The heart wants what it wants


Never give into temptation' is Selena Gomez number one rule. She learned that from dating Justin Bieber, but what will her heart say when she was unexpectedly safe from being rob by a non-fan? The worse part the person turns out to be the leader of one of the baddest mafia group in New York.


7. Mother again


'Who's owns who again' I smirked to myself. That afternoon I had the best experience ever. Having Emily lose herself to me was my best part, I also had the best orgasmic

Aww~ too bad I won't be able to stay here forever.

Emily pov**

When I woke up I saw that Selena head was still on my chest as she slept soundly. I still can't believe 'that' happened last night. I let myself be dominated by another for the first time ever. As I when on daydreaming about the night before, I heard a knock which brought me out of my thoughts. Putting on some clothes I quickly when to check to see who was at the door.

When I opened my door, I saw my mother standing there with a big smile on her face. 'Oh no, what is 'she' doing here?' I asked myself. She's going to start with that arranged marriage crap again. She always says 'I think my friend son is the person guy for you Emily. He's about '6' feet tall, blonde hair and blue eyes' nonsense. 

"Emily are you listening dear?" She asked dragging me out of my thoughts. "Yeah mother I'm listening" not. I'm not going to listen to this again. I was about to close the door in her face, but she stopped me. 

"Come on Emily, can't we just talk about this without you getting angry? Huh? It's not like you're gay or something?" She said. I just roll my eyes and thought 'yes for Selena'.  Thank goodness she didn't push that issue any further. 

"So Emily don't be mad, but I set a date with my friend son. The '6' feet tall guy with blonde hair and blue eyes" she said. See...I told you. She's a pain.

"I'm not going on that date mother" I said trying to make my voice to sound calm. "Why not?" She growled. This is what I was afraid of, she always blow out about nothing. "B-b-because..." I said stuttering. I wanted to tell her that I was gay for a beautiful young girl, but I'm afraid to see her reaction. Never mind, I'm going in for the kill.

"Mom I'm-" I started to say, but Selena voice cut me off. "Emily? Where are you? Come back to bed" damn she sounds cute right now. "Em?" Aww and a nickname too~

"What was that?" My mother asked. Damn it, I forgot she was here. "Oh nothing mom" I lied, but of course she's not stupid enough to buy my lie so she opened the door wild and entered the room. 

"OH MY MOTHERS OF ALL MOTHERS" she screamed. "Emily t-th-there's a girl i-in y-your b-b-b-b-b-bed" she stutter her sentence out. "So you're gay?" Ok how do I answer that.

"No mom" I simply said. When I turned around, Selena had a sad look on her face. 'It's not what you think' I was about to tell her, but bite my lip instead. "No mom, just for her" I said as I pointed to Selena who had on a big smile. 

"OH I-I-I" and she fell to the floor. Well, that when well. Better than what I thought. I put my hands to her nose to see if she was breathing and 'yes she was'. 

"Hmm Derek? Mother had a brain freeze again" called out to my brother in the hallway. Few minutes later he showed up and said "what did you do how Emily?".

"I-I did nothing" I lies and of course he didn't buy what I was selling.  Damn it. Maybe I should go take acting class to better my lies?

"Yeah sure and I you going to tell me that she's not the main reason" he smirked as he pointed his index finger at Selena. "Maybe, now leave and don't forget mother" I told him. Man. There are going to be the death of us one day.

"Justin?" My brother called out to the butler and not long he came running in. When the butler came in, my brother give him one of his best seductive smile for all time. But ,too bad the butler wasn't paying any attention to him, but instead to our mother who was laying on the floor unconscious. I've noticed for awhile now that my brother might have a 'thing' for the butler, but sadly the butler never pay any mind to it. More weirdest part is sometimes I've got Justin looking at my brother and wanting to eat him up right away with his eyes. Can they just confessed their feelings for one another like a normal person? Anyway...

"Can you please help me carry my mother into the guest room" my brother asked Justin with a kind smile. "Sure thing Mr. Black" said Justin. "I've told you this, don't call me Mr. Black because that's my father not me" he said. Justin nodded 'yes' as he helped my brother carry out my mother. Ahh there gone, thank goodness.

When I turn  around as I got ready to jump Selena, but stopped when I saw that she had fallen back to sleep. How can a girl fall asleep with all this drama going on around her?' I question myself.  Nonetheless, I got back into bed and cuddle with Selena. Not long I too fell asleep.

Another update from the heart😂❤️

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