FORBIDDEN|| Calum Hood

When Cassie moves back in with her twin brother Luke Hemmings, she meets the band and instantly falls in love with Calum. But when she is forbidden from seeing him by her overprotective twin, what will she do? But she doesn't have long to answer because her past comes back to the present.


11. Chapter 11: Big News

1 month later

Cassies pov

Today I woke up feeling like shit. I have been sick for the past week and i feel miserable. Mom was taking Luke to go get his drivers lisence back because of his D.U.I. Jack and Bens break was extended so today I was just spending the day with them.

Im laying in the bed cuddling with Jack and Ben on either side of me when I felt the firmiliar rush in my stoumach. I get up and run into the bathroom. Soon after i feel my hair being held up and my back is being rubbed.

I finish spewing my guts out and wipe my mouth. "C'mon Cassie you nees to go to the doctors," Ben says. I get up and he hugs my rubbing my back. "I dont want to go," I say.

Ever since I was little I have had a big fear of hostpitals and doctors. They can kill people and hostpitals are where some people die. Its scary.

"I know cassie but im sick of seeing you like this. You've been sick all week and its not normal. So go get your shoes on and lets go."

I sigh and walk downstairs. I dont know why but as im putting on my shoes I just start cry hysterically. Jack comes over to me and picks me up. He starts walkimg down towards the garge.

"I don't know shat the hell is wrong with me," I muffle into his shirt. "I know Cass but we'll find out soon," he aays as he crawls imto the back seat with me.


We had explained everything to the doctor. "Okay Ms.Hemmings we are going to run a couple of tests. For one of them we will have to draw blood," Dr.Braxton said. He laft the room and I immediately start freaking out.

"Why do they have to take my blood. Its gonna hurt I dont even lik-," I was cut of by Jack saying ,"Cassie relax your gonna be fine." As soon as he stopped talking one of the nurses came in with one of the biggest needles i have ever seen.

I gasp and start scooting away from her. But of course Ben being so buff holds me down in his lap. She comes near me and I dig my head into Ben's neck. 

She takes my arm and rambs the needle into it. "Ouch what the fuck," I say. "Cassie," Jack warns. "What she could havd given me some kind of warning," I defend. The nurse rolls her eyes and walks out.

After a few minutes the doctor comes back in and says to go home and that they will call us with the results when the get it.

We pile into the car and go home.



Calum's pov

I went to Luke's house and knocked on the door. Ben opens it and says ,"Hey mate. Lukes not here but he should be in like 15 minutes. You can come in if you want." I nod my head and walk in going into the living room where I see jack on his phone.

"Hey whats up?," i ask. "Hey im jus-," he was cut off by his phone ringing. He looks at is and says ,"Sorry I gotta take this," before stepping out of the room.

(Jacks pov)

I step into the kitchen and answer the phone.

(H-hostpital m-me)


H-Hi i am calling on behalf of Cassidy Hemmings test results. Im am hoping to speak with one of the Mr.Hemmings.

M-yes this is he.

H-All of the tests are negitave except for 1.

M-please continue

H- Congratulations to Ms.Hemmings, SHE IS PREGNANT!!

M- okay thanks we will be viditing soon for a check up.

I hang up and run upstairs. Im not going to yell at her but i am very disappointed that she was very irresponsible. But on the other hand im excited to be an uncle.

I open the door without knocking and go sit on her bed. "I could have been naked you know," she laughs. "Yeah but you werent." 

She sits up. "So whats up?," she asks. I look at her. "Cassidy i need to tell you something but i need you to be completely mature and serious about this situation do you understand?," she nods.

"Cassie........your pregnant-"


Hey guys! in case you didnt notice to lazy to edit tiny mistakes so im not gonna. I will update maybe tomorrow or tomorrow night. go check out a book im co-authoring called Long Lost Twin. its really good. So thankyou and goodnight

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