Dying Light

I am Kyle Crane, a GRE agent. Going into Harran to Uncover a "Secret" File for these guys, called the GRE (Global Relief Effort) By the guy named 'Suleiman'. Hope this is easy, last thing I need is going to a Apocalyptic Wastland risking my life for Shit Nothing.


1. The Tower

Hello, i am Kyle Crane, this is my story.

GRE: Now, Crane, we are sending you into the city of Harran, were the outbreak has happened, there is a secret file you must recover, the guys who has it is Suleiman, his brother had it, But he died somewhere in the city, by a Walker, Tragic we know. But you have your mission. 

Kyle Crane: 3000 feet and counting!, Jumping.

GRE: Remember this Talkie, this is your only Life Point, lose this, you lose us, got it.

Kyle Crane: Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Kyle lands on a Building, hanging Over the ledge, He unclips the Chute falling to the ground, then he is confronted by Thugs.

Thug 1: I told you that this wasn't a normal drop chute.

Kyle looks at three thugs.

Thug 3: Break his legs. Then bring him to Rais.

Kyle: (Pulls out gun) Back up! all of you!

Thug 1: Don't, Noise attracts those fuckers.

Thug 2 and 3 go to sides and hit his legs, making him on the ground and keep hitting him. Kyle shoots and kills one. The Other two puts there hands up, and a noise, like a recently turned zombie. They run away and say "RETREAT!"; What ever there running from, it's not friendly. A running walker comes bolting at me, and; I was bittin, but these two survivors, saved me, I am not feeling so well, one of them was killed, eaten alive, but I managed to be saved; taken to a 'Tower Safezone'. I talked to the 'Boss', turns out he wasn't.


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