The Devil's Vesper: Book Two of the Devil's Gospel

After losing her deal with the Devil, Naomi Hart finds herself married to the Devil and living in Hell. She now finds herself fighting a whole new battle; to try and get home to her real husband Robb, her friends and her Dad. But to do that, she has to find out why exactly Lucifer wanted her in the first place.
Lucifer has been plotting to bring the Apocalypse to Earth, and she plays a vital part in it.
Before she knows it, Naomi is thrown back to Earth and she has to find out a way to stop it, and return to her family.
The battle against Lucifer and his forces proves more difficult than Naomi could imagine, and with the fact she has to convince her family she is actually alive thrown in; she is in for a whole new fight.
Faced with overwhelming odds, Naomi needs to find Robb and get his help before time runs out and her entire existence is compromised, but with his belief in her diminished, Naomi’s battle seems even more difficult than she could have ever thought.


47. Forty-Six



    Something pools in my throat, forcing me to lean forward and cough, trying to get rid of the sticky pool.

    “Cough it up, Naomi, that’s it.”

    It’s Lucifer, holding my back, slapping it so I can cough up. I open my eyes to see the ground in front of me, and as I cough up the pool, I see the blood coming out of my mouth.

    Am I dead?

    “That is it, you’re rid of it,” Lucifer says, letting go of my body and leaving me to recover. I still feel the blood pouring out of my stomach and ribs, gushing like the damn Niagara falls, but for some reason, the pain has subsided and I feel nothing but the weakness in my body and the pain in my throat from choking on my own blood. I probably look like death warmed up, but I couldn’t care less. I might as well die right now.

    I watch Lucifer walking over the grave that’s actually mine where Lillith is standing with the bowl of my blood. She’s standing right in the middle of my grave, looking as innocent as she did before she mutilated my body, except for the blood over her clothes and hands. I move myself so I’m arching over the ground, practically on all fours, except I don’t even have the energy to do that, and I know my hands couldn’t support the rest of my heavy weight now I’m even weaker than before.

    “What… what are you doing with it?” I demand, my voice returned to my usual self. I yell it across the graveyard, and even I can hear the small weakness in there, drained of every ounce of anger or sadness I had in there.

    “You will see, Naomi, you will see,” Lucifer says, looking across from Lillith to me. I see the smile on his face. “You did well. I am so proud of you.”

    “Fuck you,” I cough again, and I can see a small amount of blood escape as I do. “Why?”

    “Why what, Naomi?” Lucifer asks, walking over to me.

    “Why to all of it? Why didn’t you just tell me the truth from the beginning? Why did you kill Robb? Why did you do this to what could’ve been his child? Why? Why don’t you just kill me?” I plead as he crouches in front of me. When I’m done, he puts a hand on my cheek. I weakly look up from the ground to see him looking at me in pity. “I’m not like you, I can’t heal, why don’t you just kill me?”

    He chuckles to himself and inspects the look on my face.  I let out a breath of pain and watch as he thinks about how to answer.

    “Why did I not tell you the truth? Let’s see: I needed you to sell your soul to me so you could die, open the seal and then create my child so this seal could break. It was all one big cycle, Naomi. I couldn’t tell you the truth because you being you, would never have freely aided me, let us face that fact. I needed the child to be mine because it’s prophesised that my child will be the one to take your blood and it’s blood and drop it onto the grave stone of the one that broke the first seal of the apocalypse. I will not kill you, Naomi, because I am indeed fond of you, and I want you to see what we together have created and I wish for you to see it on this Earth.”

    I think about that; he said it’s prophesised that his child would take the blood of the prophesised seal breaker (me) and the blood of itself and drop it onto the grave stone of the one who broke the first seal, which is me.

    So basically, it was all a part of his grand plan, all of it, every single little thing. Tricking my Dad, tricking me into making the deal, seducing me from the beginning, getting my soul, marrying my soul, sleeping with me, getting me back onto earth, changing the child into being his, this here now. It’s all part of his plan.

    I wonder if he planned for Robb being part in all of it; I wonder whether he planned for me to get pregnant before he changed the whole child thing.

    “Kill me, please,” I plead. Normally, I wouldn’t plead anything with him, not even if I wanted him not to kill Robb. I would never beg him for anything, but this time, I will. I don’t want to be alive to witness this, I don’t want to be alive to just end up bleeding to death. I just want to die now and have peace. I want to find Robb in the afterlife and be happy there. I don’t want to see the apocalypse on this earth, I don’t want to know that all the people I care about who are alive right now are dead because of what I’ve basically let him do. I fought as much as I could and I failed. I know that I’ve failed and it hurts to know that.

    “No,” Lucifer whispers seriously, keeping his hand on my cheek. “You look so vulnerable, Naomi. Tell me, does it still hurt?”

    “Does what hurt?”

    “Your body, the cuts,” he says in an obvious tone.


    “Good. Stay here for me while we finish up.”

    I watch as he stands up and turns away. There’s no way he’s getting away with this one. “Why did you kill Robb? Why? If this was prophesised, then what did it really matter to you that Robb was alive? You would’ve torn him apart anyway by taking me to do this, he would’ve died in the apocalypse if we’d failed anyway. What did it really matter to you? Why did you have to kill him?”

    Lucifer spins on his heel and faces me, the familiar hatred expression on his face that he gets whenever he sees, hears or mentions Robb. I know he hates him with every fibre of his angelic and demonic being, but equally, he kept him alive for so long anyway, why now?

    “I killed him for many reasons, Naomi. The main one being that I hate him. Your precious little Robb was in my way, Naomi, he had been from the start. You were never his, you should’ve never met him, nor saw him romantically, nor got engaged to him, nor married. Especially the latter two when you were fully aware of the supposed deal I came to you and told you about. He was my rival as soon as he walked into your life, and I needed rid of the problem. I had enough of it. I saw reason to leave him alive after you died, because I thought he would be going through enough pain for me to be satisfied. However, when you promised me you would not go to him and then did, that was it. I killed him because I wished to, and to be honest, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed that far more than I would’ve knowing he died through the apocalypse. I saved him in many ways too, from what will come when we open this seal. You should be thankful.”

     “Thankful? You killed my husband!” I yell, forcing the pain to dully come back. Fuck this, this is absolutely crap.

    “But yet I spared him from dying the way everyone alive on this planet will face in a few minutes’ time.”

    “Lucifer, please, just kill me,” I plead, feeling the warm salty tears finally falling from my face.

    “No, Naomi, I will not kill you. Once this is finished, I will save you, don’t you worry your pretty little face, bird,” he sings. “When this is over, we will live on this Earth and we will watch as humanity is wiped out, and we will take over. We can even bring all of our peers from Hell up onto the Earth and show those peasants up in Heaven how it should be done. Any survivors from Earth can fall to us or risk our wrath.”

    I groan, feeling my body fall wholly to the ground, my hand trying to grip something to stop the blood that keeps flowing. How can Lucifer stop me from dying from severe blood loss? Surely that’s not far off now? I mean, I literally am sitting in a pool of my own blood and I can’t move much at all.

    “I do not know what you are groaning about, Naomi, after all, you have made this more difficult for yourself by refusing it, thinking you can change it, thinking you can beat me at my own game. You were playing with fire from the get go, Naomi, and you were fighting a losing battle. I must admit though; it was an amusing watch.”

    “Shut up,” I growl, feeling the pain coming over me once again. This is just stupid; why can’t he just give in and kill me? He’s had his fun.

    “You know, Naomi, why don’t you just watch us open the seal, and then once things are in motion, I can heal you and then we can talk properly about this?” Lucifer suggests, approaching me again. He leans down and kisses my lips, but I don’t even respond, his touch no longer making my body react. I’m dying, I can feel it. By the time things are apparently in motion, there will be nothing here to save. It hurts too much, my body is losing too much blood.

    He leaves me and approaches the child once again, who is actually just standing in the middle of the grave, watching the two of us interact. I watch him crouch in front of her, and she nods along as if he’s giving her instructions. I watch Lucifer nod and then the child nods. What the Hell has she got to do, other than spill my blood on the grave thing?

    I watch Lucifer take the knife from the ground and pass it to the child.

    “What the…” I mutter to myself, still trying to fight the pain. This is just utterly ridiculous. What is he doing handing a knife to a child? She might be the damn Devil child, but she’s still a child.

    I watch on as Lucifer steps back and Lillith takes the knife and stands over the bowl…

    “No! You can’t do that to a child!” I screech, horrified. There is no way the child will sacrifice herself. No fucking way.

    “I’m not doing it Naomi!” Lucifer calls back as I watch Lillith literally turn the knife on herself. I close my eyes, unable to watch. I know when it’s happened though. Somehow, I can just tell that she’s done it; she’s cut herself and purged the blood from her system. Somehow I know when the blood is mixed together in a bowl. Apart from the obvious slit in my stomach, I feel a large jolt, like even though there’s a cut there, I can feel it like a magic spell, my blood and the blood of my supposed child mixing and creating a large jolt in my stomach.

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