FORBIDDEN|| Calum Hood

When Cassie moves back in with her twin brother Luke Hemmings, she meets the band and instantly falls in love with Calum. But when she is forbidden from seeing him by her overprotective twin, what will she do? But she doesn't have long to answer because her past comes back to the present.


24. Chapter 23: 4Months/ Moving out

Cassie's pov

Yestersay, the whole family (including Calum's) went to the apartment. We already moved most of our boxes and stuff into it. 

I walk dowmstairs and see mum crying and Luke holding her.

"Um..mum?," I ask slightly worried.

she looks up and engulfs me in a hug. 

"Ik gonna miss my baby so much." I awkwardly pat her back as she cries into my shoulder. I hear Calum honk MY car downstairs.  

"I love you mum but Ive got to go. I love you."

"I love you to." 

Then I go hug Luke. This was probably one of the hardest things that I've had to do. Leaving my other half again. This hurts  evwn though im lile 20 minutes away.

"Im gonna miss you baby sis," he says as he squeezes me harder.

I playfully slap his chest. "Oh shut up im only 4 minutes yonger."

I sigh as I grab my last duffel bag and walk to MY car. I get in a shut the door.


A/M this is the worst chapter ive ever written!!!!!!

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