I brought you back

A sequel to my short story 'I will bring you back', this movella tells about the events after Alex and Bella's big scene in the rain. What will happen now? Can they continue living as if nothing happened? Or is pretending to be someone else a task too difficult for Alex?


1. I'm sure

I pull you by the hands and bring you inside. I try to be as quiet as possible, don’t want the servants to notice I’m bringing you inside. We reach my room, where we can finally relax from all the hiding. I lock the door. You take my hands, gently pulling me backwards. We reach my bed, as we begin kissing. This time you’re confident and eager, unlike yesterday when you were scared to touch me. My hand slips underneath your T-shirt. Your skin is cold, probably from all there hours outside.

“Bells, wait,”, you stop my hand, “are you sure about this?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“It’s our first time,”, you stroke my shoulder, “do you want it to be when we’re soaking wet, freezing and hiding from everyone in the house?”

“I can barely feel the cold.”, I try to convince you, “And since we’re staying, I don’t think there’ll ever be a time when we’re not hiding from someone.”, I smile from the nervousness, “Don’t you want to do it?”

You kiss me again and your hand moves down my spine. I proceed onto taking off your t-shirt, which I drop to the floor. My hands move up and down your body and yours unzip my jeans. Soon all our clothes are scattered across the room and we lie under the duvet. You’re kissing me passionately, before I say:

“I love you too.”

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