I brought you back

A sequel to my short story 'I will bring you back', this movella tells about the events after Alex and Bella's big scene in the rain. What will happen now? Can they continue living as if nothing happened? Or is pretending to be someone else a task too difficult for Alex?


3. Caroline and Philip's

I can’t believe you convinced me to come with you. When our car arrives Caroline runs to the door.

“Alexander, it was about time you came home.”, she reaches to hug you and then spots me next to you, “Isabella.”, she takes a look at both of us, “I should have guessed he’s with you.”

“He just called me this morning. He’d promised to come visit, but then you asked him to get home soon, so we decided to combine the two.”

“How resourceful of you.”, Caroline adds gritting her teeth slightly. “Well, I’m always happy to welcome the princess in my home. Shall we go inside, it’s beginning to rain.”

We enter the house, your hand still holding mine. I wish Caroline and Phillip weren’t in the room, or any of the servants as a matter of hand.

“Isabella,”, Philip greets me with a happy smile. At least he’s happy to see me. “I didn’t expect you to come. If I’d known I would have asked the servants to prepare more food.”

“It’s ok, dad.”, you say, “we had breakfast, so we’re not that hungry.”

Caroline picks up on that.

“Oh, I thought you said you called her and then headed here together straight away.”

“Well, we were hungry, so we decided you can wait a bit.”

“Yes, of course,”, Philip slaps his forehead, “I forgot your parents were out of town for a while. You must be lonely in that big house of yours.”

“It’s not that bad.”, I share. “Plus, Alex kept me company at breakfast and after that, so I haven’t felt their departure yet.”

Philip nods sympathetically, before he gets an idea.

“Why don’t you spend the rest of the day here, until they come back?”

Caroline shoots him a glance very quickly, but then smiles with care at me. Your eyes begin to sparkle with the idea of having me here all day. Not only me, but your family too, all of us together under one roof.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to be intruding.”, after all they probably wanted to be a family for a while. Maybe even you need that to get used to your new life.

“You won’t be, we’re happy to have you here.”, Philip reassures me, while both you and him give me hopeful looks.

“Ok, I’ll stay.”, I surrender.


I am given a huge room on the top floor, which practically feels like being in the sky. There’s a window on the roof right above my bed, where I can see the stars. I’m guessing you had a say in this. It’s night now, dinner just finished, so everyone headed to their own business. Although I really loved being around you and Philip, and even Caroline, all day, I’m a bit tired from all the socializing. I just want to rest.

My phone seems to disagree as it rings, nagging me to pick up.

“Hey, mom, how’s the trip?”

“So far it’s been pretty enjoyable. Your dad is actually enjoying it quite a lot.”

“Cool. I’m happy you’re having fun.”

“Yeah, did you get too lonely in the castle all by yourself?”

“Umm, no, actually Caroline and Philip kind of adopted me for the day.”

“Oh, that’s rather nice of them. I’m presuming Alex was also there.”, I can picture you raising a satisfied eyebrow.

“Yes, mom, he was.”, parents are cute sometimes.

“Well in that case, if it’s ok with you, do you think they can adopt you for longer?”

“Why? You don’t want to leave?”

“It’s not that, but the car broke down and finding a new one is a bit tricky, you know with the bodyguards and all, so your dad thinks the best option is if we wait and catch the train tomorrow.”


“Of course, if you don’t feel ok with that, we can try to look for something else.”

“No, don’t, I’ll be fine. Just get home safe and enjoy your time. Don’t worry about me.”

“Ok, I promise we’ll be back before you know it. Good night from both of us.”

“Goodnight.”, I hang up. So now I have to choose between staying in solitude for a day or pissing Caroline even further.

You interrupt me, by bursting in the room and wrapping your hands around me. You press your lips into mine, as I also put my hands around you.

“Been waiting all day to do that, Bells.”

“Well, now that you finally can, why stop?”

You push me against the wall, leaving no space between the two of us. I kiss you urgently, even slip my hand under your jacket. We’re both lost in the moment before we hear shouting downstairs.

“Philip, we can’t let this engagement happen.”

“Caroline, you’re being ridiculous.”

“I am not. You’ve seen the look in her eyes, she’s determined to bring back his memories.”

“You know that can never happen.”

“Do I? All I have are Robert’s promises.”

“It’s a pill invented in a laboratory, it’s biologically impossible.”

“Still, it’s a pill we haven’t heard of, how can we know what’s possible or not?”, Caroline snaps at him.

“Ok, you’re right, we don’t. But we can’t separate them because we fear he might come back.”

There is a pause before Caroline pleaded:

“I don’t want to lose him.”

“Neither do I. But … you see them together.”

“Yes,”, she exhales, “I do.”

“Isabella is the princess and a good girl, she’s like a family member, who better to marry our son than her?”, Caroline doesn’t reply. I imagine her staring into the distance with a troubled look on her face, “Most importantly, she loves him and he loves her. What more can you ask for?”

“We just got him, Philip.”, her voice trembles, “I can’t lose him again.”

“We won’t.”, their voices drift off as they go into another room. You and I are still standing in the exact same position, only any thought of making out is long gone.

“So,”, I’m looking down, “at least now I know why she hates me.”

“Bells, she doesn’t hate you. She’s just … worried.”

“She still doesn’t want me near you.”, I look up. You put your hand on my cheek.

“She’ll get over that.”

“No she won’t.”, I push away your hand, “She’s been waiting for a kid for years, probably from before I was even born. She will never shake off the feeling she might lose you.”

“I’m sure she can think reasonably. Plus, you heard dad, he’ll persuade her.”

“Alex, don’t argue with me over this, I know parents better than you.”

Afflicted, you step back and your hands drop to your sides.

“Thanks for reminding me.”, you sneer before leaving the room.

Ugh, Alex. I didn’t mean it in that way, or at least I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said it, or maybe not with that tone.

As if Caroline isn’t enough now I have to tip-toe around you too. This could’ve been a fun evening for the two of us, why did the rest of the world have to intervene?

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