I brought you back

A sequel to my short story 'I will bring you back', this movella tells about the events after Alex and Bella's big scene in the rain. What will happen now? Can they continue living as if nothing happened? Or is pretending to be someone else a task too difficult for Alex?


5. Time

My father has left and I’m kneeling on the floor collecting the broken pieces that scattered earlier. Merry is helping me, although the way she sees it, I’m helping her. I just need to keep my hands busy, otherwise I get frustrated. At the world, my parents, but most of all – at you. What was so important with your family that you couldn’t pick up? The thing that makes me even more frustrated is that I can’t really get as mad at you as I want to. Sure you didn’t pick up and that was insulting, but you didn’t know it was a dire situation. You probably thought I was just bored or missed you. Still, I needed you and you weren’t there. Speaking of you, my phone rings with your melody. Merry gives me an understanding look with the words: “Do you want me to leave and come back later, miss?” “Um, no, I don’t want to disrupt your work. I’ll go in the bathroom.” I shut the door and press accept. Your cheery voice greets me. “Hey, did you miss me that much you couldn’t wait more than two hours to call me?” “What was that important you couldn’t pick up?”, I get straight to the point. “I was eating lunch with my parents.” “So you ditched me because you didn’t want to leave your parents at the table?” “I thought you can wait half an hour. I’m calling now, aren’t I?” “But I needed you half an hour ago.” “Why are you so angry? It was just a phone call.” “Because,”, I take a breath to calm myself down, “I’m sorry. It’s just that my parents did something and I wanted to talk to you about it.” “What did they do?” “Well … they …” “Bells?” “It’s not really for the phone, can we meet somewhere?” “It’ll be an hour until I can reach anywhere. Just tell me.”, you plead and I can almost picture your expression at the other end of the line. “Bells, please.” “They want me to marry someone else.”, your breath freezes. For two seconds you don’t say a word, before breaking the silence with: “I’m coming there.” I’m waiting for you outside once again. Only this time I am the one with the shocking revelation not you. I see a car approaching, which stops in front of me and you jump out. You signal to the driver to leave and turn your attention towards me. “Where are they? We can talk to them, make them change their minds.” “I don’t think that’s possible. But-“ “We can at least try.”, you pull my hand to lead me inside. “Wait,”, you stop in you tracks, “you haven’t heard the whole story.” “There’s more?”, you walk closer to me. “Yeah.”, I nod slightly, “My mother invited my suitor and his family to stay here for a month.” “A month?”, you exclaim in anger. “She believes I will learn to love him with time or something, that’s not the point. Dad actually promised that if I suck it up until they leave, he’ll let me be with you and deal with my mom and everyone else.” “Why can’t he just stand up for you now?” “Because he doesn’t want to go to war with everyone, he wants them to see it can’t work out.” You furrow your brow. “I don’t know, Bells, I’m not sure we can trust him.” “We don’t really have a choice.” We’re looking down and holding hands. I know you don’t like the sound of the deal, neither do I, but we also know there isn’t really anything we can do. Before, I would’ve said ‘Let’s run away. Leave my parents and everything behind.’, but … that’s not really an option now. “So what am I supposed to do? Stay away from you the whole time?”, you finally ask. “No. Nobody said we’re forbidden to see each other. We just … can’t do it that openly.” You shake your head with a scoff. “You want us to hide like before.” “I know it’s not ideal, but it’s only for a month. Then we’ll be free again.” You caress my cheek gently. “I don’t want to share you.” “It’s only my time, everything else remains yours.”, you smile at that. “Well, since I won’t be having much of your time when he arrives, I’ll take all the time I can have now.”, you put your arms around me with a sneaky grin. “As much as I would love that, our parents will be constantly interrupting.” “Then we’ll go somewhere our parents can’t come.” “Where would that be?” “I may not be an orphan anymore, but the blue house is still mine.”, did you just say what I heard? “Then lead the way.” The blue house. My favorite place in the whole world. I used to stay here for hours, being with you, laughing, talking, cooking. I even slept here a couple of times, telling my parents I was at a friend’s. Which wasn’t a complete lie, the word friend is included in boyfriend. I love this place and how distant it is from everything else. How the rest of the world is isolated, even forbidden to enter. Sometimes I even dreamed I would leave the palace and come to live here with you, which was never going to happen obviously. It may be out of town, but the police still would’ve found me here when my parents found out I was missing. But that didn’t mean I can’t dream. “I haven’t been here in two months.”, you point out as we enter. “I don’t remember it being that small.” “It has a bed, a kitchen and a TV, what else do we need?” You wrap your arm around my waste in defeat. “Fine, you’re right. What do you want to do now?” “What we were supposed to be doing this morning, had the world not intervened.” “You perve.”, you glare at me. “Joke is on you, I was talking about watching a movie.”, I pretend. You pivot me around so that we’re looking at each other. “Really? We’re finally alone and you want to watch a movie?” “Fine, I don’t.”, I look down ashamed. “But for the record you are the perve, not me.”
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