Left 4 Dead 3

Nick, Ellis, and the gang are back!

When a helicopter, along with the Survivors crash on a distant island infested with zombies, all Hell breaks loose.....................

(Warning: Mild Language, mild sarcasm)


1. Introduction

Nick's P.O.V

"Is everyone alright? Anyone hurt? Anyone bitten?" I asked. Ellis looked at everybody,"No. Nobody looks like they're hurtin'." I sighed with relief,"Ok. Good." Rochelle looked at my leg,"Nick! Your leg!" I sighed,"Yeah, a zombie got me on the way up the ladder to reach the helicopter."

Rochelle got worried,"Is it a bite?" I shook my head,"No." Rochelle sighed with relief. I saw Coach looking out the window,"Coach?" Coach looked at me,"Hmm?" "Are you okay?" I asked. He nodded. "Ok." I said.

Ellis sighed deeply with concern. I looked at him,"What's wrong, Ellis? You miss your "girlfriend"?" I snickered. Ellis looked at me,"She's not my girlfriend! At least, not yet. I haven't gotten the nerve to ask her out." Coach giggled. Ellis scoffed,"I heard that, tough guy."

Coach rolled his eyes,"I just can't wait to get to safety to smell the sweet smell of food 'cause I am STARVING! Besides, SURELY they will ha-LOOK OUT!" Coach shouted, taking out his pistol and shooting the zombie right behind me. I flinched sideways, almost falling out of the helicopter.

"Woah, that was a close one." I said. "Yeah, but where did it come from? I didnt see it a few seconds ago." Rochelle stated. "I'm not su-wait a minute." I looked behind me, towards the pilot........who was no longer there. I gulped and looked at the others who had fear in there faces.

"Shit." I said. All of a sudden, the helicopter started drifting downward. We all started sliding towards the pilot area. I thought fast and quickly went over to the pilot's seat. "NICK! DO SOMETHING!" Ellis screamed, holding onto the seat as long as he could. "Oh, there's so many controls! What is what!?" I thought.

Then I saw the lever-looking thing in front of me. "That must be the control stick!" I thought. The alarm started sounding and I saw trees. I gasped. We must've hit a tree 'cause the tail of the helicopter caught fire and came off. "SHIT!" Coach shouted. We were spinning out of control. I tried pulling up on the control stick but it was no use.

We crash-landed on a shore-line. I breathed heavily, trying to look for the others but I couldnt. I was in too much pain. I saw Ellis laying in front of me, bleeding. His eyes were closed. God, I hope he isnt dead. "E..........El.......Ellis." I tried to say. My vision became blurry before everything went black.

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