The heart wants what it wants


Never give into temptation' is Selena Gomez number one rule. She learned that from dating Justin Bieber, but what will her heart say when she was unexpectedly safe from being rob by a non-fan? The worse part the person turns out to be the leader of one of the baddest mafia group in New York.


11. MTV Drama


What ever life throws at me, I'll be ready because I have Emily by my side. So I say watch at MTV Award I'm coming and you better watch out because I'm a storm that is going to blow you away.
Selena Gomez pov**

I could feel it. I could feel the trouble coming on, but nonetheless I didn't care. Em is mine and mine alone. Anyone try to get in my way, then I will just have to make them regret it. I took Em hands into my and said "don't worry Em nothing's going to happen" with a big smile on my face. 

"A-are you sure?" she ask nervously. Why is she even getting nerve? That should be my job. "What have you don't with my Em? The Emily I know wouldn't be acting like this?" I tease and kisses her hands lightly. "You're right" she smile and pull me in for a kiss. The kiss was slow and passionate. We kiss for few more minutes, before I pull away from the kiss. I wanted to kiss her forever, but the red carpet was calling my name and also because I wanted to see Justin face we se sees me with Em. Getting out of the car, I took Em hand and pull her up close next to me.

Walking towards the red carpet, I smirk evilly when I saw Justin. The reporters was asking him some questions, but when they saw me and Em they ran our way. 

"Selena is it true that you and this woman is dating? Is it true that 'the heart wants what it wants' was written for your? Is it true that you guys have been dating for about few months now?". The reporters all said together. 'Ah sweet sweet drama'. I was about to answer their question, but Justin interrupt me and said "it's all a lie she still want me. I know she does". He walk over to me and pull me closer to him. 'Yeah you wish'. 

"Is that true?" One reporter ask and I answer "of course not". When Justin hear that he got angry and violently pull me in for a kiss. I try to pull away, but his hold on my arms was too strong. 'Em' my mind mentally scream out for her to help me. Justin start to smile when his lips were about to touch my , but that smile was soon knock out from his face. Literally.

Emily punch Justin in he face, drawing  little blood. Right at that moment I couldn't help, but feel attractive to Em. Her face full with angry and her fist in the air getting ready to hit Justin one more time. As much as I would've love to see Justin get punch again, I couldn't let that happen so I stop Em from hitting him. I pull her close to me and kisses her deeply. It was all tongues and damn did I love it. 

"Hm ah" I starts to moan, but Em pull away and pointed to the reporters next to us. 'Oh yeah. I forgot about them'. 

"Ah" they were speechless and I love it. Justin face was the funniest one, he look like a baby who just got beaten up and stole his candy. Smiling I took Emily hand and pull her back to my car. Fuck the MTV Award I'm going home to make love to Emily. All night long.
Ok it's short{forgive me}.

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