Left 4 Dead 3

Nick, Ellis, and the gang are back!

When a helicopter, along with the Survivors crash on a distant island infested with zombies, all Hell breaks loose.....................

(Warning: Mild Language, mild sarcasm)


2. Waking Up: Ellis

Ellis' P.O.V

"Ellis...............wake up." I heard someone say. I slowly opened my eyes to find two faces looking at me. I did a tiny moan. God, I'm hurtin'. "Ellis. Are you alright, young'un?" Coach asked. "I........think so. Where's Nick?" I asked, in a little bit of pain. Coach pointed to the helicopter,"Over there. He's alive. I checked."

I looked at the remains of the helicopter, seein' Nick's body hanging from the pilot's window, face down. I got a worried look on my face,"Please tell me he's not dead." I said. "He's not. I looked." Coach said. "Can ya at least get em' out of there? It's makin' me worried. I don't want em' to die. At least, not today." I said.

"Sure, young'un. Rochelle, grab my First Aid kit and heal Ellis, please, will ya?" Coach asked. "Sure thing, tough guy." Rochelle said. Coach went to go get Nick off of the helicopter window, while Rochelle tried to heal me. "Hold still, Ellis. This might sting a bit." Rochelle warned. Sure enough, it stung and I flinched and tried to pull my arm back,"Ow." I said.

Rochelle go onto me,"I said, don't move!" I let my arm relax and have Rochelle heal me. Meanwhile, Coach came back with Nick in his arms. "Oh my Lord! PLEASE tell me he's not dead!" I panicked. "Yes, young'un. He's alive. Barely. Now calm down." Coach said. I sighed with relief. Coach set Nick down by the fire to warm him up. I sighed,"Please Nick. Don't be dead." I thought.

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