FASTLANE (Zootopia)

When Judy is missing after her date with Nick, it's up to Nick to go to Miami and take over Judy's case, but what secret is lurking in the dark? Original Story is from 215Productions in Wattpad. Enjoy. NOTE: TO KNOW WHAT MUSIC TO HEAR, GO TO PART 3 OF THE STORY AND FIND THEM.


1. Part 1


5.30 P.M

Officer Judy Hopps sat on a chair in Chief Bogo's office.

"What happened, Sir?" Judy asked, "Did I do something wrong or did I break some law, or slacked in work?"

"You did nothing of that," Chief Bogo laughed, "And surprisingly, you did well this week, rearranging files." Judy gave a annoyed look.

Chief Bogo went back to his serious mode, "Well, I think that you're bored of rearranging files. That's why I want you to handle a case, but it's very dangerous. Someone there is going to murder my ass if he finds out I gave you the job."

"Well, who?" Judy asked.

Chief Bogo turned to the wall and whispered to himself., "Well, I don't think he will murder my ass for this. It's so important."

Chief Bogo then turned back to face Judy and handed her the case file, "There is a robbery in Miami. We have racers involved in this. I want you to find out who planned the robbery and then the police force will travel there to catch the criminal."

"Sure," Judy smiled and took the file, "I'll be happy to solve any case."

Officer Nick Wilde was waiting outside for Judy to come out. He took out his phone and called a restaurant to book a table for two for their date tonight.

Judy hopped out of the police station and saw Nick waiting.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," Judy kissed Nick's cheeks.

"It's okay, Carrots," Nick smiled, "Let's get changed."

After Nick and Judy walked off, Chief Bogo came out of the police station, "He's so going to murder my freaking ass!"

On top of a tree, a beaver was looking at Judy and calling a person at the same time.

"Boss, we have Judy Hopps here," The beaver said, "The most famous and first rabbit officer. Sexy and slim body. She can be sold like how you sold that girl but she was beheaded."

"Well, does she have a boyfriend?" The guy asked at the other line.

"Nick Wilde," The beaver said, "Her boyfriend."

The guy gave an evil laugh, "This is getting very interesting. Is there anything on tonight?"

"Yes, Boss, they're having a date," The beaver said.

"Okay, after the date, follow them and secretly kidnap her. We need her body for money and for sticking into my business."

The beaver gave a cheeky smile, "I'm right on it, Boss."


Nick got dressed up quickly and called Judy to meet him at the restaurant before he went off.

Nick reached the restaurant and tried to find the table he reserved. The waiter led him up to the third floor of the restaurant and there, he saw the grand table he ordered with lots of food and of course, a candlelight.

He sat down on a chair, waiting for Judy to arrive. He cannot wait to surprise Judy with this.

Judy was getting ready to get out of her house after wearing her favorite white dress and heels. As she got out, two masked brown bears followed her stealthily.

Miami, at the same time, in a grand house...

"It's time to wake up, sleepyhead!" A guy called out as Jervis Holewhaler woke up from his comfortable bed. He can't bear to part with it.

"I just wanted to sleep a few more minutes," Jervis groaned, "What's wrong with that?"

"Well, if you had known the show was going to last until 2 in the morning, you would've sleep earlier and wake up fresh at this timing the next day."

"C'mon, Mark," Jervis said as he got out of his bed, "You know I love bunnies. I took care of them when I was about sixteen or seventeen. I took care of over 200 bunnies."

"Well, even if you love bunnies," Mark shouted, "You should sleep early. We got a race later. Don't you want to beat those racers?"

"Maybe not today," Jervis yawned as he walked down the stairs to the living room and then to the toilet, "I'm going to bathe. See you later, Tyson."

Mark went outside the toilet, "The race's winning price is cash prize. Wouldn't you want it?"

"Let me bathe first," Jervis shouted.

Mark sighed.

Mark Tyson is a human, and the best friend of Jervis Holewhaler (a human too), and he is currently staying in Jervis's house for free, because he has no house. Mark Tyson is Jervis's only friend in Miami, and that's why Jervis doesn't want to kick Mark out of the house even if Mark makes him angry and annoyed, sometimes.

Jervis came out of the toilet a few minutes later. He threw the towel in the washing machine and started it.

"Well, breakfast at The Ben's Bar?" Mark asked. Jervis nodded, "We shouldn't keep taking free food, though."

"No worries," Mark laughed, "He owes me a favor. He could've lost his hands and legs if we had not saved him."

"That was such a small accident, Mark," Jervis said, "He was almost being smashed by a police van right there. Only a police van."

"Yo, Holewhaler," Mark patted Jervis's shoulder, "You should cherish what you have right now. Right now, I have a friend who gives us free breakfast and lunch everyday. And so, I'll treasure that."

"And if there's no him?" Jervis asked sternly, "Where is your breakfast going to be? The rubbish bin?"

"C'mon, Jervis," Mark shook his head, "Ben will never disappear without a reason. And of course I know I am not so rich as you, but I still can afford even he disappears."

"And racing's your career?" Jervis asked, "What happens if you bet high and lost the race? Well, then your face gets burnt, your fingers, well, even your dick could be burnt."

"Do not ever refer me to what happened to Faith," Mark said, "Her head got sliced off, and her thing also got sliced off, and..."

"Don't remind me of that," Jervis said as the washing machine stopped and Jervis took out his towel, "Whatever Bruce did years ago, one day there would be retribution."

Jervis and Mark walked up the stairs and Jervis placed his towel on the hanger behind his door and then closed the door.

"Let's go for breakfast," Jervis said as he went to the living room and turned to his right. Mark followed him.

They opened the door and walked down the stairs, which led to a garage.

"You know keeping all these cars waste your garage space?" Mark teased.

"Shut your mouth," Jervis said, "I didn't ask you to comment."

Jervis then saw his white Nissan GTR Nismo. He got in his car and asked Mark to hop in.

Back at Zootopia...

Judy Hopps went inside the restaurant. She asked the waiter to find Nick Wilde's table. The waiter led Judy to the third floor, then went back down. Judy was surprised to see a grand table with lots of food and a candlelight. Nick then stood beside her.

"Do you like it?" Nick asked.

Judy looked at Nick, then screamed excitedly, "I love it! I love it! I love it! Thank you so much, Nick."

Nick smiled, "You're welcome."

Nick led her to a chair and Judy sat down. Nick sat down at the other side and the waiter came up with a bottle of red wine. He poured the wine into Nick and Judy's glasses, then the waiter stood there and clapped his hands twice. Immediately, some people dressed in tuxedo came in with instruments and started playing music. Nick raised his glass, "Cheers."

Judy happily raised her glass, "Cheers!"

After the date, Judy and Nick walked out of the restaurant, holding hands and walking until they reached their apartment.

Nick kissed Judy goodbye and Judy did the same

"Remember to call me when you reach home," Nick said. Judy nodded. Both then went separate ways.

As Judy was about to enter the room, the two masked brown bears took out a cloth. One of them gagged Judy while the other tied Judy's hands and legs. Then, they brought Judy to a van as Judy muffled. Suddenly, the bears heard Judy's phone rang. One of the bears took out her phone and threw it on the floor, then they pushed Judy into the back of the van. The bears took out their phones.

"Let's see who gets the call first," the first bear said.

"It would be me," The second bear said. At that exact moment, his phone rang. The second bear picked up the line.

"Hey, Boss, we've gotten the bunny," The bear said.

"Good," the guy on the other line said, "Bring her to Miami quick."

"Yes, Boss," The bear then hung up the call, then turned to the first bear, "Drive us to the warehouse. There's a helicopter there."

"Sure," The first bear said, "But aren't you scared that the bunny could escape?"

The second bear took out a tape, "This should help," The second bear taped the back door with lots of tapes.

"We'll cut those off once we reach there," the second bear said. The first nodded and both ran to the van and drove off.

Back at Miami, in The Ben's Bar...

Jervis and Mark stepped in. There were not many people yet in the morning. Benson, the owner of the Ben's Bar, saw the duo and waved at them.

"Hello, guys!" Benson said, "It's great to see you again! Breakfast's the same?"

Jervis and Mark nodded. Besom called out to the chefs to cook bacon and eggs for Mark, and toasted butter bread for Jervis.

"Look, Benson," Jervis sighed, "We don't wish to keep asking for free food everyday, so from tomorrow onwards, we are not coming here again. Even if we are, we would be paying you."

"Hey, Jervis..." Mark looked at Jervis, "What's wrong with you today?"

"It's actually okay, Jervis," Benson chuckled, "You guys saved my life. I should be grateful."

"Since you said so," Jervis nodded, "You don't mind free dinner?"

"Jervis!" Mark shook him, "You're crazy! Do you want people to lose business?"

"It's okay," Benson said, "Free breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday, 24/7."

"Thank you," Jervis smiled as the chef gave him the toasted butter bread and gave Mark the bacon and eggs.

Back at Zootopia, the next day...

Nick woke up from his sleep. He looked at time. 5.30 A.M. Great, this is the first time he woke up early.

Nick got dressed in his police uniform and walked out of the house, whistling. He checked his phone for any calls. Judy should've call him yesterday.

"Maybe she was too tired to call," Nick was in deep thought when he tripped over something and landed on the floor with a loud thud. He got up from the floor, cursing.

When he turned around to see what on earth had made him tripped, he jumped back in shock.

Judy's phone!

Nick stood on the spot without moving for a few seconds before he recovered and went to pick up the phone. He tried to switch on the phone but it just doesn't want to. There was a note on the phone. Nick took it off and read it to himself.

"If you want your bunny back, win her in the Grand Drix in Miami."

"Fuck," Nick swore. Nick then took the note and ran to the police station. At the police station, Clawhauser, the cheetah, is showing some Gazelle stuff to his officer friends.

"See this?" Clawhauser stared dreamily, "She's so sexy." The others tried to shake him, but all was interrupted by Nick barging in the police station.

"Is Chief Bogo is his office now?" Nick asked anxiously.

"Well, yeah," a polar bear officer said, "He is in now."

"Thank you!" Nick then ran to Chief Bogo's office. Everyone looked at him.

"What happened to him?" The polar bear officer asked.

"Beats me," a wolf officer shrugged his shoulders, "It could be all about that small bunny again. As usual."

"In the first place I don't know how they even got together," a lion officer said. Clawhauser is still staring dreamily at the Gazelle stuff.

"Clawhauser!" The wolf officer shouted. Clawhauser suddenly stared at the wolf.

"Hey, don't look at me like that!" The wolf officer said, "I did that to get you out of your imaginary Gazelle world."

Chief Bogo was on a call with another guy.

"...C'mon, Judy is fit to do all these. So what if you're her caretaker? That doesn't make any difference."

Out of the blue, Nick ran into Chief Bogo's officer. Chief Bogo sighed, "I'll talk to you another time when I reach Miami." Chief Bogo then placed his phone down.

"What's the problem, Wilde?" Chief Bogo asked.

"Judy's missing, Sir," Nick said, "And I suspect it has something to do with her case."

Chief Bogo went closer to Nick, "And what makes you say that?"

Nick showed him the note, "This is Judy's case. To find out who robbed the bank in Miami. The race is held in Miami."

"How can that be?" Chief Bogo laughed sarcastically, "Does that even sound logic?" He then turned back to his serious mode and slammed the table, "That's never possible!"

"It could be, Sir!"

"Shut your mouth, Wilde," Bogo said.

"Please, Sir," Nick begged, "I beg you, Sir. Please, let me take Judy's case. She might be in there."

Chief Bogo sighed, "Fine. On one condition."

"What is it?" Nick asked. Chief Bogo looked at Nick's eyes, "If you don't find Judy there, you'll get it from me!"

"Yes, Sir!"

Nick then ran back to his home, prepared his luggage, then boarded a train going to Bunnyburrow.

Back at Bunnyburrow, Bonnie and Stu, Judy's parents, were at home, looking after their 275 bunnies.

"Where could Judy have gone to?" Bonnie asked, "It's been hours since she ever called back."

"It's going to be okay," Stu comforted her, "It's going to be."

Suddenly, someone knocked on their door. Bonnie went to open the door and got a shock.

"It's a fox!" One of Bonnie's bunnies said, pointing at the fox at the door, which was Nick. The others ran around, scared of the fox.

Stu walked to the door, "You're Officer Nick Wilde? The kind fox that helped Judy?"

"Yes," Nick nodded.

Stu allowed Nick into the house while Bonnie served him tea.

"Judy has talked a lot about you," Stu said, "A lot of great things."

"She's flattering me," Nick said, "I'm not that good."

"You helped her solve the night howlers case!" Stu exclaimed, "Obviously she is grateful to you!" At the same time, Bonnie sat down with Stu.

"That's just my mother's fault, no big deal," Nick said, "I'm here to tell you that...that..."

"That what?" Stu asked worriedly.

"That... Judy's missing," Nick sighed, "Can you guys follow me to Miami?"

Bonnie and Stu looked at each other, "Then who's going to take care of out bunnies here? It's a lot."

Nick thought for a while, then faced Stu, "Well, I think I have someone who could help you take care of the bunnies." Nick then brought Stu and Bonnie to somewhere in Zootopia.

"You sure he will help us?" Bonnie asked, "Is he somebody who will eat our bunnies, or he will give them to someone? Can we trust him?"

"He's a bunny," Nick said, "And he's trustworthy. So, don't worry." Nick saw a house that have bunny ears on top of it.

"This is it," Nick said as he went to knock the door, "Anyone at home?"

Moments later, a grey, tall bunny opened the door. He was wearing a face mask.

"Bugs!" Nick said, "Long time no see!"

Bugs took off his face mask.

"Hey, hey, hey, sly fox!" Bugs hugged Nick, "What brings you here?"

"Well, I have a favor to ask you, Bugs," Nick said, "Could you help me?"

"Sure, no problem!" Bugs said, "What is it?"

Nick asked Stu and Bonnie to come forward.

"These two bunnies need help from you," Nick said, "Since you are a bunny and they don't trust other animals, they hoped you could help them take care of their bunnies while we are gone saving a little bunny."

"Sure!" Bugs exclaimed, "When does it start?"

"'Now," Stu said, "You sure you're not backing out?"

"I honor my word," Bugs chuckled.

"Okay, follow us," Stu said. Bugs got dressed and followed along. At Bunnyburrow, Stu brought Bugs inside the house and introduced him to Stu's 275 bunnies and told them their favorite things.

"I hope you can take care of them," Stu begged. Bugs nodded, "My pleasure."
Stu smiled and hugged Bugs, "Sorry for troubling you, bunny."

"We're bunnies," Bugs smiled, "We should take care of each other."

Miami, 10 minutes later...

Jervis woke up and got out of his bed. "I'm ready to race."

He ran down the stairs and realized that Mark is missing from the house.

"Where could he be?" Jervis thought as he went to his underground garage. He started up his GTR and drove off to the race starting point.

"Night race," He thought to himself while driving, "This should be fun."

When he reached the starting point, he saw all the racers that he used to race with: Percy, Thomas, Leo, Dangus, Ellen, Julie and many more. He always outshine them in racing. This night should be no different. Then, he saw a Lotus Evora GTE car parked with the driver being surrounded by many girls. Jervis clenched his fists.

The driver noticed Jervis clenching his fists and asked the girls to wait at his car. He then walked to Jervis.

"Hey, Holewhaler," The guy smiled, "How's your day today?"

"Supposed to be good," Jervis said, "Once I saw your face, it becomes shit."

"Remembering what happened five years ago and you still can't forget it?" The guy laughed, "Why are so petty, Holewhaler?"

Jervis glared at the guy, "You will pay for what you did to my family, you bastard."

As Jervis was about to walk, the guy held Jervis back and held his neck, "Calling me a bastard? You might want to refrain from calling me that."

The guy punched Jervis. Jervis clenched his fists and punched the guy's face. The host saw them fighting and went to them to stop the fight.

The driver pointed his index finger at Jervis, "You watch out, boy. I'll beat you tonight." Then, the driver walked off. Jervis pointed his middle finger, straightened his shirt and then went to his car.

"Those two will always be enemies," a male racer said to a female racer.

Jervis slammed the door of his car while he prepare to start his car. The host came out.

"Welcome, racers! Welcome to the 54th race of Grand Drix," the host introduced, "Those who just joined us, my name is Johnny, the host for Grand Drix. Don't tell the police that. And Bruce and Jervis, no fighting again.

"Today's race is a challenging one. When you win the race, you win a million dollars. Once you strike out, you lose. Now, the track is made out of normal road and sand. So try not to get your car get wrecked in the sand. There are five obstacles. The first obstacle: the turn-go-round. Drift around the well as you go down to underground levels.

"Next obstacle: The Fast-Chopper. Ride as fast as you can as the chopper comes down every 2 seconds. And whoever the chopper hits, it's never a good sign.

"Third obstacle: Uphill. Drive as fast as you can to get up back to the land. The easiest obstacle yet.

"Fourth obstacle: Hole Avoiding. Well, avoid the holes, as the name says it all. Be careful though, the further you go, the hole becomes bigger. And that hole is actually able to make a car fall.

"Fifth and last obstacle: Racing against Traffic. Race against all cars and trucks. Well, if you're not careful, you may die from there." Johnny adjusted his collar.

Finally, Johnny said a sentence that everybody was waiting to hear, "Start your engines."

Jervis glared at Bruce. Bruce took out the cigarette that he was smoking on and threw it on the floor.


Everybody revved up their engines.

"Get Set..."

Jervis whispered to himself, "I'm going to beat you, you son of a bitch."

"GO!" And there goes the gunshot. Everybody started stepping on their accelerators and drove off to the first obstacle: the turn-go-round. Jervis had been an expert in this since he learned driving. He overtook many people and became first. He then stepped on the brakes and turned the steering wheel professionally.

At the back, a Mazda driver was trying to drift like how Jervis did. He pressed the brakes and turned his steering wheel. Suddenly, his steering wheel broke.

"Oh goddamn it!" The driver shouted as he threw the steering wheel outside. Another racer who is driving in high speed went through the steering wheel and the car lost balance. It started drifting around and in the end, it collided with the Mazda driver.

Bruce overtook racers one by one, and at the same time, he banged a racer and forced him to go the other way. That driver stepped on the footbrake and the car stopped immediately. He then came out of the car and screamed at Bruce, "Hey, you! Fuck you!"

Bruce laughed and continued driving. Soon, he reached the second obstacle: The Fast-Chopper. He saw Jervis at the very front. He stepped on his accelerator harder than before. As he was about to reach the chopper, a racer overtook him, but at the same time, the chopper went down on the car and it smashed the whole car. A little blood flown onto Bruce's car windscreen.

"That's entertainment," Bruce said as he pressed a button. Immediately, two wipers started moving and started to clean the car's windscreen.

At the front, Jervis is already at the third obstacle: the Uphill. He pressed a button and instantly, his car went extremely fast. When he reached the land, the car went back to normal speed.

"I love my nitro!" Jervis smiled.

When he looked at his rear mirror, he saw Bruce catching up. Jervis gulped. "If I don't win this race, I'm disgracing myself, and Bruce will call me names. I will never let that ever happen. Not while I'm alive."

He stepped hard on the accelerator and soon, Bruce and Jervis reached the fourth obstacle: Hole Avoiding.

The holes were at the sides of the road. It was small at first for the first two kilometers, but for each kilometer that Jervis and Bruce travelled after the first two, the hole becomes bigger by one centimeter square. Soon they have travelled ten kilometers. The holes were so big, even a truck could fall from that hole.

"I'm going to force you to your death, Holewhaler," Bruce shouted, "Join your dead family!"

"That will be a no, Bruce," Jervis whispered to himself.

A Ferrari racer from the back came and was closely behind Bruce. The driver then went nearer to Bruce's car and banged his car.

"How dare you bang my car!" Bruce thought, "You'll pay for this!" He braked and turned back. He let the racer go first, then he went after him.

The driver was about to reach Jervis's car when Bruce came in and smacked him to the side. Immediately, his car dropped into the hole. As the car was falling, the driver thought, "What could be worse? It's just dropping into water."

Suddenly, a great white shark came out and reached for the car. The driver widened his eyes and screamed in fear as he watched himself and his car getting eaten by the shark.

The drivers at the back fought for survival. They collided into one another on purpose, and some fell down the hole, but was not eaten by the shark. They swam to the shore and sighed.

"Finally," Jervis said as he was reaching the last obstacle, "The last one. And I'll be winning this race!"

There were only 6 racers left, including Jervis and Bruce. Jervis looked at the back and saw Bruce behind. Jervis sighed and stepped on the accelerator.

Two racers have overtaken Bruce and were going to catch up with Jervis.

"That's not going to happen," Bruce said as he pressed a button. A line of sharp edges appeared on his bumper. He drove faster and managed to catch up with one of the racers.

"See you in hell," he drove near to the racer and soon, the sharp edges pierced one of the back wheel and the racer lost control of his car.

"Fuck, what's happening?" The driver screamed as one if the trucks collided with his car and the truck then ran over his car. There was traffic congestion a few seconds later.

One of the road drivers swore and took out his phone and dialed the police, "Hey, police. There's a race going on."

Bruce is getting very close to the second racer. He then did the same thing and the second driver lost control too. Luckily, he was already out of the obstacle.

Jervis was nearby the finish line, "Yes, the moment I've been waiting for." As he was about to reach the finish line, Bruce came and went across the finish line at the same time as Jervis. Johnny Keys then came out of his house, which is nearby the finish line and saw Bruce and Jervis, "It's a tie! I saw it!"

"God damn it!" Jervis slammed the car's steering wheel. Bruce came out of the car. Jervis also got out of the car and went to Bruce.

"You're trying to steal my win, aren't you?" Jervis asked angrily.

"Says the one," Bruce folded his arms, "I was the one who was supposed to win! Then you came in!"

Johnny tried to break them up, but Bruce pushed him away.

"Just watch out the next time!" Jervis pointed at Bruce, "I won't ever let you win!"

"Same goes to you," Bruce said, then walked off. The host ran to him, "Come back for tomorrow's race."

"I will," Bruce said, "And I'll never let that son of a bitch win." Bruce then went into his car and drove off.

Jervis slammed his car's doors, "Fuck you, Bruce Friston!" Johnny sighed and went to him.

"It's okay," He said, "No biggie. Just win Bruce tomorrow. Anyway, I've heard tomorrow's price is great."

Suddenly, Johnny heard police sirens and turned to his right. There were police cars approaching them.

"Run!" Johnny screamed, then he ran to his house. Jervis quickly ran to his car and drove off.

Once Jervis reached his home, he parked his car in the garage and walked into his house. Mark was in the living room watching soccer match on the television.

"Why didn't you appear at the race today?" Jervis asked Mark. Mark looked at Jervis, "Well, races are boring for me sometimes, so I think I should do something else better, like betting on which team would win."

"Yeah, yeah," Jervis shook his head and went to his room and slept. Mark secretly closed Jervis's room door and switched off the television.

In a Zootopia Airlines plane...

Nick, Stu and Bonnie sat on the seats in the plane. On the left side in the plane, there were eleven rows of two seats each. In the middle, there were eleven rows of three seats. And at the end, there were also eleven rows of two seats each. Nick booked seats in the middle at the sixth row. Nick, Bonnie and Stu then sat down.

"Hope the plane can reach Miami in time," Nick begged silently, "If Judy is given to other people, I'll be dead."

"Hello, this is your captain speaking," Welcome aboard to Zootopia Airline 536. We would be reaching Miami in a few hours time. The latest time we could reach there is one in the afternoon tomorrow. We want to thank you for taking our airlines and be reassured that we will reach Miami safely. Thank you and have a nice day ahead at Miami."

Nick was shocked, "One in the afternoon? What happens if the race is over?"

"Try to think of positive things, Nick," Bonnie comforted him, "Try to think that the race is at night."

"Yeah, maybe I should," Nick breathed in and out.

In Miami, in Jervis's house, the next morning...

Mark went to Jervis's room and knocked his door, "May I come in?"

Jervis was sitting on his bed, "Come in."

Mark came in and gave him a warm cup of water, "I'll accompany you to the race today."

"Thanks," Jervis said, "I met Bruce yesterday."

"And how's the talk with him?"

"Well, shitty as it always was," Jervis got out of his bed, "That asshole stole my win. Well, his face tells me all. He's not regretful of what he did to my family."

"Don't care about him then," Mark said, "He's not worth your energy to complain."

"True," Jervis took his towel, "I'll bathe first. Meet me at the garage." Jervis then went down to the toilet.

A few minutes later, Jervis drove Mark to the race's starting point and dropped him in the middle of the crowd. Today, only Bruce and Jervis are racing against each other, while other racers who survived from yesterday and some new racers sat at corners of the track and cheered for Bruce. He saw Bruce and growled.

"Relax, man," Mark talked to Jervis through his walkie-talkie, "Concentrate on the race, and you'll be fine."

Bruce pointed his finger at Jervis, then pointed his thumb down. The host, Johnny Keys, came out.

"Welcome again to Grand Drix, where only two racers will compete against each other today. Our first racer, Bruce Friston" Johnny pointed at Bruce. Bruce waved his hands high like a boss.

Upon hearing Bruce Friston's name, everybody except Mark cheered and some shouted, "Bruce! Bruce!"

"He's a great racer and has won many Grand Drix trophies! Now, here comes his enemy in racing, and real life, Jervis Holewhaler!"

This time, no one except Mark cheered.

"Go for it, buddy!" Mark shouted. The crowd started looking at Mark like he got some mental problem. Jervis sighed and did a face palm.

"And here's the prize to cheer them up!" Johnny shouted, "Want to know the prize?"

"Yes!" The crowd shouted. Mark had a feeling it wasn't going to be a good prize.

Johnny nodded, "Bring that beauty out!"

"Beauty?" Jervis thought.

Immediately, two men came out and showed a cage. Inside was a bunny wearing a white dress tied up and gagged.

"Judy Hopps! Best rabbit officer in ZPD! And she can be sold for money!" Johnny shouted. Jervis gasped in shock.

"Judy Hopps?" Jervis stared at the bunny, "Oh no. This is getting very bad."

Mark suddenly talk through his walkie-talkie, "It's her! You have to win her!"

"Obviously I have to!" Jervis said, "That stupid bitch is not going to win her."

"Whoever wins this race," Johnny smiled, "will get the bunny."

Bruce turned to Jervis, pointed his finger at the bunny, then pointed his finger back at himself.

"It's not going to be yours, Friston," Jervis clenched his fists.

"We're going to start the race soon," Johnny pointed at Bruce, "Are you ready, Bruce Friston, winner of 33 consecutive Grand Drix races?"

"I'm ready as ever!" Bruce roared. The crowd cheered loudly in response.

Johnny then pointed at Jervis, "Are you ready, Jervis Holewhaler, enemy of Bruce and winner of 20 consecutive Grand Drix races?"

"I'm ready," Jervis said.

Mark then reminded Jervis through the walkie-talkie, "Remember. Concentrate on the race and win it. Because if you don't..."

"Yeah, I know. I KNOW!"


Jervis and Bruce are getting ready to press on the accelerator.

"Set..." The two revved their car engines.

"GO!" Johnny then triggered the gun. Jervis and Bruce started racing. While racing, Jervis took his walkie-talkie and talked, "Mark, in case Bruce wins, follow him."

"I will," Mark said.

At the Ben's bar, Benson was serving his customers when some of his friends came in.

"Hey, Benson," one of his friends said, "Watch the race! It's between Bruce and Jervis!"

"And their prize can be sold for lots of money!" Another friend exclaimed.

"Okay, I'll watch it," Benson switched on the television and switched to the racing channel. There, he saw Bruce leading while Jervis is behind him.

"Oh no," Benson sighed, "Poor Jervis."

Back at the race course, Jervis was trying to overtake Bruce but Bruce moved to wherever Jervis wants to go. Jervis cursed and went on to collide his car.

"Hey, bitch!" Bruce shouted. As they're are about to reach the finish line, Bruce saw that Jervis was overtaking.

Bruce went near to Jervis's car and pressed a button. The sharp edges appeared on the bumper. He went near and the edges then poked Jervis's car back wheel. Instantly, Jervis lost control of his car and banged onto a tree while Bruce passed the finish line.

Johnny held up Bruce's left hand, "We have a winner!" Johnny then passed him the cage. Bruce then went into his car and went off as people screamed his name and some followed him. Jervis slammed the wheel.

12P.M, in Miami airport...

Nick, Bonnie and Stu rushed out of the plane and checked out of the airport quickly.

"I hope the race haven't ended yet," Nick said, "Whoever did this, I'll make sure he will suffer."

Nick saw a Lamborghini driver and went to ask him about the race.

"You mean Grand Drix 54?" The driver asked.

"Whatever that race is," Nick said, "Has the race ended?"

"Yeah, it has," The driver said.

Stu started becoming worried, "Oh my, where could she be?"

"Okay, the prize's a bunny, right?" Nick asked the driver.


"So where is she now?"

"I heard she's been won by a guy named Bruce Friston."

"Thank you so much, Mister," Nick said, then called for a taxi.

"Nick, what are you going to do?" Bonnie asked.

"Well, you guys could stay in the hotel first," Nick said, "I'll try to find someone familiar with Bruce Frissomething."

"It's Friston," Stu corrected him.

At that moment, the Lamborghini driver turned around, "Someone familiar? I can name you one. His enemy, Jervis Holewhaler. He's the creepiest and crazy guy in Miami. We all have no idea why he hated Bruce Friston." Stu and Bonnie shuddered upon hearing Jervis's name.

"So where does he live?" Nick asked. The driver wrote Jervis's address on a paper, "Here you go."

"Thank you, man," Bonnie shook the driver's hand, "Bless you."

"Bless you too," The driver kissed Bonnie's hand, then went into his cad and drove off.

"How are you familiar with humans?" Nick asked. Bonnie kept quiet. "It's manners. We are supposed to talk to humans so that they will think we're not weird dicks," Stu said.

"Okay, go and book the hotel first," Nick said, "Leave everything else to me."

Nick saw a taxi and went inside. As the taxi driver drove off, Stu looked at Bonnie.

"Jervis," Bonnie muttered, "How is this possible? Is this world so small?"

Stu comforted her, "I don't know either. I was shocked to hear his name just now. Hope he does not forget us and Judy."

The taxi driver stopped at Jervis's house and Nick paid the driver. He then got out of the taxi. He knocked on the door. A man came out and opened the door.

"Hi, I am Nick Wilde," Nick introduced himself, "And I am looking for the very famous Jervis Holewhaler. Is he at home?"

The man sighed, "Come in."

Nick walked into the house.

"Woah, " Nick said, "Jervis Holewhaler must be filthy rich."

The guy turned around, "I am Jervis Holewhaler. May I ask why are you looking for, fox? Are you looking for an interesting house? Cause if you are, my house in currently not for sale. You can look for other interested sellers. Thank you and have a nice day."

"I've heard you're a professional racer," Nick said. Jervis turned to look at Nick.

"You sure? Did you hear from an untrusted source or person?"

"No, Mr Holewhaler," Nick said, "This guy was praising you like there's no tomorrow. I want you to be my mentor in racing."

At that moment, Jervis's phone rang. Jervis went to a corner and answered his phone.

"Yeah," Nick heard him talk, "You still haven't find him yet? Continue to do so. If we can't save that bunny, he will eventually sell her... Yup, that's all."

Jervis then ended the call and went back to Nick. Nick pretended he didn't heard anything.

"So you want me to be your mentor in racing?"

"Yeah, Mr Holewhaler," Nick said, "It's an honor to have you as a mentor."

Jervis nodded, "For every training, it'll be five in the morning. And it's everyday. Meet me at the garage, and don't be late. It starts tomorrow. By the way, you can stay in my house if you want to."

Jervis then went up to the second level of his house. Nick followed him. Jervis pointed at the very end, "Your guest room."

"Thanks," Nick said before Jervis went into his room and closed the door. Nick went into the guest room and realized it was nicely decorated and tided up. The bed sheets smelled nice, the pillows and bed are comfy, and there is even a television in the room.

"Oh my, this is so nice," Nick laid on the bed.

At night, Mark came into Jervis's house. He ran up to Jervis's room and knock the door loudly. Nick was watching television.

"Oh my, I need to sleep early," Nick sighed, "Damn tired after the flight. Damn that jet lag." As he was about to switch off the television and was about to turn in, he was interrupted by the loud knocking and shouting.

"Hey, it's me, Mark," Mark shouted, "I need to talk to you about Bruce Friston." Jervis opened the door and let Mark in before locking the door. Nick heard Mark shout and went outside Jervis's room.

"...and I've heard you talking loudly. I want this to be a secret. Don't forget that I have a visitor here." Jervis was talking.

"Opps, I forgot," Mark said, "Anyway, I might have found out who Bruce may be going to sell the bunny to."


"Well, a guy named Mike. Mike and Bruce are good friends."

"Damn, we have to save her. When is the transaction?"

"2 days later. We'll proceed as planned?"

"Yeah," Jervis ended the conversation. Nick ran back to his room and pretended to watch television programs.

Mark came out of Jervis's room and knocked the guest room's door.

"Hey," Mark said, "Don't mind if I come in?"

Nick went to open the door, "No. Come in."

Nick and Mark sat on the bed.

"How's your stay here so far?" Mark asked.

"Well, to be honest, nice," Nick said, "What about you? How long have you been here?"

"More than five years," Mark replied, "I've seen him from a depressed shit to a one who seeks revenge."

"O...kay," Nick said slowly.

"Anyway, just enjoy your stay here," Mark said, "And by the way, meet Jervis in the garage by five in the morning tomorrow." Mark went out of the room and closed the door.

Nick thought, "Maybe this is the best time to find out what Jervis wants to do with the bunny." Immediately, he fell onto the bed and slept soundly.

The next morning, Nick woke up and looked at the clock. He widened his eyes when he saw that he was ten minutes late. He quickly got out of bed and dressed up before rushing to the garage.

In the garage, which is some meters away from the carpark, Jervis waited, sitting on the sofa. In the garage, there is a sofa, television and a place to fix his cars. There is also some necessities in the garage and a projector to watch some movies.

Nick slammed the door open and huffed, "I'm here."

Jervis looked at his watch, "Ten minutes late, fox. What's the punishment?"

"Well," Nick stammered, "I... I don't know."

Jervis stood up and went to Nick, "You were outside my room yesterday. May I know the reason why?"

"Well, I didn't," Nick said, but was sweating at the same time.

"Your voice... So unsure, and you're sweating," Jervis said, "Well, that shows you're guilty."

"Well, so what if I was outside your room yesterday?" Nick gave an annoyed look.

"If that's so, I would need to know an intention," Jervis then went near to Nick's face, "I see guilt in your face. Anything to say?"

"No," Nick said sternly, "Nothing."

"Good," Jervis said, patting Nick's shoulder, "Don't get too serious. I was just teasing you. Come on, let's get onto training."

As Jervis walked away, Nick heaved a huge sigh of relief, "Thank goodness he didn't find out."

Jervis gave him a lame car to start with.

"First, you must learn how to drive," Jervis said, "To do that, step on the accelerator."

Instead of pressing on the accelerator, he pressed on the brakes.

"Opps," Nick said, "My bad."

"It's okay," Jervis said calmly, "Now, press the accelerator."

Now, instead of pressing the accelerator, he pressed the emergency brake.

"That's wrong," Jervis sighed. For the whole day, Jervis taught Nick how to do basic stuff like how to drive a car, how to speed and how to drift. Soon, it was six in the evening. Thirteen hours had passed.

"Enjoy your training today?" Jervis asked. Nick nodded.

"Thank you, Mr Holewhaler, for teaching me," Nick said gratefully as he got out of the car, "I need to attend to the toilet. Where is it?"

Jervis pointed towards the kitchen, "Go into the kitchen, then turn left."

"Thanks," Nick then hurried off. Jervis smirked.

"Don't think that I would believe you that easily," Jervis whispered to himself as he opened the door of Nick's training car. Inside, he saw a picture of him and the bunny, Judy Hopps. Jervis took it up.

"How on earth is this fox related?" Jervis thought as he continued to search for things. He saw a police badge.

"He's a police officer! Fuck this fox! Cunning bitch!" Jervis clenched his fists and slammed the door of Nick's car and slid the photo and badge into his pocket.

"This officer is trying to make me trust him," Jervis thought, "I've got to make that cunning asshole tell me the truth."

When the fox came out of the toilet, he went back to his car and saw two things missing: his badge and a photo of him and Judy."

That moment, Jervis came out, holding the photo and badge on each hand.

"Looking for these?" Jervis asked. Nick turned around and gasped.

"I've trusted you, fox," Jervis said, "Can't believe you're actually a cop! Follow me to the garage, or this will be the end!"

At the garage, Mark, Nick and Jervis sat on some chairs.

"Speak, fox," Jervis said, "Why did you come to find me?"

"Normal racing,"

"Bullshit!" Jervis shouted, slamming the table beside him, "You had a motive! You and Judy are related!"

"Obviously! She's my girlfriend!" Nick screamed.

"You're her boyfriend? A predator together with a prey?" Jervis laughed sarcastically, "That's a real funny joke!"

"It's true," Nick said, "I searched you because you knew Bruce Friston. Bruce had taken Judy, and I need to save her."

"Wow, who told you that?" Jervis asked sarcastically again, "Is it some big mouth or some idiot that is running across the street?"

"Whatever," Nick said, "She's going to be sold by that Bruce guy. If we don't save her, she'll die, and I'll regret it. And so, Mr Holewhaler, may I ask why are you so concerned?"

"That's supposed to be my prize," Jervis lied.

"He's lying," Mark said, "He's searching for Judy because of personal reasons."

"Shut your trap, Mark!" Jervis said.

"Personal reasons?" Nick asked, "Wow, how personal is it that you can't let people know about it?"

"It's a long story, but now I need to save Judy," Jervis said, "Or not I'll feel regretful."

"Oh yeah? How is Judy related to you?" Nick asked suspiciously, "Why is she so important to you?"

"My friend," Jervis lied again.

"Normal friends can't be that close," Nick said, "And now you're sweating. You're guilty."

"Yeah, I'm so guilty," Jervis said sarcastically, "I'm guilty of teaching you, bitch."

"You..." Nick clenched his fists.

"Well, we don't have time to quarrel, Jervis," Mark said. Jervis glared at Nick, "Luckily I'm going to save Judy. Or else we might be stuck here quarreling."

Nick sighed.

"So, Mark," Jervis turned to Mark, "Where is the transection happening at?"

The next day, Nick, Jervis and Mark went to Bruce's secret laboratory. At the entrance, there were some lines drawn on the floor. Nick was about to walk through them when Jervis stopped.

"Bruce's security," Jervis said. He took out a device that is shaped like a phone and scanned the surrounding.

"What are you even doing?" Nick asked.

"Scanning the surroundings, so that I could any traps that could be activated to kill us."

"Wow, aren't you smart," Nick said. Jervis then took out another device that looks like an apple and typed some codes in. Immediately, the lines on the floor disappeared.

"Wow, great job, Mr Holewhaler," Nick commented.

"Thank you," Jervis smiled as they all went in the secret laboratory. Nick looked at all the weird-looking liquids in a bottle. Jervis told Mark to drive his car at the exit, which is at the other far end of the lab. Mark nodded and went to drive.

"I assume Judy's in here," Nick said. Jervis continued walking. Once they stepped into the hallway, they saw many rooms. Some were painted with the letter "B" and some are "F".

"Must be the first letter of his name and his surname," Nick thought. Suddenly, his phone rang. Jervis glared at Nick, signaling him to be quiet.

Nick sighed and answered his phone. It was Stu.

"Hey, Nick," Stu asked, "Have you found out where Judy is kept?"

"I'm in a secret place," Nick screamed softly, "If Bruce hears us, we'll be dead!"

"Okay, chill," Stu said, "You with Mr Holewhaler?"


"Pass the phone to him."

Nick passed his phone to Jervis, "Judy's father want to talk to you."

Jervis took the phone and said some lines before hanging up.

"That's fast," Nick said.

"We need to be quick," Jervis gave the phone back to Nick, "Or we'll see the death of Judy."

They ran around, looking for rooms that may have Judy in it. They stopped at a room painted with the letters "BF".

"I hope this is the room," Nick opened the door slowly, "Because if not, we'll look somewhere else."

Nick and Jervis walked into the room quietly and looked around.

"Bruce's poisons," Jervis said, picking up bottles of red liquid.

Jervis was walking around the room when he saw a staircase down.

"Fox," Jervis asked Nick to come over, "Let's go down."

When they reached down, they saw darkness.

"There's nothing here," Nick said. Just as he was about to leave, he heard muffling sounds. Jervis heard it too and switched on the light. They saw Judy tied to a chair and gagged. Jervis rushed forward and untied her, at the same time, removing her gag.

When Nick saw Judy, he ran and hugged her. Judy hugged him tightly.

"I was so worried about you," Nick said.

"How do you know where I was hidden?"

"Thanks to that guy," Nick pointed at Jervis.

Judy went up to Jervis, "Thank you, mister. What's your name?"

"Well, call me Jervis," Jervis said but was sad on the inside. How does she not remember me?

Just then, they heard footsteps coming down. At the same time, Mark messaged Jervis that the car was ready.

Jervis told the two to run to the car quickly.

"Well, then where's the exit?" Nick asked.

Jervis went to a corner and punched it. A secret slide was there. Jervis pushed Nick and Judy onto the slide. That was when Bruce came down and saw Jervis.

"Bye, Friston," Jervis shouted as he went down the slide. Bruce then ran up the stairs and went to his garage in the laboratory.

At the end of the slide, Jervis landed in his car. He saw Judy on the front seat and Nick at the back. Jervis got to the driver's seat.

"Where's Mark?" Jervis asked.

"That guy went to get more cars, I think," Judy said, "When we came down here, there's nobody in the car."

Jervis stepped on the accelerator and drove off. That was when he realized that he is in a tunnel.

"Where on earth are we?" Nick asked.

"Beats me," Jervis turned to Nick, "but we'll have to run for now." Jervis then looked at his rear mirror. A Hummer H2 appeared at the back of his car.

"Bruce," Jervis sighed and drove faster down the tunnel. After a few minutes of chasing, Bruce suddenly stopped.

"Magically, he stopped chasing," Nick smiled, then Jervis turned to the back and both did a high-five.

"Uhh, Mister," Judy tapped Jervis's shoulder, "You might wanna see this."

Jervis turned to the front, "What could be so..."

He was interrupted when he saw a sign that says, "No passing beyond this sign."

And in front of the sign, there is a big gap between two roads.

"Holy motherfucking shit!" Jervis tried to brake his car, then realized that there was no point to stop because his breaks are spoilt.

"You've got to be kidding me," Jervis sighed.

"Okay, guys," Jervis turned to face Judy and Nick, "This is the plan: our car will go through the gap."

"Are you serious?" Nick was shocked, "You've gotta be kidding us."

"It's very dangerous," Judy added.

"No matter how dangerous it is, we're still going on!"

Jervis took off at full throttle and went over the sign.

"Get prepared to fucking scream!" Jervis shouted, "It's going to be fun!"

"FUN?" Nick asked. At the same time, the car fell down from the gap. Judy and Nick screamed, Judy closing her eyes, while Jervis was flailing his arms, enjoying the ride. It all happened in slow motion. The car then landed on a big cushion in a big truck.

Judy opened her eyes and looked at herself.

"I'm alive," Nick touched himself, "I'm alive! Hallelujah!" Nick and Judy came out of the car and went to hug each other.

"Thank goodness we're safe," Judy heaved a sigh of relief. Jervis did a face palm. Mark came out from the truck's driver seat and came to Jervis.

"How's your evasion?" Mark asked.

"It was one hell of a ride," Jervis said, looking at Judy and Nick hugging each other so tightly like they survived doomsday, "They must be crazy. They wouldn't trust me."

"They will, overtime," Mark comforted him.

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