Thoughts, poems and notes

Hey! Please read! sometimes it's sad and sometimes it's happy

Warning! There is swearing, cutting, thought on death and lust


12. what?!

I just get so angry with people sometimes like what do you want from me do you want me to agree with you No

I have my thought on things and you have yours or when people make a choice about a group are community like what the fuck if you got 20 random people in a room it is very unlikely you can say anything about that group and have it be true you can't say all dancers are brats because that would be false unless you go and talk to every single person who likes to dance or just dances or saying something about a race like what is wrong with you every one is untitled to there thoughts no mater your race

Your gender

Who you love

Or what you look like

and to go against what I just said if you are a murderer or a rapper then take a left at the door and go straight to hell

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