FORBIDDEN|| Calum Hood

When Cassie moves back in with her twin brother Luke Hemmings, she meets the band and instantly falls in love with Calum. But when she is forbidden from seeing him by her overprotective twin, what will she do? But she doesn't have long to answer because her past comes back to the present.


36. Chapter 36: New Roomate

Cassie's pov

I called Ashton to plan how I am going to surprise the other three boys. I would have called Michael but hes bad at keeping secrets.

"Hello?," He says answering the phone.

"Hey I need your help."

"Oh no what did you do this time?," He asks.

"Nothing! jeez...I need your help to surprise the boys," I retort. 

"You mean your coming out here?," He says excitedly.

"Um yeah soon. I'm going to your Omaha show."

"SERIOUSLY!!," He squeals ,"I cant wait to see my niece and nephew again!"

I laugh at his childishness.

"Okay I have a plan but i'll text it to you because Luke and Calum should be back with pizza any second...Mikey's in the shower being loud as hellllllllll."

"Thats normal.."

"Haha year, i got to go ill text you."

"Okay bye."


"bjahjghhja" Adrian babbles.

"Hi my little baby! wanna go hopping?," I ask.

I carry him into the nursery and lay him on the changing table. I get a onsie with cars on it and his socks. While i'm getting Adrian dressed Aubrey wakes up from her nap.

"Its okay Sera," I say calling her by her middle name. I put Aiden in his baby swing and get Audrey out. I change her and get her dressed. I put them in there car seats and head out the door.


The car seats are in the shopping cart and i'm pushing them around target. My phone rings and Ethan's face pops up on my screen signalling a face time. I slide the answer button to see his red crying face.

"Oh my gash whats wrong?!?," I ask frantically.

"Um well m-my mom kicked me out a-and I have no where to go-o."

"Where are you right now?."

"I'm at home packing my shit *sniffle*"

"Okay well um I'm at Target right now, call me when your done and ill come pick you up. Your staying at my house.

"But I," I cut him off. "Nope your staying no excuses."

"I love you-u so much Cassie."

"I love you too call me when your done. Bye."


I get food, baby bottles, toys, and new pacifiers since Audrey lost hers. I also get a couple of outfits for them and new concealer for me. 

While I put the babies in the car my phone dings from Ethan texting me. 'I'm done'

I get in the car and drive to Ethan s house. When I pull up he is dragging His suitcases outside. I get out of the car and take them from him putting them in the trunk. I come around the car and hug him. He hold me while he sobs into my shirt.

"It's okay, you'll be fine with me," I whisper rubbing his back

"I'm sorry," He croaks.

"Its fine," I say helping him into the car.


The ride to my place was silent except for Ethan's sniffling.

When we get out he takes Aubrey's car seat and I carry Adrian's. "We'll get you bags later." I tell him

We it on the couch leaving the twins in their car seats because they fell asleep.

"so...," I start awkwardly ,"if you don't want to you don't have to but can you please explain."

"um well I just found out my mom is marrying her new boyfriend who by the way I've never met. And he was moving in with us. So um he-he somehow convince m-my mom that gay isn't right or some shit and i she wanted to send me to a camp. I ju- i told her no and and she um she told me then I cant be her son. So then she said since I'm still 17 i- um either go to the stupid camp or get out."

By the end he was completely sobbing and my heart aches. "I'm so sorry Ethan. Nobody should ever have to go through that.


Later that night when the babies are asleep I order Chinese food and we watch Tim  Burton movies in the living room. 

He takes my hair and puts it on his lip like a mustache while signing the "Whats this?" song in the nightmare before christmas. I laugh and do the same with my own hair. He takes a picture of it and posts it on twitter tagging me.


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