FASTLANE (Zootopia)

When Judy is missing after her date with Nick, it's up to Nick to go to Miami and take over Judy's case, but what secret is lurking in the dark? Original Story is from 215Productions in Wattpad. Enjoy. NOTE: TO KNOW WHAT MUSIC TO HEAR, GO TO PART 3 OF THE STORY AND FIND THEM.


3. Part 3

At midnight, Jervis came back. Mark told him that he had told Judy everything. Judy was sleeping when she got disturbed by Mark's loud voice.

"You sure she's okay with it?" Jervis was asking.

"I told her she could believe it if she wants to," Mark said, "After all, we can't force her to believe it. We all know it's a big blow for her."

"It'll take time for her," Jervis said, "So I hope you could give her some time alone to accept the fact."

"No problem!" Mark said.

"Wait for me outside here," Jervis said as he walked in Judy's room. Judy then pretended to sleep.

Jervis sat on a chair beside Judy's bed and stroked her bunny ears, then her face and kissed her on the forehead.

"Judy," he whispered, "I'm sorry for everything. I know I have dragged you into my problems. I know I've caused you and Nick a lot of trouble. Remember the promise I made to you? I promised you that I will never leave you, but I did. An uncle of yours shouldn't be doing all these. He should take care of you, protect you, but I failed to do so. I've failed as an uncle. I don't fit to be your uncle.

"It's okay if you hate me. It's right for you to hate me for all you want. Once you leave with Nick after this case, you could forget all about this uncle, thinking that this uncle is a jerk and a fucktard who caused you trouble. Until we meet again, Judy Hopps, I will always remember you."

Jervis stroked her ears again and kissed her forehead before standing up. He shed away his tears and walked away.

"Lights out!" Jervis said before closing the guest room's door. Judy felt remorseful.

"I've really wronged him," Judy whispered to herself.

The next day, Judy woke up and realized that Jervis was not in his room. She saw Mark walking down the stairs. She ran to him.

"Mark, where's Jervis?"

"He's in his office," Mark said.

"Could you bring him to me?"

Mark nodded slowly.

Outside his office, Judy was about to knock on the door when he heard some noises. She heard Jervis's voice and another familiar voice.

"Chief Bogo?" She suddenly remembered the other voice. She tried to hear the conversation.

"So what's your intention to bring her here?" Jervis asked, "Give her more trouble?"

"I seriously do not want it," Chief Bogo said, "but Judy is bored rearranging files here and there. I tried my best to give her easier jobs after the Night Howler case, but she would be bored. She is a very ambitious person. She wouldn't mind taking this Miami case."

"And let her die here?" Jervis asked angrily, "Do you know my enemy is trying to kill her because he knew that Judy's solving the robbery case? Bogo, wake up your fucking mind! Miami is a dangerous place for a bunny like her. Bruce is a dangerous asshole who will try to kill anyone in his way. And so you wanted Judy to die one more time, didn't you?"

"The Night Howler case... She told Bellwether she would be solving that bloody case. And then, I had no choice. I had to give her that job. I gave her this Miami mission because she could take on greater heights. I believe a dangerous city like this would not stop her to solve this case."

"So that's what he means when he said someone will kill his ass," Judy whispered to herself, "Uncle will kill his ass."

"Yeah, this better be the last time, Bogo," Jervis warned Bogo, "One more time you put her through a dangerous case, I'll fuck you up. Make this crystal clear in your head."

"Fine," Bogo said before storming out of the room. Judy hid behind a corner when Bogo came out.

"So overprotective," Bogo grumbled, "I wonder how Jervis will teach her independence."

Judy went to the door and knocked it.

"Come in," Jervis said while he was looking at his computer.

"Uncle, I'm sorry for all the things I've done," Judy apologized.

Jervis turned away from his computer and stood up, "Now you're calling me Uncle? Isn't that ridiculous? Aren't I the one who is a disgrace to my parents? Why? Feeling so apologetic now?" Jervis walked out of the office. Judy turned around.

"I know I've did a lot of wrong. I thought you were trying to kill us or even fool us. I was very wrong."

Jervis stopped at the spot.

"I know I've hurt you that time by slapping you. I was not thinking at that time I swear. I was very stupid, thinking that you were trying to kill me by ejecting me out of the car. Or either fooling Nick by giving him a car and smashing it. I didn't realize the good intentions coming from you."

Judy started to cry, "So I hope you could help me solve this robbery case for once. After this, Nick and I will go back to Zootopia, and then you can hate me. Hate me all you want. Because I've broken your heart. And I also...also never spared a thought for your feelings. I am just a dumb bunny."

Jervis stopped for a few seconds, then continued moving. Judy's ears  dropped.

"It's fine if you don't want to help me," Judy cried, "I totally deserved it."

As she turned around and was about to walk away, someone whistled from the back. Judy remembered that whistle.

15 years ago...

Young Judy was lost in the crowds. She tried to find her father, Stu. She also tried to find her mother, Bonnie, or her uncle, but she could not see anyone she recognized in the crowds.

She sat down on a corner and started crying. Suddenly, she heard a whistle. She looked up and saw Jervis whistling. He clapped his hands twice before opening his arms.

"Come to Uncle," Jervis said, "Don't be scared."

Judy ran to Jervis and hugged him, crying at the same time. Jervis looked at Judy's face and smiled while wiping off her tears.

"Don't cry," Jervis said, "If you cry, you will not become beautiful anymore."

Back to the present...

Judy turned around and saw Jervis whistling. He clapped his hands twice before opening his arms.

"I've forgiven you," Jervis smiled at Judy. Judy smiled and ran to hug Jervis, then she cried uncontrollably, "I'm sorry, Uncle."

Jervis looked at Judy's face and smiled as he wiped off her tears, "Don't cry. If you cry, you'll not be beautiful anymore. Remember, you got a boyfriend. You need to look beautiful to attract him more, right?"

Judy nodded happily. Jervis smiled and hugged her.

At the garage, Judy hopped into Jervis's car while Jervis was getting ready to get out of the garage.

Mark came out of the toilet, at the same time, he took the controller on the table and pressed a button. The gate opened immediately.

"You guys got together?" Mark asked happily.

"Yeah!" Judy said, "Want to join us in visiting Nick?"

"Nah, you guys go ahead," Mark replied, "I need to do something important."

"Okay, then goodbye," Judy waved goodbye as Jervis drove off. In the hospital, Jervis and Judy rushed to Nick's ward. When they reached there, they saw Kristen waiting outside.

"Why are you here?" Jervis asked. Kristen turned around and looked at Jervis and Judy.

"I need your help," Kristen sighed.

"Why?" Jervis asked, "Need more weapons for your fucking boss?"

"I want to help you," Kristen said, "I'm sick and tired of killing people with my whipper. I want to help people, destroy the bad guys."

"Wow," Judy gave a sarcastic look.

"Really, I mean it," Kristen said, "Look, I know where Bruce is going. He's going to escape through Javelin Warehouse."

"Let me guess," Jervis said, "You want to help us because you are dumped by Bruce."

Kristen nodded sadly, "That's true."

"Fine," Jervis sighed, "You can help us. Wait outside."

Jervis and Judy went into Nick's ward. Judy sat down beside Nick and stoked his fur. Suddenly, Nick sneezed.

"Oh my!" Judy jumped up in shock, "You scared me!"

"Ha ha ha," Nick laughed and opened his eyes, "Smart bunny."

"Dumb fox," Judy smiled.

Nick turned to Jervis, "I'm sorry for my previous attitude to you. I was rude to you and I didn't expect you to be...the good uncle. You also saved my life twice. Thanks a lot."

"No problem," Jervis stuck his hands into his pockets.

Back at the garage, Jervis brought Judy and Kristen back. Mark saw them and greeted them.

"Where's Nick?" Mark asked.

"He's still in hospital," Judy said, "He can only be discharged tomorrow."

"Anyway," Mark said, "The important thing that I said earlier today was... I know where Bruce went."

"To Javelin Warehouse?" Jervis asked.

"How did you know?" Mark asked, then turned to Kristen.

"Ohh, you," Mark pointed his finger at Kristen, "Aren't you supposed to help Bruce?"

"She's with us now," Jervis said, "So let's go."

Outside Javelin Warehouse, a guy drove Bruce inside the warehouse.

"Thanks, Ian," Bruce said, "At least you're alive and kicking, not like the other three. One dead, two in jail."

"No worries, Boss," Ian said, "I've got your back."

Bruce got out of the car, but then turned back to Ian, "You've got an airplane?"

"Yeah," Ian nodded, "I've hired a professional pilot."

"Thank you," Bruce was about to walk when a Pagani and Nissan GTR came in.

"Run away, Ian," Bruce said.


"They are here."

"Sure," Ian sped up and drove off. Bruce took out his gun. Jervis and Judy came out from the GTR while Kristen and Mark came out of the Pagani.

"So you did run to Holewhaler and cry after I dumped you," Bruce laughed at Kristen.

"Not funny, Friston," Jervis glared at Bruce, "I'm going to finish you once and for all."

"Well, I did like to see you try," Bruce reloaded his gun. Jervis and Mark charged forward. Kristen and Judy went to the end of the warehouse and blocked the exit where Bruce could escape. Bruce shot Mark down. Jervis kicked Bruce's gun away from his hand. Bruce punched his face.

"I am never going to let you run away after doing a fucking crime!" Jervis shouted. He kicked Bruce and Bruce fell onto some flour.

"How is there even flour here?" Bruce asked. Before he could get up, Jervis charged at Bruce and knocked him down again. Bruce turned around to his left and realized that his gun was there. He took it and shot Jervis at the shoulder. Jervis groaned in pain. As Bruce was about to shoot again, Kristen took a rope and strangled Bruce.

Bruce elbowed Kristen's stomach and kicked her. She flew a metre apart before falling onto the ground with a loud thud. He took out Kristen's whips from his pockets.

"Too bad I've stolen this from you," Bruce said, "When you left, you dropped it."

"You bastard!" Kristen groaned, "You'll get your retribution one day!"

"There will never be a day, Kristen," Bruce took the whips, "Never." He then sliced off Kristen's head. He took up her head and threw it at Judy, but she managed to kick it away.

Bruce slammed the whips on the floor and immediately, the ground shook and boxes fell onto of Judy. Judy groaned in pain.

"Finally!" Bruce shouted, "All defeated!" As he was about to run to the exit, Jervis took out his gun and shot Bruce's leg and back. Bruce fell down the floor, unconscious. He stood up slowly, turned around and saw police cars coming.

Nick came out of one of the police cars and ran to Jervis.

"You and Judy okay?"

"Go help Judy," Jervis said, "She's been smashed by all those boxes."

Nick ran to Judy and threw all the boxes aside. Denzel and other police officers handcuffed Bruce as he groaned.

Outside the warehouse, while the police officers are putting bandages around Bruce, Bruce laughed.

"You're a tough nut to crack, Holewhaler," Bruce laughed, "No matter how I tried to get rid of you or the people around you, you just seemed to be like a pest."

"I am," Jervis said, "And you will never be able to get rid of me, because you done my family harm."

"Your brother owes me a debt," Bruce said, "And that's why he shouldn't borrow from a loanshark."

"Well, you stole the Attomey Bank, mastermind," Jervis laughed, "Now I can visit you in jail instead of fighting with you every time we meet. This is so awesome!" Jervis walked to his car. Judy, Nick and Mark are waiting there, all already treated.

"Ready?" Jervis asked. The trio nodded. Judy entered Jervis's car while Nick entered Mark's car. They both then drove off.

They broke in Bruce's house. Jervis slowly walked in and tried to find the money.

"Money nowhere to be seen," Jervis said. Nick took a hammer from the car and smashed the wall. The wall came down and saw the money.

"15.3 million dollars," Jervis smiled at the money, "Who would not want it?"

At the evening, Stu and Bonnie visited Jervis, Judy, Mark and Nick.

"Hey, Holewhaler!" Stu shouted to Jervis. Jervis turned around and went to hug Stu.

"Long time no see, Mr Hopps," Jervis said. Bonnie also ran to Jervis and hugged him.

"Thanks for taking care of Judy during this time," Stu said, "And we're sorry for the trouble Judy has caused you. She was damn rude, so..."

"Yeah, I know," Jervis laughed, them turned to Judy, "I suppose you know what to do."

Judy went to Stu and apologized to him.

"I'm sorry, Dad," Judy bowed, "I know I was in the wrong to scream at you at that time."

"It's okay," Stu patted Judy, "You don't know this after all. Who could blame you?"

Bonnie cleared her throat. Everybody looked at her.

"So, Judy and Nick," Bonnie asked, "Would you like to go back to Zootopia, or stay here with your uncle?"

Judy thought for a while, then looked at Bonnie, "I would want to go back home and see my brothers and sisters," Judy then looked at Jervis, "But I would love to spend time with Uncle, since we are just reunited."

"Since Judy is staying, I'll be staying too." Nick replied

Judy looked at Bonnie, "Is that okay, Mum?"

"Of course I am!" Bonnie said, "You should spend more time with your uncle! You guys are just reunited."

"We'll be saying goodbye here," Stu said, "Judy, Nick, you're welcome to enter Zootopia and into our house anytime."

"Sure," Judy said. Judy, Jervis, Mark and Nick waved goodbye to Stu and Bonnie as they went off.

"We've saved the day," Judy smiled, "I feel I've just accomplished something big."

"How about accomplishing something bigger?" Jervis asked, "Race with me. Whoever reaches the restaurant first, will get a free treat from the loser."

"Deal!" Judy said, "but where's my car?"

Jervis whistled and Mark ran to the garage. A few seconds later, Mark drove out a new, metallic purple Ferrari F12.

"Holy sweet cheese crackers!" Judy jumped up and down excitedly, then hugged Jervis, "Thank you, Uncle!"

Jervis smiled, "You're welcome. Let's go and race." Jervis and Judy ran into their cars. Mark went to the middle of the road.

"Ready, Judy?" Mark asked.


"Ready, Jervis?" Mark turned to Jervis.


"On your mark, get set..." Jervis and Judy revved up their car's engine.

"GO!" Mark shouted. Judy and Jervis immediately stepped on the gas pedal and drove off. Nick ran to Mark.

"They sure love to race," Nick laughed, "Let's have a bet. Who will win? I bet Judy will win."

"I think Jervis will win," Mark laughed.

215Productions Presents

As Jervis and Judy raced through The Ben's Bar, Benson and his customers saw them. Benson ran outside and cheered for Jervis.

"Go, Jervis! Go, Jervis! GO, JERVIS!"

Judith Laverene Hopps as Judy Hopps

Nicholas P. Wilde as Nick Wilde

At the jail, Denzel pushed Bruce to his jail cell.

"You belong here, Friston!" Denzel said as he pushed Bruce into the cell and locked it.

"Ha ha ha," Bruce laughed, "What makes you think I belong here?"

"Who's a criminal?" Denzel asked, "And a mastermind of the recent robbery? It's a crime to rob a bank, you know?"

Death215 as Jervis Holewhaler

Mark Wahlberg as Mark Tyson

"Yeah, yeah," Bruce said, then took out a gun and pointed it at Denzel.

"You're dead," Bruce said as he pulled the trigger. Nothing came out.

"That's a toy gun, Bruce," Denzel laughed, "It's for you to play with it."

"What?" He realized the gun was so light. He threw it on the floor, "Fuck this!"

Ben Stiller as Benson
Jimmy Neutron as Timothy
Megan Fox as Michelle
Jay Chou as Ian
Sonya Blade as Kristen
Gumball Watterson as Johnny Keys

Beside Bruce's cell, Timothy was playing poker on his own.

"Hey, boss!" Timothy called out, "Finally, I have company!"

"Fuck my life," Bruce sighed as he sat on the bed.

Jason Statham as Bruce Friston

Judith Laverne Hopps as Judy Hopps
Nicholas P. Wilde as Nick Wilde
Death215 as Jervis Holewhaler
Mark Wahlberg as Mark Tyson
Ben Stiller as Benson
Jason Statham as Bruce Friston
Idris Elba Chief Bogo
Nate Torrence as Clawhauser
Don Lake as Stu Hopps
Bonnie Hunt as Bonnie Hopps
Jimmy Neutron as Timothy
Gumball Watterson as Johnny Keys
Megan Fox as Michelle
Sonya Blade as Kristen
Jay Chou as Ian
Bugs Bunny as himself

Music used to write this story:
- Nothing Is Promised (Mike Will Made it Ft. Rihanna) (Theme Song)
- Get Low (Dj Snake and Dillon Francis)
- Down In the DM (Yo Gotti)
- Send My Love ( To your New Lover) (Adele)
- Freaks (Radio Edit) (Timmy Trumpet)
- Sound of Da Police (KRS-One)
- Fast Lane (Bad Meets Evil)
- Rack City (Tyga)
- Human (Christina Perri)
- Go Hard Or Go Home (Wiz Khalifa and Iggy Azalea)

Story Planned by 215Productions

2016 215Productions Works. All Rights Reserved.

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