2. chapter one

The sweaty and heated atmosphere I was in, was not my usual scene.

"Anna, what are we doing here?" She dismissed my question with our fourth shot of vodka. I wasn't entirely sure the drink was pure.

"Drink up, girl."she smirked catching the eye of a tall dark haired man across the room. Taking the shot, I scanned the room patiently watching for someone worth a second glance.

A buff looking man with brown hair and dark eyes looking in my direction emotionlessly. Until I stared back, he noticed and shot me a friendly smile. I sent him a similar grin and took a sip of my drink.

He wore a suit fitted to perfection and a thin black tie was wrapped around his neck. The man was sat alone, toying with the straw in his drink. As he spotted my eye for the second time, he flashed a smirk and looked away preparing to walk towards me. As he inched closer, his god-like features became clearer. His eyes were a mesmerising shade of ocean blue complimented with flecks of silver. His face was strong and defined and his mouth gaped open as if lost for words.

Instead of speaking he stared at me seeming to take in my presence, smile growing wider. As his pupils dilated I blushed unexpectedly and brushed my hair behind my shoulders. Taking a deep breath I felt a smirk play my lips and said,"Take a photo, it'll last longer." He retorted with an amused expression and smiled looking at his hands.

"Can I, you a drink?"

"Woah, that's pretty forward. Are we skipping the pickup line all together?" He frowned suddenly and waved his hand to signal the bartender.

"Hi, can you get a bowl full of limes? Yeah, thanks." I shot him a confused look and turned to the bartender who reached below the bar to grab a bowl and pulled out a dozen limes, placing them in the metallic bowl.

He then slid the bowl towards us raising an eyebrow before serving a lady from across the room. The dark haired man beside me then took the bowl and tipped out the lines onto the floor sighing and tutting at his actions.

I faced down at him furrowing my brow. The man then resumed picking the limes up and dropping them again. Before standing on one knee, handing me a lime and shooting me an apologetic look.

"Sorry, I'm not the best at pickup limes."

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