

    “How are you doing anyway?” he asks and I narrow my eyes at him in question. “Like feeling okay?”

    “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” I say and wave it off. “I’ll be even better when this… thing comes out and I can get back to normal. I literally am going to pace for like half an hour because I can. I just want my body back.”

    “I don’t blame you,” he says with a small smile. “Shall I run you a bath?”

    I nod. “Please. Not too hot, and loads of bubbles.” He puts a hand on my shoulder and then walks out to start running it. I stare at where he’d been and I think about his admission thing. He’d been surprised I’d known for a while and not said anything. I don’t know; I don’t know what he wanted, what he wants now. I’d never thought about Isaac that way because I’d had Robb, and thought I always would, obviously, until I died and then Robb died. I still wear my wedding rings and I still wear his around my neck, and it just feels all wrong. My mind has been so preoccupied with this complete shit of a situation that I haven’t even thought about Isaac until now. I don’t even know what Robb would say if he were here to hear it, and that’s saying something, I’d usually know what he would say or do. Anna hasn’t been over in a few days, bless her. Both her and I haven’t even spoken about the Robb situation since he died, and I still wonder to this day what his decision was. As much as I wish it was me, I guess I would respect his decision if it was Anna.

    I hear the water begin running and I smile; Isaac’s been so damn good to me over the years, if I were sick, he’d come in with hot soup when Robb couldn’t, he’d make sure he was there to hold my hair back when I was sick and Robb was far too drunk to stay awake, if Robb and I had an argument, he’d stay neutral but make sure I was okay as well, when the Devil turned up he was there for me every step of the way… and now, it’s like he’s my defacto Robb as well as my best friend.

    “Nay? You okay?” Isaac appears in front of me, waving a hand in front of my eyes. I blink and look at him, nodding. “You sure? You spaced out.”

    “No, just thinking,” I say, my voice still far away. I shake my head and head to the kitchen for some orange juice. I grab the open carton from the fridge and take a long gulp from it, putting the quarter of the way gone carton back, knowing that’s been drunk by me in less than twelve hours. Whoops.

    “Nay, what’s wrong? You’re doing that… thing again,” he follows me in, folding his arms.

    “What thing?” I ask with a laugh.

    “That thing where you’re brooding, when your eyes narrow for a while and you don’t speak for a little bit. Plus, you’re eyes twitch as well,” he says, pointing to my eyes and smirking.

    “Shut up, arse, I’m not brooding,” I defend, closing the fridge and facing him.

    “Really? What’re you thinking about?”


    “Spare me, Nay, tell me,” he says with a small smirk.

    “Fuck you,” I scoff and throw him the finger before waddling back to the sofa and sitting at an angle.

    He sits opposite me, his legs crossed. “Naomi Hart…”

    “What?” I ask.

    “What is wrong, Naomi Hart?” he asks, using my full name, so now I know he’s worried. I look down at what would be my lap if the baby wasn’t in the way, so I end up looking at the mountain of my stomach and sighing.

    “I’m just thinking about… things,” I say. “After what you said the other week, I dunno, it’s just got me thinking I guess.”

    “Nay, when I told you that, it wasn’t to like fuck with your head or anything, it was just so I could tell you…” he stops speaking when I smile.

    “No, I didn’t mean it like that you imbecile,” I say with a smile and he gives me a confused look. “I don’t know, I think it’s like, now Robb’s dead, I have been thinking about everything differently, but shit like this is weird to me. I’ve never been with anyone but Robb, and I guess it’s kind of like now that he’s gone it’s strange. I’ve never seen you like that before, and now you’ve said it, it’s just weird for me. Especially with this shit going down.” I point to the mountain in front of me and we both laugh. “And this whole thing with Anna and Robb, it’s kind of like…I guess he felt like this. But obviously… I was alive and whatnot.”

    “If you don’t want to talk about this, I really don’t mind, Nay,” he says.

    I shake my head. “No, I want to. Especially ‘cause Mia will gone for a good hour more, you know what she’s like with the food shopping.”

    “Good point,” he agrees. “Look, Nay, I don’t expect anything from you, I refuse to lose you as my best friend and I… Robb’s still your husband.”

    “As Lucifer enjoyed pointing out to him when I died, when your wife or husband dies, you’re technically not married anymore, to be quite fair. What I’m trying to blurt out here is that I will never, ever be over Robb, I think everyone who knows both Robb and I know that point, when I died especially. But you tell me this and I just… because I’ve never seen anyone but Robb like that, it’s just kind of weird, like I’m seeing you in a different light so to speak. I don’t even know what I mean any more. Maybe it’s just my hormones being invaded again.”

    Isaac chuckles, though I see the tears rolling down his face. “I shouldn’t have said anything to you, I know, I’m an idiot.”

    “No,” I say with a shake of my head. “No, you should’ve said something to me sooner.”

    “Sooner? Like when Robb was alive? He would’ve killed me. Probably literally knowing him and his protective husband show,” Isaac laughs.

     “No, I meant like before I got fat and huge and exhausted all the time,” I say with a smile. “I can’t think properly right now, that’s what is bugging me. It’s all mixed up in my mind, literally everything, that’s probably why I’m brooding so much about this thing, because it’s the most controllable thing in my life right now.”

    “Nay, I wish none of this had ever happened,” he says.

    “So do I. I wish Lucifer had never walked into my life. But then equally, if he hadn’t, none of us would be here right now, in this flat. Robb and I wouldn’t have got married, we wouldn’t have moved in here, and me, you and Mia wouldn’t be here now, would we? Silver lining and all that,” I say with a smile on my face. It’s mainly put there for show, but I know Isaac can see through it. The tears are still rolling down his face. I look at him properly; his blue eyes clouded with regret and hurt, his perfect porcelain face marred with the exhaustion of everything, his slumped shoulders with the weight of everything that’s happened in the past… seven months since Lucifer entered our lives. I put both of my hands around his face, wiping his tears with my thumbs.

    “Please don’t,” I plead. “Don’t cry. You’re the damn strong one out of the three of us. Now Robb’s not here to punch his way through everything and to protect us, it’s now down to you, you hear me?”

    Isaac chuckles, leaning his hand into my right hand. “Me? I’m not the strong one, that’s Mia’s job.”

    “You’re the man of the house. You gotta be strong for us. If I die out of all of this, I need you to look after her and keep her on track. I’m not leaving this world without leaving a man in charge, you hear me?” I say with a smile. I move my left hand away and find it sitting on my stomach.

    “I’m sorry, Nay,” he says quietly and I shake my head. Before I say anything, I lean over and before I can even comprehend it, I find myself pressing my lips to his, surprising him but he quickly responds, moving closer to me.

    I don’t even know what possessed me to do this; I really am a stupid idiot, and I know if Robb could see me now, he would most definitely think the same thing. I know what I said to Isaac about not being over Robb ever is still true, but at the same time, I can’t help but think about Isaac differently now I know the truth and he’s told me the truth. How can I not, when all along, I haven’t even acknowledged the truth, because I’ve only been with Robb, and that’s all I’ve ever known? Now Robb’s gone and I’m left here alive to deal with this stupid alien child thing and Lucifer and the apocalypse, what have I got left? How am I supposed to deal with this? What am I supposed to do with these feelings I’m so confused over?

    I suppose I shouldn’t be kissing Isaac, but yet, for some strange and idiotic reason, I can’t seem to tear myself away.

    But then, Robb did the same thing to me. I understand his frustration, the need, the confusion.

    “You’ll never guess…oh my God, what the fuck?”

    I let go of Isaac and turn to see Mia standing at the front door, mouth gaped open and her eyes wide in shock.

    “I can guess, you actually bought everything from the list and not anything extra?” Isaac says breezily like we hadn’t just kissed each other and like she hadn’t just seen it. I watch her eyes swivel round to watch Isaac as he moves to pick up the bags she’s placed on the floor and Nicole appears with some more in hand. Apparently Nicole and Mia went together so Nicole could drive and then come over.

    “Well, I wouldn’t say that, but yeah, Mia was quite good with the shopping this time,” Nicole says normally.

    Mia shakes her head and gives me a single glare that says ‘I need to speak with you’ but she picks up the one bag Isaac didn’t pick up and puts it on the dining table.

    “I’m surprised,” I chip in, standing from the sofa. “She’s usually bought loads of other stuff that we don’t even need.” Mia smiles weakly but carries on unpacking stuff.

    “Go, sit down, Nay, we’ve got this,” she says, trying to act as normally as possible. I take it I’m off the hook. Kind of. No doubt once Nicole’s gone we’ll both be on the line up.

    “You sure?” I ask and she nods.

    “Yeah, go run a bath or something,” she says and I remember Isaac ran me a bath but I haven’t got in it yet.

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