FORBIDDEN|| Calum Hood

When Cassie moves back in with her twin brother Luke Hemmings, she meets the band and instantly falls in love with Calum. But when she is forbidden from seeing him by her overprotective twin, what will she do? But she doesn't have long to answer because her past comes back to the present.


7. Chapter 7: First day of pervert school.

"Sis, *poke*, cassie*poke* wakeup, *Whoever it is goes to poke me but I grab their hand*. I open my eyes and sit up. Im grabbing Ben and and Jack and Luke are bext to my bed. 

"They next person to fucking poke me will get their hand broken." I say. "Its the first dat of school!!," Luke yells. "Shut up and get out of my room," I say pointing towards the door. They walk out And I close the door behind them.

"Someones a bitch in the morning," I hear. "I HEARD THAT!" i yell. I sigh and get in the shower. I blow dry and brush my hair.  I leave it wavy and go choose my outfit with mg undergarments on.

After a while I finally pull out a dexent outfit. A low cut burgandy sweater, black leggings, and tan uggs. After I get dressed, I go into my bathroom and  brush my teeth. I apply some light pink lipstick,

Mascara, and light pink eye showdow. When im finished I look in the mirror. good enough. I change my phone case and go downstairs. I grab my black addidas backpack and notice mom in the kitchen

I kiss her Jack and Ben goodbye and yell ,"C'mon Luke or im leaving your ass." "Language," Mum says. I apologize and go to Lukes car. He comes downstairs and we drive to school.


We pull into the school and he takes me to the office. "Hi im Cassidy Hemmings, can i Get my times table. " The lady raises her eyebriw at me. "Oh are you related to Luke?" "Yeah im his twin sister" I say she hands me my paper. I thank her and we leave the office. We walk to my locker and I start putting my stuff in their when I see Calum, Micheal, and Ashton walking towards us. (A/n lets just pretend Ashron was held back two years)

"Hey Cassie," they say. They take my schedule. "You have almost every class with either Calum or Luke. But we all have p.e and math together." Micheal says. I nod. Luke starts to say something when some blond girl walks up to us.

She was that one girl who thinks she runs the school im guessing. "Hey Lukey," she says in the most annoying voice ever. I look at The other and pretend to gag. They hold in their laughter.

"Oh um hi Ashley," Luke says uncomfortably. "Whos this," she asks looking at me. "Cassie," I say simply. She glares at me. And i smile. "Well, Cassis, stay away from Luke. He mine!," She says flipping her hair and walking away. The guys start laughing but I dont. "Or else what." I say loud enough for hear. 

She stoos and turns on her heels. ,"Or else I'll make your senior year hear a living hell." she says slowly walking towards me. "Im not afraid of sluts," I say. She gasps and goes to slap me. I grab her and arm and press down on her pressure point. " Why would I date him anyways...after all he is my brother." I say.

She yanks her arms away and walks away. I turn around and the guys are standing their with shocked faces. "What." They dont say anything and the bell rings. 


We were all changed and outside waiting for the coach. She walks out and blows her whistle. "Okay class, today we are playing volley ball. I need two team captins," she says. "Hey cassie don't you play volleyball" Ashton asks me I nod. "Okay Sean and Brookly are captins." They go and stand oneither side of the net. Brookly calls some random dude and Sean calls me....of course. I walk over to him and get in posistion. 

I notice that Ashley is on Brooklyn's team. On my team I have Mikey and Ash and Luke and Calum is on the other team.

Ash serves the ball and someone on the other team hits it. It comes toward me and I jump and spike it onto the ground of their team.

"Point." The coach yells.


Im about to go to the locjer rooms when the coach stoos me. She hands me a flyer for volley ball tryouts on Friday I thank her and start walking towards the locker rooms. I xhange and change and come out.

Sean is standing their waiting." Hey I saw what you said to Ashley earlier. If was kinda hot." He says smirking at me.

"Urm thankyou? " I say but it come out more as a question. I starts to walk awy but herl pulls me towards him. I shove him but he wont let go of my wrist. "Okay what do you want?" I ask annoyed. "I want a kiss," he says letting fo of me. I laugh at him "Try kissing Ashley, im sure she will be all over you." I walk away towards tge building door but he runs and blocks it. "At leasr let me get your number he says. I give him a random number.


Instead of going to the cafeteria i go to the school library. Im walking down the isles when some cute dude stops me. "Hi," he says. "Hey I say. "Are you going the th pajama part on saturday?," he asks. "Um I dont know yet." I reply. We walk to a table and sit down.

"Well you should. Here give me your phone I'll put my number in. " He says. We tade phones and put our number in. When he gives me my phone back his name contact name is "BATMAN". I laugh and look up at him. "Really batman?" I ask. "What he is cool," he says ,"so whats your name?"

"Cassie, and yours?."

"Ethan," he says. Right the Calum and Luke walk up to us and sit at either sides of me. "Hey Cassie who is this?," Luke asks. "Ethan. He invited me to a party on saturday." I say. Calum smiles at me and I smile back. Just then the bell rings. I hug Ethan goodbye and walk to my vlass that I have with Luke.


I walk through the door and go into the living room where Mom Jack and ben are. "Hey honey how was school?" mum asks. "I sit down on the couch and say ,"It was fine. I got invited to a pajama party on saturday. volleyball tryouts are on friday. I got hit on by some stupid perv and I almost got in a fight." 

They all look at me. I open my mouth to explain When Luke,Calum,and Micheal come into the living room.

"It was awsome," Micheal says. "Yeah she was all like. im not afraid of you i can beat your ass." Calum said. "Yeah and then Ashley almost slapped her but she grabbed her hand and pressed her pressure point." Luke says. They all sit on the floor.

I roll my eyes at their exaggerated story. "Hey Micheal I need your help with something. Nobody come upstairs or ill kill you." I scold them and drag Micheal to my room. "Can you dye my hair please?" I give him the puppy dog eyes. "I thought you'd never ask," he beams. 


My hair is now a pastel blue color.

"Thankyou thankyou thankyou," I say. he nods and leaves the room. I put on a sports bra and some sweats.

Then I go downstairs to show everybody. By now Ashton was here. "OH MY GOD YOUR HAIR!!," they all yell. "Yeah Mickey did it." I smile. "It looks great!," Jack says. They all compliment me and I go to my room. 

I pull out my phone when I get a text from 'BATMAN'

(E-Eathan M-me)

E- Hey Cassie! Have you thought about the party?

M- Yeah im coming. But my brother and his friends might come

E- YAY your coming!!! but who is your brother??

M-Luke. He is my twin.

E- Can I come over?

M- yeah sure my address is (random address)

E-Okay be their in 10

I walk downstairs and find my mom in tge kitchen. "Hey mom my friend Ethan is coming over okay?," "Yeah thats fine." She says. "Who's Ethan?" Jack asks walking in. "A friend." I say. The door bell rings.

I open it and let him in. "Hey Ethan." "Hey Cassie," he hugs me. We walk upstairs but Ben and Jack stop us. "Hi im Ben. Cassie's brother. Whoa are you? " he asks glaring at Ethen.

"Really Ben." I say. "Im Ethan." They say nothing they just stare at him. "Okay bye," I grab Ethans hand and lead him up to my room. "LEAVE YOUR DOOR OPEN!!," Jack shouts. "SHUT UP!!!," I yell back. 

We go in my room and I leave my door open. "Cool room," He says looking around. "Thanks," I smile. "When did you dye your hair?" he asks taking a strand of it. "Like 2 hours ago. My brothers friend did it" I say. He nods and looks at his hands.

"Hey whats wrong?," I ask. He sighs and looks up at me. He takes my hands and says ," If I tell you..will you please promise you'll still be friends with me?." "I promise"

"Here it goes....Cassie--"


What do you think it is?????? Next chapter on atrd neverind next chapter on Monday.

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