The Devil's Vesper: Book Two of the Devil's Gospel

After losing her deal with the Devil, Naomi Hart finds herself married to the Devil and living in Hell. She now finds herself fighting a whole new battle; to try and get home to her real husband Robb, her friends and her Dad. But to do that, she has to find out why exactly Lucifer wanted her in the first place.
Lucifer has been plotting to bring the Apocalypse to Earth, and she plays a vital part in it.
Before she knows it, Naomi is thrown back to Earth and she has to find out a way to stop it, and return to her family.
The battle against Lucifer and his forces proves more difficult than Naomi could imagine, and with the fact she has to convince her family she is actually alive thrown in; she is in for a whole new fight.
Faced with overwhelming odds, Naomi needs to find Robb and get his help before time runs out and her entire existence is compromised, but with his belief in her diminished, Naomi’s battle seems even more difficult than she could have ever thought.


1. Prologue



    “One minute for that, boy,” Lucifer retorted, looking at the watch, but all Robb could see was his wife, standing in front of him, trying not to let the tears fall from her eyes.

    “For fuck…”

    “Robb!” Naomi yelled, her voice thick. Robb gave up speaking at that, just hearing her voice stopped him from speaking. He didn’t believe this; there was absolutely no way this could be happening. Yeah, he had finally made peace with the idea, with the premise, but there was no way it was happening in real life. No way. He wouldn’t let it.

    “Nay!” Robb choked on his own emotion. He was exhausted, completely in denial, regretting everything. His own wife…

    “Robb,” she whispered, taking his hands away from her, and placing them by his side. She was letting go.

    How could she let go? Especially now? How could she give up so easily? Just because the clock was striking on the hour for this entire thing, just because the Devil was standing over behind them, just because she couldn’t see a way out, why was she just simply… giving up, like there was nothing else?

    “No,” Naomi finished. He watched her shake her head, like she was answering some unanswered question he asked her.

    “For crying out loud,” Mia sighed from way behind them; some forgotten ghost in their world.

    “Naomi,” Lucifer said, his Scottish accent thick and different than all of them. Robb watched as his wife looked between everyone else in the room, saying her silent and unwanted goodbyes. She looked at him, for a single moment, yet it felt like a whole lifetime that they shared that single look. His wife, his love, the only woman in the entire world that he would ever look at that way, giving him that look she knew would send him crazy if they were in an everyday situation; her eyes staring into him, giving him the look that told him she loved him more than anything else in the world. If this were any normal situation, he would kiss her, then and in that moment, and never let go.

    “Nay…” Robb choked quietly. He watched her, wanting to kiss her more than anything. He watched her take a breath to speak, but just as she did…

    She fell to the ground.

    Naomi fell. She collapsed into a pile on the ground.

    “Nay!” he gasped and whipped his head to look between everyone: Mia, standing in complete shock, Isaac already fallen to his knees and Nay’s dad, staring where the Devil had been. Robb whipped his head to find the Devil already departed the room, no longer there.

    “Naomi!” Isaac growled and Robb collapsed, not even feeling the fall as his knees hit the floor and his arms automatically took Naomi’s limp body in their hold, fitting like the pieces of a puzzle. He held her head, completely limp and unresponsive.

    “Nay, for fuck’s sake, wake the hell up!” Robb growled, the tears streaming from his eyes, but not taking over his emotions. There was no way this was happening to him, not now, not like this. He wouldn’t let it. She would wake up in a minute; she was simply unconscious, exhausted from everything. Yeah, that was what had happened to her. The Devil had simply given up, and he had left the room, thinking he had gotten his way, but really, in reality, Naomi had just given up and given into her exhaustion, and she’d wake up within the minute, completely fine, and they’d finish their lazy Sunday…

    “Robb,” Isaac interrupted his thought track with a thick voice. Robb looked from Naomi to his best friend, who was looking at him with a regretful expression. Tears fell from his eyes, matching those of his own eyes, and they gave each other a regret-filled and sorrowful expression. They both knew the truth, yet they both refused to say it out loud. Robb held his wife in his arms, refusing to let her go, while Isaac stared at his best friends, challenging him to say it first.

    “No,” was all Robb could manage. Everyone else remained silent.

    “Robb,” Matthew said, bringing himself into the conversation. Robb turned his head only very slightly, looking at his wife from the left corner of his eyes while he saw his Father-in-law in the main focus of his tearful eyes.

    “No!” Robb repeated more angrily this time. “I won’t…I won’t…” his voice stopped, unable to finish the sentence.

    “Robb, I think…” Mia stopped, and Robb finally looked at her; Nay’s best friend, her maid of honour, the one she turned to for everything, including the shit with Lucifer…

    “No,” Robb said once more, turning his heavy head to his wife, still limp and unresponsive in his hold. Her perfect body laid in his lap, unresponsive, unmoving, and refusing to respond to anything. Her head laid back just off his thigh, her hand down by his knees, her chest refused to move… he knew it, in the back of his mind, his mind was reeling the same answer, over and over, but his heart refused it. There was no way he would let it be true. No…

    “Robb, man, I think… I hate to tell you, but I think it’s happened, she’s… Naomi’s dead,” Isaac told him, his voice full of regret and devastation. Robb looked from his wife’s body to see Isaac, kneeling there on the floor, mirroring his own posture, but without the body lying across his lap, yet his face mirrored what his own was most likely doing. His eyes were streaming with tears, the rims of them red raw, his nose beginning to redden also. Isaac’s shoulders slumped forward, and his mouth opened and un-resting.

    “I…” Robb tried, but his voice stopped for a minute. He glanced only for a moment down at Nay’s body before returning to look back at Isaac. “I think… I know. I know.”

    “Robb, you need to let go, my boy,” Matthew said, his hand resting on his shoulder. Robb glanced to the corners of his eyes where he saw his father-in-law’s hand resting there, squeezing in comfort, needing its own comfort. He thought of the moments before Nay dropped to the floor, his confusion, Lucifer’s persistence, the fact that Naomi knew what was going to come… it was so… it all happened so fast, Robb himself didn’t get a chance to take it all in. One minute, the Devil turned up, and the next thing he had known, something was happening about there being a lie or something about that, then the next thing he knew, his wife slumped to the ground unconscious. It happened too fast, he never even got the chance to say goodbye or whatever.

    “Robb, come on, we need to…” Matthew began but quickly stopped. The hand on his shoulder moved and he watched from the tips of his eyes as Isaac also stood from the ground. He saw Mia moving to stand with her best friend and it was just him, kneeling on the floor with his wife’s body lying over his lap, the image of the Romeo and Juliet tragedy. If Naomi could see this image now, she would piss herself laughing with the significance.

    But she wasn’t there, and she wasn’t seeing what was going on, because she was slumped over Robb’s lap, her eyes unopened, and her body limp without the life she had five minutes ago.

    She was completely lifeless across her husband’s lap. She was without life; lifeless. And he was holding her.

    “I… Naomi, please, wake up,” Robb pleaded, finally feeling the warm bitter tears coming down from his eyes. “Naomi, please. I need you. I need you to wake up. Please.” He felt himself quivering with the realisation. She wasn’t coming back; she was lifeless, limp in his hold, the life was no longer there. She was his, through and through; she was no longer Robb’s living wife, but Lucifer’s dead wife. She was his to have, to hold and to cherish, till life and law brought them apart. She was no longer Robb’s to hold and to cherish until death had done them apart, and now she was dead, well… now she was dead, she was Lucifer’s. Robb was widowed, and he was wifeless. He had only had her for a month. Now she was dead.

    He had never seen it coming, if he was honest. He never thought it would come to pass, he never thought it possible. He had thought of it as a nightmare that would never happen. To him, it was impossible, but yet, now it had, it was real. It was more realistic than he had ever thought possible.

    He would never have his wife back. He would never be able to hold her, to kiss her, to hug her. He would never be able to turn over in bed and feel her side of the bed taken, or fight her for the covers. He would never be able to make two cups of tea and hand her one. He would never again be able to touch her, to sleep with her, he would never be able to feel whole again. He would never be able to walk in the front door and see her, he would never be able to make a family with her. He was no longer hers.

    But he would have to get used to it. As Robb looked down at his lifeless wife, in his lap, unresponsive, he finally heard every single little thing she had told him, warned him and argued with him about in the past three months since she told him the truth about her deal with Lucifer: he had won. He had finally got what he wanted. He had finally killed her and taken her to Hell with him, and by now, he had probably married her. She was probably the Queen of Hell now for all Robb knew, and there was nothing he could do about it.

    Except there would be. Eventually.

    Eventually, Robb would find a way to bring his wife back to Earth, alive and well. And eventually, Robb would turn this absolute shit around, and he would bring his wife back to Earth, alive and well, and he would return her to him. And he would finally outsmart the damned Devil, if it was the last thing he ever did.

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