I brought you back

A sequel to my short story 'I will bring you back', this movella tells about the events after Alex and Bella's big scene in the rain. What will happen now? Can they continue living as if nothing happened? Or is pretending to be someone else a task too difficult for Alex?


2. Morning with you

I wake up to the rays of the sun, beaming brightly in my face. You haven’t detached from me all night. I’m resting in your arms and I feel your breath on my skin. I shuffle, which wakes you up.

“Morning.”, I say, as you relax your embrace to let me turn around and face you.

“Morning to you too.”, you give me a sleepy smile, “Did you sleep well?”

“Well, I-“, I am interrupted by a knock on the door. Mary!

“Good morning miss.”

“Just a minute, Mary.”, I call out as I mouth to you ‘Bathroom. Quickly.”. You follow my hand and run in there, shutting the door behind you. “Come in.”

“Miss Isabella, your mother asked me to inform you that she and your father are out of town today.”

“Oh, where would they be?”, perfect, that’s just perfect.

“They are taking a trip to your aunt’s.”, oh I’d forgotten about that.

“I see.”

“Would you like me to prepare the dining room for your breakfast or you prefer to eat in you room?”

“The dining room.”, oh, Alex, wait ‘till you have a meal in the royal dining room. “Mary, could you prepare a double amount of food?”, she looks at me a bit puzzled, but still answers politely.

“Certainly miss.”, she closes the door behind herself and I run to the bathroom. You wait for me there with a goofy grin.

“Well, that was a good way to start the day.”

 “I apologize.”, I put my hands on your chest, “But being the princess complicates things a bit.”

“Yeah,”, you look down, “I know.”

“I promise I’ll make it up.”, I flash you a guilty smile. “Besides, when we tell our parents we’re actually together we won’t have to hide that often.”

You brush some hair off my face.

“But we’ll still have to hide to do the fun stuff.”, you lean closer to me. “Like before.”
“Well … that’s part of being a teenager.”

You laugh.

“Speaking of parents, I’m guessing mine have gone mental by now.”

“Don’t worry, I texted them last night. You were at a friend’s house, it got too late and you decided to sleepover.”

“Oh,”, you look at me impressed, “that’s actually smart.”

“I’ve learned a thing or two.”, I wink. You lean to again to kiss me, but suddenly pull away.

“Wait, if you texted them they’ll know you’re the friend. They’ll probably figure out some stuff.”

“Which is why I texted them from your phone, so they wouldn’t know I’m involved.”, You give me another impressed look to which I shrug my shoulders “Ah, that’s just some tricks you learn when you’re hiding from your parents.”

Your smile vanishes, getting replaced by sorrow.

“I never had a chance to learn that.”

Oh, Alex. I still can’t begin to picture what you must’ve gone through. I take your hands in mine.

“That’s all in the past now.”


Breakfast is served in the dining hall, when we get there. When we enter I shout something about you spending the night in the yellow bedroom, just to create the impression we weren’t together last night. But, besides from that we behave normally. We’re not hiding, we chat, laugh, enjoy our time. I don’t see a point in us hiding our relationship, the parents will find out soon anyways.  Breakfast soon ends and I take you around the castle. You’ve never seen it before, now I realize. That is so strange, ‘cause I know every small detail about apartment. Or what used to be your apartment. No one has been there in weeks and I presume after recent events you won’t go back. Rather a shame, I loved your apartment.

You’re intrigued by every little thing I show you. I guess Caroline and Philip’s mansion also has some breathtaking elements, but it’s not as astonishing as the royal castle.

“You mean you never use this dining hall?”, you ask puzzled.

“No, it’s a legacy from grandma. We only have it as part of the interior design, since it’s too beautiful and precious to actually host people.”

“I thought your grandma lived in Spain.”

“She does. She moved there when she resigned and my mom inherited her crown. She used to live here before that.”

“Is it some kind of tradition for royals to move away when they’re no longer crowned?”

“Well, no, but most want a change of atmosphere when they retire.”

“Yeah, there’s some logic to that”, you observe the hall once more. “So what are the other three dining halls for?”

“The one we had breakfast in, is the family one. We use it to eat everyday, and also to host small gatherings. When we hold a ball, we use the biggest one since it can fit all the guests, and the last one is for having tea and greeting guests from time to time.”

“Why not just use the biggest one all the time?”

“Because it takes too much time and effort for the servants to clean it and it has a different atmosphere from the others.”

“Oh.”, you nod, “That makes sense.”

Your phone rings, which takes your attention away from me.

“Hi, mom.”, you answer. I guess I should get used to the fact that Caroline is your mother. “Yeah, I’m still at my friend’s.”, you wink at me. “Umm, sure, I can. Bye.”, you hang up.

“She called to check on you?”

“Yeah, she wants me to go back home.”

“That’s something parents do, you’ll get used to it.”, I joke, “Let me take you-“

“She wants me to go back now.”

“But … I thought we’re going to spend the day together.”

“We spent all morning together.”, you try to comfort me. Why are you even thinking of leaving? Caroline can wait a while, I haven’t properly been with you in weeks.

“Why do you have to go right away?”

You look down, exhaling quietly.

“Bells,”, you try to explain to me. In your eyes I can read you want to stay, you want to spend the rest of the day here, with only me. But, I can also see you really want to leave. To go to your family, enjoy your newfound happiness.

“Fine, go to them.”, I smile in defeat, releasing your hand.

“Thank you.”, you stroke my hand and give me a quick kiss. Then your face lights up. “Hey, how about you come with me?”

“No, I can’t, it’s family time.”

“My mom,”, there is that word again, “said I just need to come home. She didn’t say I can’t bring you with me.”

“She probably missed you last night and wants to see you.”

You pull me towards you.

“Then she’ll just have to see me in your presence.”

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