Haunted House

For the Rule of Lore: Create Your Own Worlds Competition.


5. Character: Vicious

Vicious (Direhounds)

Well, for one, Vicious is a Direhoud as are the rest of his pack with Crimson, Rash and Brandish to name a few. Crimson is Vicious' second in command with Rash and Brandish being comic relief for the pack. Direhounds have this this system of drops that I am just about to explain to you. There are 12 drops in total, from 0 to 12 which ranges from a fully formed Hound to a fully formed Hueban (As can be seen in the image below). The stages are, by law for Direhounds, in drops of 3 and go um in the order; 0-3-6-9-12. Most Direhounds will sit between 3 and 9 comfortably being able to understand basic speech yet maintain the strength and senses of a Hound.

The main character in question here is Vicious, the alpha of his pack of Direhounds that guard Haunted House. Now Vicious (or V as he is nicknamed by Natasha and later the rest of the new in Haunted House) is a special Direhound, which leads to why he is the alpha. He has both drops and wells within him. This means he can 'transform' as a hound or Hueban AND use wiz. Direhounds are not naturally born with wells within them, this means that Vicious had to have been gifted wells (which is illegal by Wizarding Law). This is why he does not speak of it outside his pack and the few residents of Haunted House that he trusts. Being a guard and the like, Vicious was driven to excel in all that he did therefore he has reached the third level of wells having all 12 and access to all 12 elements. In essence, a perfect guard for a house full of rouge wizards fleeing the ever fervently hunting Wizard Council.
In his drive for strength and power, Vicious created a fear of weakness which is why he will never go to 12 drops and rarely ventures into 9. This feeds his disscontempt for Huebans and the like who are, in his words, "Nose-dribbled weak soots."


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