The Devil's Vesper: Book Two of the Devil's Gospel

After losing her deal with the Devil, Naomi Hart finds herself married to the Devil and living in Hell. She now finds herself fighting a whole new battle; to try and get home to her real husband Robb, her friends and her Dad. But to do that, she has to find out why exactly Lucifer wanted her in the first place.
Lucifer has been plotting to bring the Apocalypse to Earth, and she plays a vital part in it.
Before she knows it, Naomi is thrown back to Earth and she has to find out a way to stop it, and return to her family.
The battle against Lucifer and his forces proves more difficult than Naomi could imagine, and with the fact she has to convince her family she is actually alive thrown in; she is in for a whole new fight.
Faced with overwhelming odds, Naomi needs to find Robb and get his help before time runs out and her entire existence is compromised, but with his belief in her diminished, Naomi’s battle seems even more difficult than she could have ever thought.


9. Eight



    I watch Lucifer closely as he paces a small distance of the clearing, and I can tell he is trying to think of the best way to tell me whatever he’s about to tell me. Even he said it won’t be pleasant for me; so whatever this shit is it will mean something worse than I’ve been through already, just to get here, which for me is the worst thing imaginable – to be parted from Robb. Therefore this is going to be worse, if it means the Devil himself telling me it won’t be pleasant. Though, to be fair, I have no idea what he finds pleasant, and I am not sure I want to know that part either.

    “Tell me, Lucifer, just tell me,” I offer and he stops pacing. I see the worry lines settling into the vessel’s forehead. Where they there before Lucifer settled into the body or are they new? I can imagine the vessel being strained under all the shit Lucifer puts him through, being snowed under by all the schemes and plots and hatefulness Lucifer has towards Mark’s own race. I can just imagine the pure horror he must have been going through in there, squashed under the weight of the supernatural, the Devil himself weighing down on his soul.

    It must be the worst thing in the world to be trapped inside your own body, unable to scream or shout, to ask for help or to even think for yourself. I wonder what it’s like to share a body with a supernatural being. I wonder what it’s even like to not be in control of anything you do; of course I’ve not been in control before but never of my own thoughts, feelings, movements and actions.

    I look at Lucifer’s vessel; at Mark for a minute and consider what his life is like upstairs where he’s alive. Lucifer’s still using his body, but he still has a life upstairs now. I wonder what he’s doing, where he is, how it’s affected him and his family. No doubt he will be suffering after everything. I wonder what it would be like to know you survived having the Devil possess your body. I wonder what he thinks about, whether he has nightmares, whether he just wants to forget it and move on. I wonder if he has managed to move on from it. I wonder if he still thinks about it, thinks about Lucifer or me, or Robb. I wonder if he’s seen Robb, Mia and Isaac after everything. Though I wonder if he’s simply taken his family and fled, which I wouldn’t blame him for.


    “Naomi, the reason you are here, like I have told you before is because you are pivotal to me and what I am planning. You are so very important to this cause, Naomi,” Lucifer says and he faces me, speaking with his hands. I nod; he’s told me this bit so many freaking times, I could reel off at least ten different ways he’s told me the same thing. “But you are important because I chose you to be. I chose you for this purpose, all of those years ago when I first laid eyes on you, I chose you for this… role if you wish to call it that. No, you are right, there was never a deal with your father because you were both too young to understand it and only you may bargain for your own soul. I then tricked you into making a new deal for your soul, because I needed you and your soul. It was all part of my plan which will begin soon, because you are down here in Hell and wed to me. It’s part of the plan, Naomi.”

    “Lucifer, stop telling me it’s part of your plan, I get the idea,” I scoff. “Tell me the truth.”

    He nods and starts pacing again. I watch him closely with my eyes. What the Hell could this be? Something that has him nervous, no doubt. Just the look in his eyes, the worry lines… it’s enough to actually scare me. If the Devil is nervous at the thought of it…

    “Naomi, I’ve been planning this for so long, and when I laid my eyes on you, I could see what you would become in the future, when you were older and of age. The plan to get you was perfect, and the timing was impeccable. I couldn’t help myself, so I set the wheels in motion with your father as well. This is why had you known and given him as the sacrifice, it would have turned out like you saw in the vision, because you are just that important, any other soul in exchange for yours would not have worked. Having your soul in Hell and now us being wed… it is… think of it as a lock that has been locked for so long and your soul being down here and wed to me, it unlocked that lock. You unlocked the first lock in a long chain of locks for me, like a trap door that leads to more doors that become easier to open once the trapped one is open. Each one of those locks will lead to what I wish to happen. It’s a long chain of events that leads to the one main event I have been planning for so long now, Naomi. This is why I never gave up on you, this is why I let you wed Robb on Earth, this is why I let you try everything you could possibly think of… because you were the key and I needed you, and I would get you whatever it took. Now you have done it for me.” Lucifer explains with a smile on his face. He’s stopped pacing and is now looking at me in complete euphoric triumph. I narrow my eyes in complete blissful confusion. I’m not entirely sure I actually want to know now. Can I get up and walk away?

    Wait, did he just call Robb by his name? Wow, that is an absolute first for him. I must remember to capture this moment for the rest of my life to show Robb, should I ever see him again.


    I remember when Robb and I were first dating, when his dates with me centred on me reading Game of Thrones and he would ask me about what I thought was going to happen in later books. He’d sit there and listen to my theories about how Robb Stark would get the Iron Throne because I thought he deserved it, even though he was a shitty politician and some of his decisions were absolutely crap. I remember Robb nodding at me, a little smile on his face when I thought Oberyn Martell was a brilliant character and should become the King of the Seven Kingdoms. Basically, I remember how Robb used to listen to all of my theories and just agree to them while he would sit there, knowing exactly what was going to happen and whether my stupid theories were close to what happened or whether they were so far away that I should start writing fan fiction to get myself what I wanted, while I was in my own little fantasy not knowing anything about how Robb would be stolen from me and the Starks and how Martell would actually just turn out to be the best character ever and then be taken from me. This is how it feels, standing here now, listening to this shit from Lucifer. It’s like Robb’s come down here and is trying to tell me about the Red Wedding and not getting to the point, like he used to do, he’d give me tid-bits and clues but never tell me, and I’d be completely oblivious and not understand or think about it.

    This is how Lucifer is treating me now; giving me clues, planting the seeds that I’m not watering and not nurturing. And it is really, really pissing me off. Just like Robb would piss me off, because I wanted to know, because that’s why I read the damn books, but yet I didn’t want to know, because I didn’t want to be spoiled.

    Except Lucifer expects me to understand, to water the seed, to watch it grow and weed it, to tend it and grow it. Within the second, of course, at lightning speed, and because I can’t, I don’t understand how to garden at all, let alone grow anything, he’s getting frustrated, which is making me all shades of pissed off with him and it and the entire situation, and it’s like a vicious cycle. At least Robb would never expect this kind of thing from me, whether about books or films or real serious things like the damned Devil.


    “Do you understand?” he asks me.

    “I get the analogy, if that’s what you mean, but no, I have absolutely no freaking idea what you’re talking about. I’m confused,” I tell him, keeping my eyes narrowed in confusion and intrigue. I don’t know if I want to know the truth about his great plan or whatever it is, but I also do want to know, just to fulfil my curiosity. Except a part of me is reminding myself about how curiosity, did, indeed, kill the cat. So why am I so freaking curious about this? I suppose it’ll give me an answer as to why Lucifer was so ridiculously Hell bent on getting my soul. It will explain why my soul isn’t being tortured, and why I’m in what he calls a nicer part of Hell, and it will explain why he’s actually being kind of ‘nice’ to me down here seeing as he is the Devil and he is a fallen angel and while every other soul is tortured or used, mine is having a relaxing time here in comparison.

    “Naomi, the thing is, you must realise that I am, in fact, the Devil,” Lucifer says.

    “Actually, you know what? I didn’t know that at all!” I scoff.

    “She has her sarcastic behaviour back, she is fine after all,” Lucifer notes to himself and I find my body shifting in laughter.

    “And she still hates you,” I add. “But she also wants you to tell her the bloody thing already.”

    “Because I am the Devil, there are… things I wish to achieve. Certain… clashes I would like resolved. There are certain things I want to happen, and you were the first… key to the beginning of that. Now it can all happen like I wish it to.”

    And because I am me, all I can think about is Lucifer riding into battle against a huge army. Not unlike when the Orcs thought they were winning when all that came off the ship was Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. Except in that, they had a huge army of the dead, but I know what I mean. Had they not had that army, then that’s how I would imagine it.

    And there you go again with the geek talk, Naomi. Naomi, your geek is showing, as Mia would tell me in disgust when I go off on tangents in my mind, or even aloud.

    “Yeah, so what is this… goal?” I ask. I can see him getting frustrated that I haven’t yet put two and two together to make four and worked it all out, but what does he expect? He just gives me these little clues and analogies that mean absolute sweet fuck all to me and get the damned answer? How can I, when I’m so ‘naïve’ as he puts it? I might be good at English and Sociology, but I’m not good at reading people’s minds, and I was never good at religious studies, that’s Robb’s forte, not mine.

    “Naomi,” Lucifer stops moving and faces me, head on. He moves two steps forward and his eyes look determined, the frown lines settling into his forehead, the worry replaced with pure desire. “I am going to bring the Apocalypse to Earth.”


    “Excuse me, what?” I choke out, standing from the ground and facing Lucifer head on. “You want to take what to Earth?”

    “Oh, do not act so oblivious to this, Naomi! You must have guessed, you must have known something like this was coming, even when you watch your precious show, with all of its similarities and differences to real life, even with its stupid ideal of whom I am and how I work, the apocalypse was even depicted on that, and not once did you stop to think about it?” Lucifer rants at me, spreading his arms out wide. I narrow my eyes in response.

    “You want to do what to Earth?” I yell, demanding to hear him say it again. There is absolutely no fucking way in this lifetime, my last life time or my next lifetime I will let that happen to my home. No fucking way in the world.

    “I am going to bring the Apocalypse to Earth,” Lucifer says like he did such a thing every single day of the week. Not on my fucking watch. “It has already begun, Naomi. It began long ago when I was released from my cage, I just needed a soul to bring to Hell and wed in order to unlock the Four Horsemen of my Apocalypse, who will then unleash their respective parts of it, and then I will release Death. Then the fifth seal is getting some willing Christians to martyr themselves. The sixth seal is wonderful, that is the disasters, the volcanoes, earthquakes. I like that seal. And then the final seal is those angels and their seven trumpets, but that is when the true apocalypse will come and we will have won, Naomi! It is truly going to be wonderful…”

    “Will you stop?” I yell.

    “Excuse me, Naomi?” Lucifer demands, cocking his head. How many times does he want to say my name when we’re the only two here? How many times does he want to continue with this rant?

    “You can’t… you can’t!” I exclaim. “What the fuck do you think you’ll achieve?”

    “I would first appreciate a nicer tone towards me, Naomi, I am after all, your husband,” he says and for the first time I refuse to correct him for the anger already bubbling in my blood. “But I aim to achieve the end of humanity, how could you not realise that? That’s what my goal has been since I was cruelly locked in the cage.”

    “Cruelly locked in? Are you serious?” I comment, rolling my eyes at him. He seriously expects me to accept this, especially now that I know I was a fucking seal? “This is ridiculous. How in the bloody world do you think I will help you with this? Why the bloody hell should I help you? You’ve done nothing but fucking play with me since you walked into my life, even as a baby, and now this? No, no sale. Goodbye Lucifer.” I storm away out of the clearing, through the trees into another…

    I look up and see Lucifer standing there.

    “You forget that I can manipulate everything here, Naomi. You could try walking through those trees again, but you will just end up back in this clearing, where you started.” Lucifer says as if he’s bored. “We need to discuss this, Naomi.”

    I roll my eyes and storm through the trees again. I keep my head up and watch as I stomp through the trees and come back through, only to stop moving and be faced with the Devil’s bored expression once again.

    “It really does not matter to me how many times you walk angrily through the trees, Naomi, you will just end up back here every time. You can do it ten, twenty times, but whatever way, we need to discuss it. Eventually you will give up and speak to me. I do not doubt it, except that we have time constraints, so if you would not mind but hurrying up, Naomi,” Lucifer says, staring at the vessel’s watch. I sigh and fold my arms, trying to show him that I won’t be trying to escape anymore.

    “Oh, we are done, are we?” Lucifer suddenly looks up at me. He must know that he pisses me off even more when he changes his way of speaking from informal to formal all the time, right? “Oh, good. We can continue the conversation.”

    “There is no conversation, Lucifer. I’m done. I’m not helping you anymore than you think I have done already.” I say, arching an eyebrow.

    “You think so, at the moment, Naomi, but soon enough you will listen to me and you will hear my reasoning and you will willingly aid me in this battle,” Lucifer says matter of factly.


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