FORBIDDEN|| Calum Hood

When Cassie moves back in with her twin brother Luke Hemmings, she meets the band and instantly falls in love with Calum. But when she is forbidden from seeing him by her overprotective twin, what will she do? But she doesn't have long to answer because her past comes back to the present.


37. chapter 37: People annoy the shit out of me

"Ethaaaaaaaaaan wake up," I say shaking his shoulder.

"Hmmmmm," He mumbles. "Wanna helpe re-dye my hair?," I ask. He gasps sitting up. "I thought you'd never ask," he says dramatically causing me to laugh.

I look in the full length mirror in the guest bedroom which is now technically his. My hair is so freaking long is goes down to my hip bones. "Do you think I should cut it?," I ask him while he puts on a shirt. "When was the last time you even cut your hair?," he asks. "Never really..I just got a trim," I say. "Wow. Just wow," he says curling a strand of my hair around his finger.

"I'm up for it," I say.  "You should totally do it before you go to Ohmaha!," he says. "Let's do it now," I say.

I walk back upstairs to get the twins who haven't woken up yet. "Hi baby!," I say walking into the nursery. I get Audrey ready first and then Adrian. I walk downstairs and place them in the walker standy uppy thingy (if you know what I mean).  When I walk into the kitchen Eathan hands me a bottle and keeps the other one so he can feed Aubrey. I have been slowly guiding them off of breast feeding but they still enjoy it more than the actual bottles.

I sit down with Adrian and put the nipple up to his mouth. He refuses at first but them he tastes the milk and starts sucking away. "Calidy makes the cutest babies ever," Ethan says. "Ethan who the hell is Calidy?," I say laughing. "Its your guys's ship name. You didn't know? #Calidy was trending on twitter the day the boys left."

"Oh, weird." "Okay let's go to get your hair cut and buy some dye," He says once Audrey is finished. "hey that rhymed! I swear I'm a Rap God! Fuck you Eminem." "You're an idiot," I say laughing at him Adrian fell asleep again half way through the bottle. I put him in the car seat and so does Ethan. I pack the diaper bag while Ethan puts the babies in the car. Once I'm in I say "Thanks for the help by the way," I say.

"No problem, it's the least I could do especially since I'm staying at your place."


While I'm getting my hair cut Calum texts me.

Cal- Hey beautiful

Me-Hey bby how are you

Cal- I'm bored wbu

Me- nothing. Ethan's mom kicked him out of the house so he is staying at our place until he gets back on his feet,

Cal- Oh that's nice. Im so bored. I miss my babies :-'/

Me- We miss you too but hopefully I will get to see you guys soon

cal- rehearsals I gtg love you. Send pics!!!

Me- awe okay love you and I will.

"Okay all done," The lady says.

I look in the mirror I look different.

(Her hair cut)^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Its cut a little bit past my shoulder and she trimmed my bangs too.

"Thanks! I love it," I say. I go to the lady at the counter and hand her $30.00. When I walk into the waiting room Ethan is there with Adrian on his chest rocking him.

"Ssh ssh your mommy's coming soon, I pro-," He stops when he sees me.

"Oh thank goodness! Your child needs your titty milk," He said handing me Adrian.

"Ethan!!," I say laughing. "Lets go get brunch or something im freaking starving," I say. He agrees and we go to Panera bread.

We sit and eat, while Ethan feeds Audrey mashed potatoes I breast feed Adrian.

"excuse me," A lady about mid 40's says standing next to our outside table.

"Um yes?," I ask.

"You might wanna cover up, that's rude," She says motioning towards Adrian.

"Feeding my child is rude?," I ask trying not to loose my temper.


"maybe you should just go sit somewhere else," Ethan says trying to save this bitches life.

"What would a child think if they saw you like that?!?," She says rasing her voice.

"A child would see a mother feeding a fucking baby because they arent perverted little fucks?? Look lady I dont know who the fuck you are but it's not up to you to tell me to stop feeding my son," I say almost yelling at her.

Ethan stands up puts Audrey in her car seat and stands me up, takes Adrian puts him away and starts trying to drag me away while im cursing at this lady.

"Well maybe you shouldn't pop your boobs out in public you WHORE!!," She screams after me. I stop walking turn around and jump at this bitch but some random dude jumps in the way.

"Fucking bitch i will feed my child when i want, call me a whore again i will rip your fake ass titty impants out and then what will the kids think?!?," I scream at her while being carried away.

The guy puts me in the front seat of my car because he was following Ethan who is now in the drivers seat of my car. Ethan pulls out of the parking lot and starts driving towards my moms house.

We get out and I knock on the door. Some old dude with his shirt off opens the door.

"umm," He says.

"Who the fuck are you?," I ask.

"My name is marcus...," He trails off.

"Is my mother here?," I ask impatiently.

"Yeah come in," He says stepping aside. We sit in the living room and I put a blanket on the floor and put the babies on it with some baby toys. Ethan excuses himself into the kitchen already knowing the conversation im about to have with my mum is private.

She comes down the stairs with a panicked look on her face.

"Your visit was....unexpected."

"Opening the door to a sweaty half-naked old guy was unexpected," I snap at her. She makes a shocked face at me. 

"Sorry," I mumble, "Im just pissed."

"yeah well um.....yeah," she says choking on her words.

"who was that?," I ask.

She doesn't say anything for a while unit she clears her throat and says............




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